Top 20 Chicago Real Estate Agents On Social Media in 2018

Top 20 Chicago Real Estate Agents On Social Media in 2018


Chicago real estate gets more and more competitive, with hundreds of successful real estate agents turning to social media.

These real estate agents are taking over Chicago’s real estate market by increasing their social media presence.

In order to select the top Chicago real estate agents on social media, we went through a certain process. We started off by finding Chicago real estate agents through different mediums including Google, Facebook search, Instagram search, Twitter search, etc. We then looked at objective data regarding the Chicago real estate agents’ social media presence across a number of social media channels. Finally, we made sure that the Chicago real estate agents who have made it to the final 20 have great social media presence based on subjective variables including content mix, brand image and value of content.

Having said that, enjoy the top list!


#20: Heather Tolaro

Heather Tolaro is a licensed real estate managing broker in Chicago, Illinois. She credits her accessibility for her success in the real estate world. Keeping her clients her top priority, she makes sure that she is always available for them at all times. She uses her social media as a way to communicate with each of her followers and keeps everyone updated with new listings and cool, informative blogs.


#19: Joe Castillo

Following the footsteps of his parents, Joe Castillo is a second generation real estate agent. After committing himself to real estate in 2005, Joe received many awards. In 2010, the Chicago Association of Realtors recognized Joe as a top 1% producer in all of Chicago. Joe also has a popular Facebook page where he shares images, blogs and new listings for his followers to enjoy.


#18: Dawn Mckenna

Dawn Mckenna is one of the most successful and creative real estate agents in the US. As her record sales have been recognized by Wall Street Journal, Forbes and other trusted newspapers and magazines, Dawn is taking Chicago real estate by storm. Her posts on Facebook are beautiful and really showcase the homes she is listing. However, don’t forget about her Instagram page, where with over a thousand followers, she’s got her social media game on point!


#17: Emily Sachs Wong

Emily Sachs Wong is a luxury real estate agent in Chicago and she’s one of the best! She specializes in the buying and selling of homes in luxury neighborhoods of Chicago! She credits her success to her tireless work ethic, excellent communication skills and empathetic nature. Her social media showcases beautiful homes of Chicago, and also gives a nice insight of real estate in this awesome city. Follow her social media pages to stay updated with gorgeous real estate in Chicago!


#16: Terri McAuley

Being a resident of Chicago for many years, Terri McAuley was able to gain valuable knowledge on Chicago’s neighbourhoods revolving around real estate. She is able to provide detailed market data and valuable real estate advice to clients. Client satisfaction is her top priority. With the knowledge Terri possesses in real estate, the process of working with her will feel completely stress-free! Check out her Facebook page where she posts listings, helpful blog posts and anything real estate!


#15: Melanie Giglio

Melanie Giglio is a veteran real estate agent with nearly 15+ years of real estate experience. For the past 5 years, Melanie has consistently stayed in the top 1%, by helping her clients achieve their real estate goals. If you’re ever looking to read quick short articles about homes, better go check out her Facebook page, she’s got a lot of intriguing articles.


#14: Dominic Irpino

Irpino Real Estate is a family owned business created in 2000 and was founded on the belief of endless improvement. With almost 18 years in business we can say that owner, Dominic Ipirno sure knows what he’s doing when it comes to real estate in Chicago. He’s a strong willed and goal-driven individual who will work endless hours to ensure his customers’ satisfaction. Dominic is a great example of an amazing agent and you’ll notice that once you check out his social media pages!


#13: Kim Lotka

Kim Lotka is a talented and goal driven real estate agent whose based in Chicago.
She has knowledge and expertise in home construction, renovation, short sales, foreclosures and financing options that are beyond compare. Her aim is to produce extraordinary results for clients and transcend their expectations. You’ll find open houses, listings and beautiful home interior & exterior photos on Kim’s Facebook page!


#12: Kati Spaniak

The Spaniak Team is led and found by Kati Spaniak. It is Kati’s vision, that drives her team to achieve excellence. Kati has a marketing background therefore, we are not surprised as to why she has an amazing online presence! Her marketing knowledge and expertise ranks her as one of the top 12 agents in the North Shore. Check out her and The Spaniak Team’s Facebook page where they not only post listing photos, but video tours as well!


