Top 15 Portland Real Estate Agents On Social Media

Top 15 Portland Real Estate Agents On Social Media


These Portland real estate agents are doing an amazing job on social media in the real estate market of the city.

In order to select the top Portland real estate agents on social media, we went through a certain process. First, we began by finding Portland real estate agents through different mediums. Then, we looked at objective data regarding the Portland realtors’ social media presence across a number of social media channels. Finally, we made sure that the Portland real estate agents who have made it to the final 15 have great social media presence based on subjective variables.

Now, we present to you the Top 15 Portland Real Estate Agents On Social Media. Enjoy!


#15: Cyndi & Jeanne Johnston

Cyndi and Jeanne Johnston believe that everyone deserves a home in order to improve their financial stability and with over twenty years of selling residential properties, they have really achieved their vision. Their Facebook page is proof of both of their achievements that number over 650 home sales. According to them, your home is not just real estate but your life and dreams!


#14: Pete Pavenick

Pete Pavenick’s negotiation skills and strategic approaches are the talk of the town. He specializes in home listings in and around Lake Oswego. He is a licensed broker legally practicing in both California and Oregon. He has built up his reputation by being a trendsetter and managing through social media postings.


#13: Tailor Johnson

As a native Oregonian, Tailor Johnson’s homes couldn’t get more scenic than scenic Portland itself. Her commitment and dedication to provide the best home buying/selling experience are the best attributes one can find in a realtor. Her home listings can be found on her social media pages along with all her community activities.


#12: Dill Ward

Dill Ward and Dill Ward Group of Portland Realtors have developed a unique branded process called “Inspired Housing Conversation” that most traditional realtors don’t offer. Her holistic approach to home listings ensures that the buyer not only buys a house but a home to house their family in. When selling, they make sure that the seller gets maximum profits with minimal effort. Combine the above traits with digital marketing; Dill Ward Group is a complete package!


#11: Kelly Harness

Kelly Harness’ vision is to artfully unite people with their dream homes and create extraordinary joys of living life. The client always comes first and Kelly believes that success is always measured by customer satisfaction and not through awards or achievements. Do you need any more reasons to follow her on Facebook?


#10: Dar Rodgers & Darcie Vanderzanden

As the founders of Darcie Real estate Group, Dar Rodgers and Darcie Vanderzanden have impressive records of house listings to their names. The rave reviews their clients have left for them leaves no doubt of their capability as realtors. Tune-in to their Instagram updates to take a look at the 5-star houses that they have on offer!


#9: Charles & Jenny Turner

Charles and Jenny are the heart and soul of The Turner Team Inc. and are very different in their approaches. Charles is the author of 1000+ blogs on a Portland real estate website and is also the co-founder of Turner Team. Jenny works closely with the rest of the team to finish the real estate deals and provides an all-round positive realty experience to all her customers. Jenny is often applauded for her focused and sensitive way of handling listings and showings. Check them out on their social media pages to know more about them!


#8: Leanne Ishibashi

Honesty and dedication are true marks of a reliable realtor and Leanne Ishibashi is just that. Real estate is a fine art and this realtor is truly passionate about what she does. Depending upon the requirements of her client, she devises the buy, sell or investment plans and provides maximum benefits for her clients. Her Instagram page wows you and proves her to be a master marketing strategist!


#7: Alyssa Starelli

Alyssa Starelli at Mid-Century Real Estate has a unique area of specialization. She is an art lover who has exclusive access to vintage and period houses around Portland. Her listings are known for their aesthetic interior details and are tastefully done on the exterior as well. Also have a look at the palace themes dwellings on her Facebook page with brilliant feedback from her clients!


#6: Tiffany Shleifer

Proud to be affiliated with Burgess Elliot Real Estate, Tiffany Shleifer is a self-made talented realtor with an eye for all the beautiful things in life. Her online social presence has a very subtle marketing technique that attracts potential investors/buyers nevertheless. Her noticeable optimism gets her through even the toughest of deals with relative ease. Check out her extraordinary reviews from her clients!


#5: Jaimy & Sherine Beltran

Jaimy & Sherine Beltran make an ideal team of two hardworking professionals who help you buy and sell real estate. Sherine’s marketing skills and Jaimy’s negotiation skills make this team extremely talented, no wonder they have won a number of top realtor awards. Visit their social media platforms to only be impressed!


#4: Jordan Matin

As the founder of Matin Real Estate Group, Jordan Matin is a much focused agent with an eye for detail. He has a very precise approach to handling clients by first isolating the needs of the client first. All his clients find him an honest realtor who operates with integrity and passion. His home listings on his Facebook page leaves no place for questions since all details are visible along with each listing. You definitely can’t miss him!


#3: Sara Kelly

While looking out for real estate services it always helps to employ the person who can provide you with all the information regarding the properties that you want to buy/sell and Sara Kelly does just that. She is an intelligent professional who can speak and work on your behalf to provide you the best realty services. Her Instagram pictures are truly a depiction of her love for Portland and its properties!


#2: Jason & Amber Gardner

Jason and Amber Gardner are top producers with Hasson Company Realtors, where they have excellent market knowledge and negotiation skills. They make sure to ease the process of buying or selling homes by for clients by adding their listings to their Facebook page, along with their agent profile and links to their social media pages. Awesome!


#1: Heather & Claire Paris

Paris Group Realty is a-dream-come true for its founders Heather and Claire Paris. Consistently rated among the top 1% in Portland for three years now, Paris Realty Group truly believes in homeownership bringing about a sense of freedom. Listings of new houses on the market are advertised in an aesthetic manner that could generate an immediate and quicker response. Are you following them yet?

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 15 Portland Real Estate Agents On Social Media!

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