Top 20 Reno Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018

Top 20 Reno Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018


These Reno real estate agents have leveraged all social media channels to gain an advantage over the city’s real estate market.

We’ve researched hundreds of Reno real estate agents’ social media channels and went through a certain process to select the best. We began with finding Reno real estate agents through different mediums and then looked at objective data regarding the Reno real estate agents’ social media presence across various social media channels. Lastly, we made sure that all the Reno real estate agents who made it to the final list have great social media presence based on subjective variables.

With that said, we present to you the Top 20 Reno Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018!

Note: This article includes real estate agents from Reno and surrounding areas


#20: Monica McCallum

Monica McCallum from Coldwell Banker is a real estate agent who strives to make the most of what you got. Her passion to help you, her expertise and even her proven track record are all a plus to making your experience the best one yet as Monica treats you as if she was the client. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram and if you do, you are sure to find new home listings, helpful articles, and even some home improvement videos!


#19: Tanya Soulé

At Chase International Real Estate, there is a special real estate agent named Tanya Soule and she specializes in helping you sell, buy, relocate, and even help out with luxury homes. As Tanya says, “I truly care about my clients’ goals and priorities and know how to listen and hear what is important to them.” Her Facebook posts are always real estate related, something you can be sure to benefit from. Check out her social media profiles now!


#18: Deana David

You have goals, dreams, and ambitions. Deana Davis from Engel & Volkers will use her experience, friendliness, and passion to help make those dreams come true. On Facebook, she is always posting house tours you can take as well as new home listings, so be sure to stop by!


#17: Kirk Archuleta

No matter the question, no matter your concern, and no matter the help you need, Kirk Archuleta is quite literally just a phone call away. He prides himself in answering every single call, regardless of the circumstance. Catch him on Facebook where he is always congratulating new home buyers.


#16: Jodi Kruse

In today’s day and age, people love the term “free”. Free means you get the item with no strings attached and that is definitely true with Jodi Kruse from Sierra Nevada Properties as all of her services are completely free to you! She is always posting various articles that can be of assistance to you as well as new home listings so make sure to take a look at her Facebook page!


#15: Patty Johnson

If you want a real estate agent who has multiple areas of expertise, then you want Patty Johnson from REMAX. She can service you in retirement properties, multi-family homes, farm properties, commercial, and so much more! Be sure to stop by her Facebook page as she is always posting things to do in the Reno area as well as posting about her second favourite passion, dogs!


#14: Frank Picone

Frank Picone from Chase International Realty is not just a real estate agent, but he is also a great educator. His goal is to educate you in the whole real estate process so that you feel comfortable making the right decisions for yourself. If you are interested in looking at new home listings, be sure to stop by his Facebook page!


#13: Helen Graham & John Grahm

Helen Graham & John Grahm are a team of smart and knowledgeable real estate agents who can help you with what you need. Their years of experience makes them qualified to give you the best experience. Find them on Facebook where they frequently post about living in the Reno area, as well as share posts about homes for sale and helpful articles related to the home buying and home selling process.


#12: John Park

John Park from Chase International Realty specializes in luxury realty. If you are looking for that perfect palace, he will help you find just the right one that meets your desires along with meeting the price you want. On Facebook, he is always posting about things related to the Reno area.


#11: Shannon Getting

When it comes to meeting people’s needs, there is a 2-way process that needs to happen. You need to take the steps to achieve the goal and then the other part, and that is listening. Shannon Getting from KW Realty is the real estate agent who will listen to you and take every little detail into consideration. When she posts on Facebook, she usually posts new homes for sale near you!


#10: Maria Lanato

Maria Lonato from Maria Lanato Realtor is an agent who is professional, reliable, hardworking, experienced, and extremely knowledgeable. When it comes to your dreams and your home, Maria has all the things you need. Give her a follow on Facebook where she is always posting various things like new home listings, live videos, help guides, and more!


#9: Kelly Frawley

At KW Group One, Kelly Frawley is a real estate agent always there on the ready for your needs. She is experienced in multiple services and wants to help you make your dreams come true. Give her a follow on social media on her Facebook page.


#8: Corin Lujan

Corin Lujan from Keller Williams Realty is the agent who has the experience you want and the services you need. She has over 15 years of service expertise in the realty business and specializes in helping people get homes from out of state. On her Facebook page, she is always posting new homes for sale!


#7: Kandas Myer

Kandas Myer from Coldwell Banker is an achiever when it comes to her career in real estate. She has over 22 years of expertise of the home buying and home selling process, so you can count on her to give you the best experience. She is always posting new house listings on her Facebook page so be sure to take a look.


#6: Angela Beard

When it comes to the realty business, Angela Beard from KW Sparks Keller Williams is someone who will not take long to help you out. She is always there, always ready for whatever your circumstance may be. On Twitter, she is posting about her children, as well as providing helpful tips and tricks related to real estate, that may be of use to you!


#5: Michael Wood

Michael Wood is just like all other real estate agents at REMAX Realty Affiliates, except for the fact that he strives to care for you as if you were his best friend, yet also in a very professional manner. No matter the situation, whether that be selling or buying, Michael is your friend to help. On Facebook, Michael is always providing helpful blog articles like how you can get the highest price for your home, so be sure to stop by!


#4: Mary Cioffi

If you are looking for someone who can provide you with a really great experience while being professional at the same time, look no further than to Mary Cioffi from Coldwell Banker. She has over 31 years of expertise and can help you with whatever your needs may be. If you are in the mood for looking at new homes for sale, or may need some helpful advice, be sure to give a stop by her Facebook page!


#3: Krisha Scannapieco

At Coldwell Banker, there is one person who may be considered a legitimate ‘Fairy Godmother.’ That one person is none other than Krisha Scannapieco as she will do anything to help you out, even if it means going out of your way as your dream, your passion is her passion and dream. She does it all from selling your home to even helping you buy a new home so make sure to stop by her Twitter and Facebook page to give her a quick like!


#2: Candy Noel

When it comes down to helping you with all of your house needs, Candy Noel from Keller Williams Realty Luxury Homes International is always able to help you get the best deal possible! If her expert help was not sweet enough for you, be sure to stop by her Facebook and Twitter page where she is always posting various things to help you out with the home buying process!


#1: Guy Johnson

Since 2007, there has been one guy named Guy Johnson who has been helping people find their dream home while doing it all from Keller Williams Group One Inc. His expertise plus his passion for finding homes has made him a great real estate agent. His is the true social media superstar of Reno, Nevada. You can give him a follow and a like on his social media outlets which are his Twitter and Facebook account.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 20 Reno Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018!

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