#11: Melissa Vasic & Tawnya McVicker

At SAGE Real Estate Network, Melissa Vasic and Tawnya McVicker are a force to be reckoned with. The team’s motto is “It’s all about you!”. They take pride in putting their customers’ wants and needs above everything else. The team is killing their social media game too, with thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram combined! Check them out on social media now!


#10: Nick & Craig Fallico

Nick and Craig Fallico is a father-son duo who’ve grown up in the real estate business. The two of them have distinct backgrounds which really helps them in their day to day real estate life. Their Facebook page does a great job in creating posts to advertise themselves and give their followers valuable insight. Follow them on Facebook and you’ll never miss new listings and blogs on real estate tips and tricks again!


#9: Kathy Quaid & Maureen Rooney

Kathy Quaid and Maureen Rooney are business partners who both possess in depth agency and industry experience revolving around real estate. They are always happy to assist clients in making real estate transitions stress free. They believe that the process of buying and selling a home should be exciting and fun and will work hard to make sure of that for their clients. Visit their social media pages to know more about this fantastic duo!


#8: Heloisa Katsulis

Professionalism is an essential trait when working with a real estate agent to make the process run smoothly. Heloisa is proactive, knowledgeable about the market, and a strong negotiator. Her goal is to reach above and beyond her clients real estate goals and to provide them with an amazing real estate experience that they won’t forget. If you want valuable real estate tips, then you should definitely check out her Facebook page!


#7: Danny Lewis

Danny Lewis is known for being an enthusiastic and vibrant real estate professional. Although he is young, he possesses a large amount of information based on real estate and exceptional relationship skills. He is a hard worker and is devoted to his career and always excelling in it. If you’re looking to have a smooth buying/selling experience then Danny is the one you should connect with on Facebook!


#6: Danielle Dowell

Danielle Dowell has been a real estate agent since 2006. With 10+ years of first hand experience, she is now the proud owner of The Dowell Group. With her firm knowledge of real estate, she’s actively educating her clients in the real estate market. She uses Facebook in order to advertise her beautiful new listing posts as well as other cool real estate related posts. Danielle is definitely one agent who knows the power of social media!


#5: Nikki Kimsey

Real estate agents who value your interests, wants and needs might not be so easy to find but when you work with Nikki Kimsey, that’s not a problem. Nikki is dedicated to serving the real estate needs of her clients and providing them with exceptional customer service. Another benefit of working with Nikki is that she is an expert on the values and areas of the homes in Chicago. Toss her a follow or like on her social media pages!


#4: Dean Moss

Dean Moss is a veteran in the real estate world. After many years of practice as a professional real estate trainer, a business to business sales consultant, an advertising agency account executive and many other professions, Dean turned towards leading his own real estate team. With thousands of followers on social media, you definitely have to check out his pages to see why so many people follow it!


#3: Eduardo Garcia

Eduardo Garcia is the founder and CEO of Realty of Chicago. His career as a real estate agent began in 2006 when he was just 21 years old. He then decided to create the Realty of Chicago team in 2012 and the team has been expanding ever since. If you’re looking to work with innovators in real estate then be sure to choose Realty Of Chicago. Also follow Eduardo’s Facebook and Instagram page to know why his agency is one of the fastest growing agencies in Chicago!


#2: Rafael Murillo

Rafael Murillo begun his real estate career in early 2012, where he had an edge to understanding his client needs and market trends from his background as a mortgage banker. Today, Rafael is an achiever, as he is an expert in buying, selling and renting properties and has 5 star reviews on Zillow for his awesome work. There’s no doubt he has thousands of followers on social media, as all his photos of luxurious Chicago real estate are mesmerizing.


#1: Kristine Farra

Kristine Farra is a full service real estate agent who works in Chicago. Her listings represent Chicago’s finest residential properties. Kristine also has a stunning website that features many beautiful images of homes. She is a hard working real estate professional who uses her expertise designed to exceed clients’ real estate needs! Stay updated with her day to day activities by following her on social media!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 20 Chicago Real Estate Agents On Social Media in 2018!

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