Top 20 Atlanta Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018

Top 20 Atlanta Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018


These Atlanta real estate agents have managed to turn heads in Georgia’s capital city’s real estate market by taking over multiple social media channels.

We have researched hundreds of Atlanta real estate agents’ social media channels and went through a certain process to select the best realtors. We began with finding Atlanta real estate agents through different mediums and then looked at objective data regarding the Atlanta real estate agents’ social media presence across various social media channels. Lastly, we made sure that all the Atlanta real estate agents who made it to the top list have great social media presence based on subjective variables.

We now present to you the Top 20 Atlanta Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018. Enjoy!


#20: Ayelet Gilad

Ayelet Gilad is an outstanding listener that brings her expertise and honesty into the field. She takes time and efforts to understand her clients’ needs so that she can then find possible ways to help them throughout the entire transaction. Visit her page for the latest listings!


#19: Corey Miller

Corey Miller combines his background as an architect with his experience as a real estate agent effectively. He is familiar with the real estate business and his thorough understanding of design and construction greatly benefit his clients. It is evident that working with Corey would be an amazing experience.


#18: Robert Hall

Robert Hall is not just knowledgeable as a real estate agent, but also passionate and excellent at what he does. He is great at taking care of his clients and he prides himself in his work. Feel free to contact him if you think he is the real estate agent for you!


#17: Sharon E. Smoot

Sharon E. Smoot is a real estate agent who works wholeheartedly, she is absolutely exceptional with sellers while she is also committed to her buyers. She understands the complex circumstances and she is amazing at dealing with them. Do not miss out on her page!


#16: Michael Shurden

Michael Shurden has the qualities you look for in a real estate agent–he is has rich market knowledge, he prioritizes the clients’ needs and he knows what needs to be done. His genuine care for his clients won wonderful reviews from them, we are sure his page is worth following!


#15: Kyle Shoren

Kyle Shoren lived in Atlanta for almost his entire life! Needless to say, his knowledge about the land is unmatched. His listings speak for themselves, by looking at Kyle’s listings, you will want to start living in Atlanta immediately! The gorgeous homes have stunning interiors as well. So why don’t check out his page today?


#14: Angela Beck

Angela Beck makes your real estate goals achievable! Her commitment, incomparable professionalism and dedication will deliver an impeccably enjoyable experience whether you are a buyer or a seller. Furthermore, her expertise in technology and social media will surely benefit her business and customers in a long way.


#13: Bob Freeman

Bringing values to the customers regardless of the size of the deal is what Bob strives to do. He puts his experience and innovative ideas into work for both buyers and sellers, if you need an agent who will provide you a smooth experience in home-buying or selling, Bob Freeman is who you have been looking for!


#12: Rolonda Wright

In order to be a successful real estate agent, one needs to be disciplined, driven, attentive, and informative to their clients. Rolonda Wright is all of these. She is packed with professional knowledge and advices, and she is always ready to keep her clients informed during the transaction. No wonder several clients speak highly of her service and say she is definitely strongly recommended.


#11: Melissa Love

As an associate of Keller Williams, Melissa Love is outstanding from the rest. She is truly motivated and loves her job. That passion and devotion is shown in her works without a doubt. Do not hesitate to contact her if you think she is the right real estate agent for you!


#10: Kami Pyvand

If you look for the definition of “professional”, you will see the name of Kami Pyvand. He never stops remaining calm and patient no matter the difficulty of circumstances, not to mention how he is well-respected by his clients. Kami’s aesthetic Instagram feed is the perfect reflection for his professionalism. Are you following him yet?


#9: Mokelle Hines

Mokelle Hines is an associate with Keller Williams, she is a professional loved by many and undoubtedly, her service is totally marvellous. She has a great following on social media with lots of engagement. Contact her right away if you ever need a real estate agent!


#8: Cymone L. Baylor

Cymone L. Baylor offers each of his clients honesty, integrity, attentiveness and innovative approaches. Additionally, his positive attitude and enthusiasm makes him stand out from the rest, and this can be seen through his works. His page clearly speaks for itself, his follower engagement is excellent and the content is remarkable. We bet you are following him now!


#7: Chase Mizell

Since 2006, Chase Mizell has been serving in the real estate market. He is an award-winning real estate agent with an incomparable marketing strategy that makes him one of the top Atlanta agents on social media. For instance, his Facebook posts have an excellent follower engagement and his page is filled with gorgeous home listings. If you are interested, catch him up on social media to discover about all of his new listings!


#6: Shana Rivers

A caring real estate agent is a good agent! Shana Rivers approaches her works with cheerfulness and positive attitude, what is better is that she puts her clients’ needs before her own commissions! And this is what makes her a reputable agent. Are you following her on social media yet?


#5: Cameo Clark

Cameo Clark is packed with skills! She never fails to meet her clients’ expectations and she does the finest job at educating her buyers during the process of a deal. No wonder her customers are always provided with the highest level of experience–informed and stress-free. Is she your ideal real estate agent? Check out her page today and see if she suits your needs.


#4: Delesha Hamilton

Delesha Hamilton is like a superwoman in the real estate world! There’s no situation she cannot handle, she is extremely knowledgeable, she is generous and a total people-person. Her clients go to her as their first and only option because they know how unique of an agent Delesha is! There is no reason to hesitate to reach out to her if you are asking for an ultimate professional!


#3: Wayne Chappel

Elegant is the exact word to describe Wayne’s home listings. As a luxury home expert, he has been a professional real estate agent for over 12 years and a member of the National Association of Realtors.With expertise in buyers representation, he served countless clients and put several first-time buyers into ease. If you are looking for a fantastic representative, your search ends with Wayne.


#2: Dominique Garrick

Dominique Garrick is a trusted real estate agent and author, she is committed to create a clear and a smooth path for each and every single one of her clients. We also admire the quality of her listings, she has access to many high-quality homes and thus her home listings are truly sophisticated! Check out Dominique’s social media channels to find out more about her successful career and all things real estate!


#1: Rhonda Duffy

Rhonda Duffy is one phenomenal real estate agent who has been ranked as the #1 agent in Georgia for 10 years in a row and is one of the top real estate agents in the country. She has also been on interviewed and published in hundreds of articles. Rhonda’s strong social media presence combined with her skill make her one of the top agents in Atlanta.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 20 Atlanta Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018!

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