Top 20 New Jersey Real Estate Agents On Social Media in 2018

Top 20 New Jersey Real Estate Agents On Social Media in 2018


The New Jersey real estate business is hyper competitive, but these real estate agents have found an edge on social media.

New Jersey is another state with a high density of real estate agents. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, 1 in every 201 residents is a real estate agent.

It’s clear that being a New Jersey real estate agent is not an easy job. However, the agents on this list have used social media among other things to propel their business and beat the competition.


#20: John Yablonski

John Yablonski is a real estate agent working in New Jersey, serving all his clients’ needs. He is hardworking and truly loves his job! He has a Facebook page with hundreds of followers with whom he shares images of stunning homes and lots more. Visit John’s page if you’re into real estate from New Jersey!


#19: Margo Vlahinich

Margo Vlahinich is an amazing real estate agent who offers her real estate expertise anywhere in New Jersey and New York. With extensive training in the latest real estate marketing strategies she was ready to open her own business in 1982. Needless to say, people are quite impressed with her and definitely recommend her. Check her Facebook page out!


#18: Scott & David Aaron Rudd

Scott and David Aaron Rudd make it to the list as one of the top real estate agents on social media in New Jersey. Overall they both are known positively as jolly, good communicators, persistent and very helpful towards their clients. There’s no reason not to check them out and getting their services to ensure that you’ll have success in finding or selling a home, and have a good time doing so.


#17: Nicole Rabbat

Nicole Rabbat is an experienced and accomplished real estate agent with over ten years of real estate sales experience. Nicole is action-oriented and will make sure that the process of selling or buying a home is an easy, stress free process for her clients. She consistently posts awesome New Jersey listings on her Facebook page, which you should definitely check out!


#16: Julia Gaffney

Julia Gaffney is a true professional at her job. Her passion and love for real estate enable her to create and achieve big goals revolving around her career. Her goal is to provide her clients with all of their real estate wants and needs and give them an amazing experience with buying or selling their home. She has a popular Facebook page where she shares lots of content based on real estate for everyone to enjoy!


#15: Michael Monopoli

Michael Monopoli, a marine corps veteran is now serving the people of New Jersey through real estate. Michael is known as a hardworking, helpful, and very passionate agent and greets you with an inviting attitude like the one on his Facebook page. For those looking for a home in New Jersey, check out Michael to get your desired property through good services.


#14: Stephen Clyde

Stephen Clyde is one of the top real estate agents in New Jersey. What more would you love to hear from an agent whose team’s slogan is, “ We sell more because we do more”. Stephen makes sure that when he does his job, he does it right and to the best of his ability. Stephen’s success is reflected by his reviews from his clients on being a busy man, very responsive, knowledgeable and professional.


#13: Orly Steinberg

Orly Steinberg from Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage is one of the top real estate agents in New Jersey. Her website and Facebook pages are filled with tons of positive reviews from her clients about her resourcefulness, friendly attitude, guidance, and successful methods. You can also check out her decorated website, even if you’re not buying, you can still view some nice properties and photos.


#12: Megan Fox

Megan Fox is an experienced real estate agent who has been in business for over 30 years. Her attention to detail, amount of knowledge and level of involvement goes above and beyond her clients’ expectations. She shares images, virtual tours and blogs for her all her followers. If you’re looking for an amazing experience with buying or selling your home then Megan is who you should contact.


#11: Emily Marchese

Emily Marchese has been a New Jersey licensed real estate agent since 2003 who is in love with her job and always aims to excel in it. Emily possesses years of experience in her career and makes sure to provide nothing but the best services for her clients. She is known for always going the extra mile and you can see this on her popular Facebook page where she shares everything you need to know about her listings and real estate in New Jersey!


#10: Harry Page

Harry Page is a professional, enthusiastic and self-motivated real estate agent. He is determined and strives to provide the best experience for buying or selling a home with everyone he works with. His Facebook page features posts about new listings, quotes, virtual tours and so much more.


#9: Jennifer Sabodish

Jennifer Sabodish is a professional and skillful agent working in New Jersey. Jennifer’s will to succeed and provide her clients with excellent services is brought to light when you do business with her. She makes sure to provide no less than the best services which she could offer and leaves her clients satisfied each time. You should follow her on Facebook just like her fans!


#8: Amanda Nadia

Amanda Nadia is a top notch agent who makes sure to always go above and beyond her goals and works hard to make sure her clients are even more than just satisfied. Amanda does an amazing job at real estate while also making sure to crush it on social media. If you’re looking to buy or sell your home, Amanda is the agent you should contact!


#7: Antonio Henriques

Antonio Henriques is a popular real estate agent known for selling stunning and jaw dropping luxury homes. Antonio brings dedication, professionalism and real estate knowledge to his work. His years of experience allows him to obtain a large amount of knowledge about the real estate market in New Jersey and deliver amazing services for his clients. Follow his Facebook page and we assure you that you will not be disappointed!


#6: Amy Owens

Amy Owens is an exceptional real estate agent and has been recognized for closing over 400 transactions, totalling nearly $200 million in sales. She has received the top honor presented to agents, The Circle of Excellence Platinum Level Award. If you want to check something unique, just check out her social media pages including Facebook and Instagram!


#5: Sam Lepore

New Jersey real estate agent Sam Lepore is dominating social media with his large amount of followers and consistent activity. On his Facebook page, he makes sure to tune all his followers in by posting and sharing content regularly and engaging them by holding contests and more. He advertises new listings, floor plans and shares images of stunning homes located in New Jersey.


#4: Christopher Rueda

Christopher Rueda from Atlantic Realty specializes in representing homeowners and buyers in real estate and is a real estate expert! Christopher is easy to contact and posts his listings on Facebook and Instagram to keep his thousands of followers updated. Check out Christopher on social media and he’ll leave you speechless.


#3: Paul Stillwaggon & Jane Nicastro-Disch

Paul Stillwaggon and Jane Nicastro-Disch are well known and experienced real estate agents who have been working together as a team successfully. They specialize in luxury homes and commercial real estate in New Jersey. They also have a great social media presence since they stay active and keep their followers up to date on all the new real estate news and trends.


#2: Ellen Dynov-Dell’Alba

Ellen Dynov-Dell’Alba is a popular real estate professional who will make sure to do whatever it takes to make sure her clients are 110% satisfied. She is a smart, professional, hard working, genuine person who cares about her customers’ needs and wants. Ellen knows the real estate market inside out and this shows on her social media pages! This provides her with the ability to consistently go above and beyond for all of her clients!


#1: Joshua Baris

Joshua Baris is crushing it! He lists some truly amazing properties on his social media pages. When he does, he shares equally amazing Youtube videos with his fans. Once you check out Joshua’s Facebook feed with amazing videos of homes, don’t forget to check out his Instagram page, which has stunning photos of New Jersey mansions! He has thousands of followers who love it.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 20 New Jersey Real Estate Agents On Social Media in 2018!

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