Top 15 San Jose Real Estate Agents On Social Media

Top 15 San Jose Real Estate Agents On Social Media


These San Jose real estate agents find their edge in the industry from increasing their presence on numerous social media channels.

We have done research on hundreds of San Jose real estate agents’ social media channels and went through a certain process to select the top realtors. We began our research by finding San Jose realtors through a number of mediums and then looked at objective data regarding the San Jose realtors’ social media presence across different social media platforms. We then made sure that the San Jose real estate agents that have made it to this final list have great social media presence based on some subjective variables.

We now present to you the Top 15 San Jose Real Estate Agents On Social Media. Enjoy!


#15: Keith Walker

Voted as a top real estate agent continuously year after year, Keith Walker has a loyal clientele and incredible feedback from all of them. His Facebook page has photos of all his projects that represent his values, which are consistency and integrity. His posts include his listings combined with a lot of tips for first-time homeowners and sellers. He is really one agent to look out for!


#14: Jackie Walker & Kelly Goni

Jackie Walker & Kelly Goni form the soul of Walker Team Real Estate who offer their clients a smooth experience of either buying or selling their homes. Their Facebook page gives a glimpse of the beautiful and aesthetic water-facing, heritage houses that they are associated with. Their Twitter page is filled with almost instant responses that connects their clients wherever they are.


#13: Erik Mitlo

Erik Milto is part of The Milto Group, and focuses on providing a positive experience for his clients. Some of his strengths include superior customer representation, sales negotiation, a good understanding of the San Jose real estate market and much more! If you want great real estate content, be sure to follow Erik on his social media accounts.


#12: Monica Pham

Monica Pham has an awesome social media presence and knows how to engage her followers on her Facebook page. She provides new listings, “sold” properties, new offers, and other content to keep her fans updated with the real estate industry.


#11: Lawerence Monterrosa

The best help you can give your clients is accurate information and Lawerence Monterrosa does just that. Whether it is buying a new home or selling of your home, Monterrosa Real Estate Team is the one to contact. His Twitter page has received awesome reviews and his Facebook page has intriguing content. Follow him to not miss out on any of his awesome social media content.


#10: Dina Bonafede

As a part of Bonafede Realtors, Dina Bonafede is a multi-talented real estate agent who balances her business and her clients with flawless ease and is a pleasure to work with. With a consistent 5-star feedback, her clients admire her for her honesty. This quality has gotten her enough support through her Facebook page and has made her one of the stronger personalities in the industry!


#9: Nathan Galloway

As one of San Jose’s elite, Nathan Galloway is one of the few agents who has gone a long way in a relatively short period of time. His attributes include his negotiating skills, client satisfaction and use of technology. His unique approach and effective communication skills along with social media listings has made him one of San Jose’s elite.


#8: Mark Von Kaenel

Mark Von Kaenel believes that “real estate is more than just a business, it’s about helping people realize their dreams”, and we couldn’t agree more! His social media includes open house information, listings, “sold” properties and more. Visit his Facebook page once and you won’t be able to leave without liking it!


#7: David MJ Herrera

As the founder of DMJ Home Solutions, David MJ Herrera envisions a corporate realty empire throughout the Bay Area, by extending to the East Bay, peninsula and valley. His posts are influential and reflect elegance, tranquility and poise, just the way you prefer your homes to be. For both buying and selling services, don’t forget to check his social pages!


#6: Trung Lam & Evan Huynh

Trung Lam & Evan Huynh are your one-stop shop realtors! Their team ensures that their clients receive the best service possible during the process of buying, selling or remodelling a property. Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page as it includes a number of awesome home interiors and videos for you.


#5: Paige & Lana Nguyen

Bay Area is one of the areas where the demand for real estate is huge and therefore the competition is high. Paige & Lana Nguyen’s social media pages are always updated, where the concerns of their clients are addressed at the earliest. Communication and networking are the talent that determines your place in the market and the ‘Wynn’ team makes the most of it!


#4: Lynne Tran

Lynne Tran provides a complete package of services by dealing with both residential and commercial properties. Do browse her social media pages for more information on property listings. Her followers absolutely recommend her along with giving her 5-star ratings!


#3: Arpad Racz

Arpad Racz is associated with Atlas Realty who helps find and sell you homes in the Santa Clara community, Bay Area and Silicon Valley mainly. He even provides consultation services through referrals. This brilliant strategy allows him to focus more on his clients and build a great image through a strong social media presence.


#2: Michael Ramos

As the head of Mike Ramos Realty, he takes the lead and delivers. His property listings get rave reviews and immense response. Mike’s social media strategies work immensely well and we can clearly see that from the 15K followers he has on Instagram. Want to have a look at beautiful homes? Then follow him!


#1: Holly Barr

With over 83K followers, Holly Barr is one of the highest followed realtors on Facebook in San Jose. She is associated with Willow Glen Charm. Her great sense of community and business can be found on her Facebook page that proves her deserving of each and every one of her 83K fans.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 15 San Jose Real Estate Agents On Social Media!

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