Top 20 Los Angeles Real Estate Agents On Social Media

Top 20 Los Angeles Real Estate Agents On Social Media


These Los Angeles real estate agents are taking over social media.

These Realtors have managed to turn Los Angeles real estate into a global social media phenomenon.

They’ve also made themselves famous in the process.

#20: Bryan Miyamoto

Bryan has a unique social media and selling style that we love!

His pictures give his followers a fascinating insight into his exciting life selling real estate in LA.

According to Bryan: “Your success is my focus.”

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#19: Brad Keyes

Brad Keyes isn’t just a real estate broker and attorney, he’s also a growing social media star.

His Instagram and Facebook feed is filled with pictures of homes in escrow and of course, of sold homes


#18: Roger Perry

There’s no doubt that Roger Perry is a real estate social media star.

He’s been featured on Million Dollar Listing, Selling LA, and House Hunters.

Along with his TV features, he’s also a Beverly Hills Top 1% Agent. Wow.

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#17: Keri Ann White

One look at Keri’s Instagram and you will realize she has amazing style.

But Keri doesn’t just have style, she closes deals.

Keri is an inspiration for anyone looking to crush business and live an awesome lifestyle.


#16: Jill Galloway

Jill is the Director of Aaroe Estates and she’s doing an amazing job!

She consistently posts topical real estate news and of course, beautiful homes. Her social media presence ties perfectly to her luxury real estate brand.

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#15: Shelhee & David

When it comes to Los Angeles real estate teams, Shelhee & David are one of the best!

Their joint passion and personality is admired by thousands of their followers.

Together they promote “The Art of Real Estate.”


#14: Tatiana Derovanessian

Tatiana is an incredible woman.

She is the President & Founder of dreamliving|LA® and a Top Producing Elite Realtor®.

Her followers love her endless passion, style and dedication.


#13: Michelle Oliver

Michelle has been in the industry for over 13 years. She’s an experienced realtor with an eye to the future.

Her use of social media is extensive and very well done. With hundreds of people engaging on some of her Facebook posts, we can tell she knows what she’s doing.


#12: Joe Babajian

Joe has been in the Luxury Real Estate game for 30 years. He is a staple in the LA real estate market. Joe never stops impressing his fans with his knowledge of the market and with his amazing listings.


#11: Jamie Tian

Jamie Tian is a young Realtor who is destined to take over the world!

She’s already won NAR’s “30 Under 30” award and she’s definitely not stopping there.

Her genuine style, perseverance and fearlessness have taken her this far and will surely take her even further.


#10: Sandra Vidal

Sandra is adored by her social media fans for giving them a taste of her personal life.

She’s always up to something and she’s always sharing it. Her dedication to real estate, family and social media is inspiring.

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#9: Jade Mills

With over $4 Billion in career sales, Jade is at the top of the list when it comes to LA real estate agents.

She’s been featured on multiple TV shows including CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Forbes, Variety and The Ellen Show.


#8: Valerie Fitzgerald

Valerie is part of the #1 team in the #1 office at Coldwell Banker in the US.

The incredible listings posted by Valerie are a testament to the amazing lifestyle she leads.


#7: Stephan Illouz

Stephan brings a French touch to everything luxurious in LA. He was born and raised in Paris. With that came an amazing personality that he demonstrates through his social media presence.

Stephan is the epitome of design, life, style and real estate


#6: Ben Bacal

Ben isn’t just a Realtor. He’s also the founder of Roofshot – a mobile video app that has helped him sell over $2 Billion in real estate.

His social media presence demonstrate Ben’s love for life and business.

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#5: James Harris

According to his site, James is the perfect blend of British style and American drive – we couldn’t agree more!

James is an amazing business man and he’s clearly a family man. His whole life is an inspiration to his TV and social media fans.

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#4: Matt Altman

Matt is one of the two famous Altman brothers. Together, they’re dominating the Los Angeles real estate market.

As a star on the popular Million Dollar Listing show, Matt has amassed a massive following on social media.

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#3: David Parnes

David is partners with James Harris (also on this list) at the famous Bond St Partners.

With tens of thousands of followers on both Facebook and Instagram, it’s safe to say that David is a huge influence in the LA real estate scene.

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#2: Josh Altman

As mentioned earlier, Josh Altman and his brother Matt are dominating the real estate game in LA.

Josh Altman is also a star on Million Dollar Listing LA. He has hundreds of thousands of social media fans that don’t only look up to him for real estate advice, but for motivation in life.

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#1: Josh Flagg

Josh Flagg has over 500,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram combined. His listings and lifestyle are admired by all of his fans.

As Josh says, “I don’t just sell houses. I sell a lifestyle.”

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We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 20 Los Angeles Real Estate Agents On Social Media!

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