Top 20 Waterloo Real Estate Agents On Social Media

Official Rank of Waterloo’s Top Agents on Social Media

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Our researchers go through thousands of agents by searching hashtags, review sites, social media profiles and real estate portals. Then we rank agents based on our proprietary algorithm that takes into consideration multiple variables as seen below:

Instagram Followers

Instagram Average Likes Per Post

Facebook Likes/Friends

Facebook Average Likes Per Post

Quality Of Posts

and Other Social Channels


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With that said, we present to you the Top 20 Waterloo Real Estate Agents On Social Media!


#20: Alex Gilbert

Davenport Realty

Dedication and boundless enthusiasm are just some of the qualities that make Alex great on social media! If you’re on social media and like real estate, you need to be following Alex!  

Instagram Highlights

37 Average Likes Per Post


#19: Preet Sahota


Find your way home with Preet! If you haven’t already, what are you waiting for? Follow Preet for his awesome content.  

Instagram Highlights

42 Average Likes Per Post


#18: Zoran Kukic

Condo Culture

Moving or relocating to Waterloo? Get Zoran to be your guide to the real estate in the area. Zoran’s social media will make you want to live the Waterloo life!  

Instagram Highlights

42 Average Likes Per Post


#17: Jasmyn Vickery

Chestnut Park West

Want to love where you live in Waterloo? Don’t miss a beat! Reach out to Jasmyn. Become part of her impressive fan base on Facebook & Instagram!  

Instagram Highlights

78 Average Likes Per Post


#16: Team 3A Realtors

Team 3A Realtors

Looking for the investment of a lifetime? Team 3A Realtors will make the search a lot easier. Team 3A Realtors’s social media accounts are a must follow!  

Instagram Highlights

23 Average Likes Per Post


#15: Cindy-Lou Schmidt

Keller Williams Innovation In Kitchener

Her expertise in the field and her excellence in customer relations have earned her an induction into the highly selective Waterloo market. Check out her epic content across Facebook and Instagram.  

Instagram Highlights

29 Average Likes Per Post


#14: Greg Demeuleneare

MillTown Property Group

Greg will take care of everything when it comes to your next real estate deal in Waterloo Keep the amazing social media content flowing Greg!  

Instagram Highlights

85 Average Likes Per Post


#13: Bob Bunker Homes

Trillium West

Bob Bunker Homes will go above and beyond your expectations to get you the best deal there is. always posting on Facebook & Instagram, make sure to follow them.  

Instagram Highlights

67 Average Likes Per Post


#12: Tyler O’Donovan


Awesome agents like Tyler will be increasingly turned to by home buyers and sellers looking for direction. Ready to become part of Tyler’s Facebook and Instagram fan base? Follow him now!  

Instagram Highlights

28 Average Likes Per Post


#11: Raj Pathak

Condo Culture Brokerage Ltd.

He will do whatever it takes to get the best deal for his clients in Waterloo, he thrives on working with residential real estate investor clients. Apart from helping people with all things real estate he has also maintained an amazing presence on Facebook and Instagram!  

Instagram Highlights

49 Average Likes Per Post


#10: Sylvia Brown

Team Realty KW Inc.

Expect better results and a better service when you’re working with Sylvia. All of her daily interactions with her content on Facebook and Instagram caught our attention, it’ll surely catch yours too!  

Instagram Highlights

78 Average Likes Per Post


#9: Lindsey Adams

The Agency Real Estate

Buying or selling in Waterloo? You have found exactly who you need with Lindsey! Lindsey’s content on Facebook and Instagram won’t let you down!  

Instagram Highlights

101 Average Likes Per Post


#8: Sonia Oliveira

Keller Williams

Finding real estate is one of the most stressful purchases out there, but this isn’t the case when you’re working with Sonia. You can tell from her social media posts that Sonia’s passions for real estate and her clients are incredibly clear.  

Instagram Highlights

97 Average Likes Per Post


#7: Sam Daminato

Chestnut Park Real Estate

It takes a winning personality to be great in real estate and Sam has exactly that! Do not miss out on all his awesome posts on Facebook & Instagram.  

Instagram Highlights

89 Average Likes Per Post


#6: Louise Macdonald


You deserve the absolute best and Louise will deliver that every step of the way. She has an impressive presence on Facebook & Instagram!  

Instagram Highlights

29 Average Likes Per Post


#5: Brittany Schmidt

Peak Realty Ltd

For Brittany clients are like family! If you’re looking for someone who does wild real estate videos that are entertaining and informative, check out her Instagram or YouTube! 

Instagram Highlights

47 Average Likes Per Post


#4: Mike Bolger

Chestnut Park Realty

On the hunt for a house to call home? Let Mike show you what Waterloo has to offer. Stop missing out on all the great content! Follow Mike today!  

Instagram Highlights

116 Average Likes Per Post


#3: Heather Sequeira

eXp Realty

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or experienced investor, let Heather guide you every step of the way. Check out her Facebook and Instagram for updates you won’t want to miss!  

Instagram Highlights

79 Average Likes Per Post

Facebook Highlights

909 Friends
60 Average Likes Per Post

Quality Photos


#2: Brian Ellis

Keller Williams Realty

Ready to make your mark in the Waterloo real estate market? Call Brian he will make sure that mark is made successfully! He is literally taking over the social media scene in real estate one awesome post at a time.  

Instagram Highlights

80 Average Likes Per Post

Facebook Highlights


Quality Photos


#1: Scott Henderson

Peak Realty

Scott can help you achieve your real estate dreams. After browsing through Scott’s social media you’ll surely be tempted to invest in Waterloo!  

Instagram Highlights

163 Average Likes Per Post

Facebook Highlights

83 Average Likes Per Post

Quality Photos
Exceptional Video Content


We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 20 Waterloo Real Estate Agents On Social Media!

PropertySpark has been ranking top agents on social media across North America since 2016. Congrats again to all the winners! We do not accept payment or incentives for our Top List features. Our process is completely based on our expert research and opinion.

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