Top 20 Dallas Real Estate Agents On Social Media

We’ve researched hundreds of Dallas real estate agents’ social media channels and went through a certain process to select the best. We began with finding Dallas real estate agents through different mediums and then looked at objective data regarding the Dallas real estate agents’ social media presence across various social media channels. Lastly, we made sure that all the Dallas real estate agents who made it to the final list have great social media presence based on subjective variables.

With that said, we present to you the Top 20 Dallas Real Estate Agents On Social Media!


#20: Kelsey Faires

Rogers Healy and Associates

Searching for a community in Dallas to be part of? Kelsey will find the perfect place for you! She has an impressive presence on Facebook & Instagram!  


#19: Michelle Wood


Finally thinking about making the move? Find that special place in Dallas with Michelle. We love seeing how she has kept her fans informed all the time on social media!  


#18: JD Gonzales

Rogers Healy and Associates

When you’re working with JD, you can expect service that renders incredible results! For amazing real estate content in Dallas follow JD on Facebook and Instagram.  


#17: Geane Brito


Selling or buying a home is more than just a transaction – it is an investment of a lifetime. Contact Geane when you’re ready to make the move! Keep the amazing social media content flowing Geane!  


#16: Jeremy Whiteker

Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate

He has unique insight into how the Dallas market works and he is ready to share it with you! Jeremy’s content on Facebook and Instagram won’t let you down!  


#15: Brittany Rich


Whether it’s your first home or an upgrade, buying a home is a life-changing experience and Brittany will make it a memorable one. Brittany’s social media content deliver that extra touch of real estate you’re looking for!  


#14: Kyle Baugh


On the hunt for a house to call home? Let Kyle show you what Dallas has to offer. Look out for Kyle’s posts on social media for the latest in Dallas real estate!  


#13: Alexa Conomos

Keller Williams Realty

She is recognized in Dallas as a top agent when it comes to social media. What’s next for you in real estate? Find out by following Alexa!  


#12: Beca & Paige Real Estate Group

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty

Find your way home with Beca! Get all your real estate content in one place – follow Beca on social media!  


#11: Michael Wong

Sotheby’s International Realty

A hard working attitude makes Michael stand apart from the rest! Take a look at all the amazing content on Michael’s social media accounts!  


#10: Elyssia Marie

Rogers Healy and Associates

Helping the people of Dallas find her dream home is Elyssia’s purpose. Visit Elyssia’s Instagram and Facebook accounts to learn more about real estate in Dallas.  


#9: Abe Ely

Live Here Dallas

Nothing will make Abe happier than seeing you step into your dream home. Building a brand on one social media channel isn’t easy, but he has done it on Facebook and Instagram.  


#8: Kate Walters


She will do whatever it takes to get the best deal for her clients in Dallas. Stop missing out on all the great content! Follow Kate today!  


#7: Connie Segovia

JP And Associates Realtors

From start to finish Connie will help you buy and sell real estate in Dallas. Just follow her social accounts and it’ll be easy to see why clients love Connie!  


#6: Benaisha Poole-Watson

The Bailey Watson Real Estate Group

When you’re ready to move, Benaisha will be ready to find you your next Dallas home. She is literally taking over the social media scene in real estate one awesome post at a time.  


#5: Kristin Smith

Dave Perry-Miller

She has a passion for real estate that is only parallel to the dedication she has for her clients. Get all the updates you need about the Dallas real estate market by following Kristin!  


#4: Keyra Ford

Keller Williams Realty

When it comes to a market like Dallas, people need the best service and that’s what Keyra will deliver. Get all of your real estate questions answered in a snap – connect with Keyra on social media right now!  


#3: Bardha Lloncari

Rogers Healy

You deserve the absolute best and Bardha will deliver that every step of the way. The bigger, the better! Join Bardha’s community on social media and become part of the growth!  


#2: Sean Davis


Looking for results in the Dallas real estate market? Look no further! You have found Sean at the perfect time. He is setting the standard when it comes to posting on Facebook & Instagram!  


#1: Rogers Healy

Rogers Healy and Associates

Rogers’s attitude made him one of the hottest agents in Dallas. For Rogers it’s not just about building an audience, it’s about building a community – become part of it today!  


We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 20 Dallas Real Estate Agents On Social Media!

PropertySpark has been ranking top agents on social media across North America since 2016. Congrats again to all the winners! We do not accept payment or incentives for our Top List features. Our process is completely based on our expert research and opinion.

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