Top-Selling Master-Planned Communities in 2024

Master-planned communities (MPCs) are taking the housing market by storm. These carefully designed neighborhoods go beyond just houses, offering a complete lifestyle with built-in amenities, schools, and a strong community.

That’s why, in this guide, I’ll reveal the hottest MPCs of 2024.

Get ready to discover your dream home that comes with a vibrant neighborhood.

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7 Top-Selling U.S. Master-Planned Communities of 2024

This year, the following best-selling communities have made an appearance with their diverse home offerings, award-winning schools, excellent facilities, and friendly neighborhoods.

Here are the top-selling MPCs of 2024:

  1. The Villages, FL

This MPC holds the title of the biggest community globally and has maintained its position as the best-selling master-planned community in the United States since 2017 and for good reason.

In Florida’s Villages, retirees find more than just a place to settle down. It’s a carefully planned community for those who are 55 and over to enjoy life fully. Their secret to success is they know exactly what their audience wants and they deliver them flawlessly.

Beyond golf, there are various outdoor activities: gyms with top-notch equipment, free exercise classes like Zumba, and popular pickleball courts with over 230 courts.

This planned community truly feels like Disneyland for the elderly.

Clubs and activities offer diverse interests, from painting to trivia nights. Residents can also join educational sessions on various topics, improving personal growth.

This lifestyle, known as “The Villages Effect” promotes longevity and health. It’s why The Villages leads in planned communities in the US.

  1. Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, FL

Unlike the Villages, Lakewood Ranch, Florida is popular among families of all ages who want a balanced lifestyle.

This meticulously planned community offers different types of homes to suit everyone. There are smaller homes for new families, bigger ones for multi-generational families, and even homes near places where older adults can live.

The schools in Lakewood Ranch are really good, which is reassuring for parents. Lakewood Ranch High School got the top spot in Manatee County, according to News and World Report.

This community also focuses on staying healthy. There are lots of paths for walking and biking, sports areas, and parks where people can be active.

Plus, there’s going to be a new retirement community with 1,200 units called Emerson Lakes, starting construction in 2024. It’s designed for older people who want to live in a lively and supportive place.

The Lakewood Ranch has come a long and it’s stopping any time soon.

This master-planned community is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2024 and keeps selling lots of homes. They’re even planning to add more neighborhoods and sections in the northeast, showing that they’re still growing and changing to make sure everyone who lives there is happy.

  1. Etown, Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville’s Etown is becoming well-known for its carefully planned neighborhoods. It’s not the top choice for 2024 yet, but people are noticing its unique approach to community living.

With an average asking price of only $568,929, the Etown homes for sale come at a reasonable price.

Etown focuses on making it easy for people to walk around, encouraging neighbors to connect and enjoy the green spaces together. They also organize events throughout the year to help everyone feel like they belong.

But it’s not just about the community. The PARC Group is bringing a new shopping center with Publix and other stores right into the neighborhood.

And Gate Petroleum Co. is planning to build a gas station and convenience store nearby.

There are always new homes being built, too. Builders like Granville at eTown and Toll Brothers offer lots of options, from fancy apartments to brand-new houses in neighborhoods like Newton and Edison East.

Etown keeps growing to make sure there’s something for everyone, making it a really popular place to live.

  1. Sunterra, Houston, TX

Sunterra, located in Houston, is ideal for families who want a lively suburban life with a strong sense of community. It has great schools nearby, so families don’t have to travel far for quality education.

There are plenty of parks, playgrounds, and recreational areas like the famous Crystal Lagoon, a 3.5-acre amenity complex for outdoor fun and bonding.

Sunterra hosts family events like movie nights, holiday celebrations, and sports leagues, bringing neighbors together. This focus on family experiences is attractive to parents who want their kids to grow up in a supportive environment.

Sunterra’s approach is working well.

With top-ranking schools, like Katy Independent School District (ISD) and different family events, this thoroughly planned community is every parent’s dream.

That’s why, we see a big increase in home sales – up 63% in 2023 according to RCLCO.

Sunterra is now one of the country’s top-selling suburban communities because it puts families first and builds strong community ties.

  1. Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV

Summerlin perfectly balances desert calmness with the energy of Las Vegas.

This MPC is right beside the Red Rock Canyon, offering a beautiful view. However, the Las Vegas excitement is close by too, just a short drive away. This means residents can enjoy both peaceful desert life and thrilling adventures.

Apart from its natural beauty, Summerlin has award-winning golf courses for players of all levels.

But if you prefer a more active lifestyle, there are plenty of outdoor activities. With over 150 miles of trails, it’s a paradise for hikers and bikers. Locals can explore nature while staying fit.

Summerlin isn’t just about scenery and fun. It’s masterfully designed to suit those who want a balanced life.

On one side, families can enjoy more than 150 parks and on the other side, downtown Summerlin is bustling with restaurants, shops, and entertainment. This thoughtful mix of nature and urban facilities ensures that residents have everything they need right at their doorstep.

  1. Ontario Ranch, Riverside-San Bernardino, CA

Ontario Ranch has become a leading community. It offers Californians affordability and lifestyle choices. Unlike costly coastal areas, it’s more budget-friendly. This is appealing in today’s housing market.

Besides affordability, Ontario Ranch suits various homebuyers. It has homes, townhouses, and condos for every budget.

What makes Ontario Ranch unique is its value.

Homebuyers get more than just affordability. They enjoy a vibrant community with great amenities with parks, schools, and easy access to jobs. This excellent community offers a balanced lifestyle without overspending.

This mix of affordability, choice, and value makes Ontario Ranch a top pick for homebuyers in 2024.

  1. Bridgeland, Houston, TX

This well thought out community isn’t just about big houses, it offers plenty of outdoor activities.

There are lakes for kayaking and fishing, over 250 miles of trails for biking, running, or just chilling outside, gyms to stay fit, and events for socializing. People here feel connected.

Besides fun, Bridgeland is in Cypress, Texas, which is great for workers and families. Because, It’s near big companies, getting to work is easy.

With its mix of nature and convenience, Bridgeland is perfect for active people who like being part of a community.


As you can see, uncovering the perfect MPC isn’t just about finding a house, it’s about finding a lifestyle. With the insights I’ve provided here, you’re well on your way to discovering the ideal community that matches your needs.

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