Top 15 San Jose Real Estate Agents On Social Media

Top 15 San Jose Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018


These San Jose real estate agents find their edge in the industry from increasing their presence on numerous social media channels.

We have done research on hundreds of San Jose real estate agents’ social media channels and went through a certain process to select the top real estate agents. We began our research by finding San Jose real estate agents through a number of mediums and then looked at objective data regarding the San Jose agents’ social media presence across different social media platforms. We then made sure that the San Jose real estate agents that have made it to this final list have great social media presence based on some subjective variables.

We now present to you the Top 15 San Jose Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018. Enjoy!


#15: Cristiane Eissmann

Cristiane Eissmann is a truly marvelous real estate agent who values a good relationship based on honesty and trust. She also believes that communication is the key when it comes to understanding her clients’ needs, which is why she is an exceptional communicator. If you’re looking for a sincere and thoughtful professional who would stand on your side of need, Cristiane is definitely highly recommended!


#14: Vickie Chandler

Vickie Chandler offers her clients a smooth experience when buying or selling homes. She has an amazing page filled with beautiful home listings. The houses are exquisitely structured and luxurious. Feel free to visit her page, Vickie can totally find what you’re looking for!


#13: Linda Lo

Being experienced in both the financial and real estate industries, Linda Lo also has a high tech background and is a professional real estate investor. Linda makes sure she brings exceptional value in helping her clients. Her listings are equally marvellous, the houses are glorious and they are worth checking out. She is absolutely highly recommended!


#12: Audrey Seifert-Adami

Audrey Seifert-Adami is superb! She has wonderful home listings located in San Jose and she knows how to close deals. She is a considerate person and always makes sure that everyone is satisfied and happy with the deal before closing it. Make sure to check out her page on the latest home listings!


#11: Anna Kilgore

Imagine having a real estate agent who puts her heart and soul into your needs, isn’t it just ideal? Anna Kilgore is that ideal agent. She is known for her outstanding attention to detail, knowledge and commitment. Not only that, her listings are gorgeous, totally a reflection of her hard work and efforts she puts into her career. Do not hesitate to check out her page! She is the real estate agent you’re looking for!


#10: Darren Wilford

Darren Wilford prioritizes his client’s needs and makes the dealing process enjoyable. With years of experience in the field, he is an epitome of professionalism. Besides his rich market knowledge, Darren is also good at listening to his clients’ needs. This can be clearly seen from the reviews he received from people he served, who describe him as patient, informative and timely. Don’t forget to visit his page, he is a gem you don’t want to miss!


#9: Dale Warfel & Helen Gardin

Dale Warfel & Helen Gardin make an ideal team of professionals. They are dedicated to provide you with the most powerful resources and tools you would need in your real estate hunt. Their listings on social media are absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. If you’re looking for homes in the San Jose area, we definitely recommend you to check out Dale and Helen’s Facebook page!


#8: Meera Iyer

When you go through Meera Iyer’s page, you will be stunned by those fabulous home listings! The listings have detailed information and attractive pictures of the houses. She is dedicated to her job and she stays attentive throughout her work. She is quick in the follow-ups and always makes sure her clients are informed.


#7: Daunielle Doughty

Daunielle Doughty devoted 15 years of her life into the real estate business, there’s no doubt that she is packed with experience and market knowledge. When you think of Daunielle, words like organized, helpful, informative and kind will come up to your mind. With these great traits, a high-quality service is always guaranteed with her. She makes and posts videos about her finest listings on her Facebook page, check them out and you will be astonished!


#6: Matt Nguyen

When you browse on his Facebook page, you will notice that Matt Nguyen uploads a lot of videos, this is his way of keeping his page interesting. By creating a vlog series on different aspects of the real estate business and deals, home listings and seller tips, Matt is able to enhance his followers’ engagement and attract potential customer. His unique approach and effective communication skill have made him a rockstar of a real estate agent.


#5: Alicia Duarte

Alicia Duarte’s followers often say “if you’re looking for a real estate agent, she’s highly recommended”, and it’s true! Alicia puts her heart and devotion into her job and you can clearly tell from her five-stars reviews. Look out on her page for lovely home listings!


#4: Ned Laugharn

Ned Laugharn is the type of real estate agent you wish you could work with. He builds nurturing bonds with his clients based on tremendous integrity, and he is excellent at keeping his customers informed throughout the process. He sees his clients’ satisfactions as a measure of his success, and his values are reflected in his customers’ feedbacks. Ned’s key traits include his effective communication skill, productive teamwork and remarkable efficiency. Way to go, Ned!


#3: Orlando Brittian

From the number of followers on his twitter page, you can tell that Orlando Brittian is known to be an extraordinary real estate agent for sure! He is amazing at keeping his social pages updated and his website is really informative as well. On his website, you can find helpful information regarding real estate: open house events, property price estimation, seller advice and much more! His outstanding tactics brought him a phenomenal presence on social media.


#2: Sandy Jamison

Sandy Jamison does some really impressive work and there’s a reason for that, she always strives for the most desirable prices and leaves her clients satisfied. As a skillful negotiator, experienced demeanor and digital marketing expert, she brought home numerous awards and she definitely knows how to bring values to your life when it comes to real estate deals too. Contact Sandy today and get your dream property!


#1: Marcel Cafferata

With over 5k followers on Facebook, Marcel Cafferata has a great social media presence. He gets along genuinely well with his clients and is always prepared to provide them with the finest service. He never forgets to update his Facebook page and engage with his followers, no wonder he has such a large following! His reviews are also proofs for his excellent work, browse through his pages and see for yourself!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 15 San Jose Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018!

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