Top 20 Funniest Real Estate Videos Of All Time

Top 20 Funniest Real Estate Videos Of All Time


Viral and funny real estate videos are a surprisingly big deal on YouTube. We searched through as many funny videos as we could find and came up with the Top 20 Funniest Real Estate Videos Of All Time. Enjoy!

#20 Hilarious Funny Real Estate Video with Rob Golfi. The Fire Fighter 1,704 views

This video is about a Realtor who wants to save a house that’s on fire… just because he “may sell it one day.” Do we need to say any more?

#19 Hilarious Funny Real Estate Video with Rob Golfi – Home Inspection 1 – Plumbing 5,097 views

Rob Golfi actually has a series of these hilarious real estate videos, that’s why he’s got back to back spots on this list. In this one, he’s just trying to inspect the plumbing…

#18 Funny Real Estate Video 5,762 views

Broker Owners have been known to go to great lengths to get Realtors to come work for them. In this video, Kelly Johnston takes it to the extreme. When he says he’ll do anything to get you to come work for him, he means it!

#17 Zillow? It’s Me. | Agentology Inc. 10,122 views

This is one of two Helo parodies on this list, but honestly, we wouldn’t be opposed to more of them because they are hilarious! This parody gets you laughing from the very first line, “Zillow, it’s me…” and the rest just gets funnier.

#16 I’M YOUR REALTOR AND YOU KNOW IT – Asif Khan 11,233 views

This parody of I’m Sexy and You Know It is amazing. Published in 2012, it still makes us laugh today. Asif Khan has some great lines here too, like “when I walk in your house, this is what I see, everybody starts throwing offer at me.”

#15 “REALTORS” Official Music Video (Warren G Parody) 15,217 views

Matt Pittman is the focus of this hilarious music video. Our favorite line by far is this one, “if you don’t make a move then it’s going to sell… you’re next stop is the East Side Motel!”

#14 Real Estate Comedy: The Intro (Real Estate Rap by The Broke Agent) 17,240 views

Even though you will see The Broke Agent again on this list with a video with even more views… this is one our favorites. In this hilarious music video they walk you through a day in the life of a real estate agent. Whether their interpretation of a Realtor’s life is true or not, there’s one thing that’s undeniable – this video is amazing.

#13 FUNNY!! Florida Real Estate Agent FALLS Filming Florida Foreclosures!! LMAO!! 18,603 views

The title of this video says it all. Seriously, we don’t have to say anything more about this video, it’s priceless.

#12 George Segal and Richard Benjamin Try to Sell Their House — A Real Estate Sketch Comedy 23,768 views

In this comedy sketch the viewer is given an inside perspective into what the Realtor and seller are really thinking. It’s hilarious and surprisingly insightful.

#11 The Funniest Real Estate Video Tour! 32,985 views

The title of this video is no joke. This is literally one of the funniest real estate video tours. The tour is hosted by Reilly LePage who points out the obvious about the property like… “it has a washroom.”

#10 “SELLIN HOMES” The Official Real Estate Rap feat. The Fold & Token Blokes 35,295 views

Matt Pittman is here again! This time he’s answering the ultimate home seller question, “what are we going to do, we have to sell he house and the market’s horrible right now!” The catch is that he answers it with another hilarious music video!

#9 Old Spice Parody – Funny Real Estate Videos, Funny Realtors video 37,718 views

Everyone loved the classic Old Spice commercials that started with “Hello ladies, look at your man, now look at me…” This is a Realtor parody and we love it!

#8 Sh*t Real Estate Agents Say (Original) 54,244 views

Brian Copeland and Maura Neill bring some truth and laughs to the things real estate agents say. They are both real estate agents, hence the inside (and funny) perspective!

#7 Realtor Comedy: “The Crazy Buyer” by The Broke Agent 59,946 views

The Broke Agent has to be one of the funniest, if not the funniest online publications for realtors. They put out the most hysterical videos. In fact, they have another video on this same list! This video is their most viewed real estate video on Youtube and we believe that’s for good reason – it’s hilarious!

#6 Every Day I’m Hustlin- Real Estate Rockstars- Rap Video from Santa Clarita Realtors 89,351 views

The Real Estate Rockstars are “in the house” according to Zach McReynolds in this hilarious music video. It’s so well scripted, filmed and edited, we’re wondering if they should trade in their real estate careers and get into production! Just kidding though, this team looks like they’re selling way too much real estate to give it up!

#5 Funny Vancouver Real Estate Ad – This guy is NOT a good real estate agent… 107,719 views

Gary Shlitz is NOT the Realtor you want to go with! His reasons for going into real estate is that “there’s a lot of things being sold and not a lot of people doing it, so I thought I’d get right in there.” Thankfully he’s a fictional realtor…

#4 The Problem With RE/MAX 120,200 views

For the sake of not spoiling it, we’re not going to tell what the “problem” is with RE/MAX. But we will say this… the video is by RE/MAX so it can’t be that bad!

#3 Adele – Hello Realtor Parody 282,807 views

In this video, Megan Hill Mitchum acts as the ultra-famous Adele and she nails it! This is not only one of the funniest, but it’s also one of the most viewed real estate videos! ever! Here’s our favorite line: “Hello, it’s me, I’ve been wondering if after all this time you’d like to meet to go over a purchase agreement… the average buyer sees 12 homes but we’ve seen 63!”

#2 Things Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers Wish They Could Say. 375,156 views

If you’re a realtor or loan officer reading this… you have definitely thought of saying these things at least once in your life! But of course, you’re a professional so you hold it back.

#1 Episode 1: Knowing When You’re Ready 1,792,700 views

Understandably, not everyone can afford to get Elizabeth Banks to act in their funny real estate videos. decided to take on that investment and it paid off big time with over 1 million views and a lot of laughs.

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed our list ????

The list rankings were based on the number of views* of funny real estate videos that PropertySpark online marketing experts researched on YouTube. *As of 2017-03-16

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