Top 15 Denver Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018

Top 15 Denver Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018


These Denver real estate agents are controlling the city’s real estate market after discovering the power of using social media platforms.

We’ve researched hundreds of Denver real estate agents’ social media channels and went through a certain process to select the top real estate agents. First, we began by finding Denver real estate agents through different mediums. Then, we looked at objective data regarding the Denver real estate agents’ social media presence across a number of social media channels. Finally, we made sure that the Denver agent who have made it to the final 15 have great social media presence based on subjective variables.

That being said, we present to you the Top 15 Denver Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018!


#15: Forrest Johnson

Looking for that house to call home? Let Forrest Johnson of Madison & Company Properties help you find that special place. Whether it’s a ranch-style house, a bungalow or any other property type – Forrest is sure to have a listing that will suit your needs. Don’t wait a minute more – check out Forrest’s listings on Facebook and Twitter, you may find yourself in your dream home sooner than you realize.


#14: Sandy Varney

Don’t feel overwhelmed when it comes to finding that perfect house – let Sandy Varney of Realty ONE Group help you find your dream home in Denver. While some agents see buying and selling as a business transaction, Sandy understands this is a life-changing investment in your future. Whether you are looking at updating from a condo or finding a home for your growing family – let Sandy help you through the real estate experience.


#13: Kristin Kleimann

Looking for an agent who will help you navigate the complex market of Denver? Why not go with an agent like Kristin Kleimann of Colorado Real Estate. Kristin works with clients to help them understand the processes involved with buying a home but more importantly, she’s ready to help you find that perfect Denver home. Whether it’s a luxury house you are looking for, or a home with a spacious backyard, no matter your needs – Kristin is ready to help. Check out some of Kristin’s listings and tips on the Denver market via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You may find your next purchase in a hashtag just for you!


#12: Heidi Wendling

In the market for an agent who will have the perfect winning game plan when it comes to buying a home? Look no further than Heidi Wendling. With high standards, Heidi strives to ensure you find your dream home in no time but more importantly what can be a lengthy process isn’t. Whether it’s your first home, or an upgrade, check out Heidi on Facebook. Who knows, you may find your next home with Heidi.


#11: Drew Morris

Be a step closer to your dream home with Drew Morris. With listings throughout the Greater Denver area, Drew is sure to have the perfect listing to help you find that dream home. The process can be a lengthy one and one that can be stressful, it’s for this reason Drew strives to do what he can to help make peoples lives better. Take a step with Drew into the Denver market by checking him out on Facebook and Twitter.


#10: Shana Stokes

Looking to build your dream home from the ground up? Let Shana Stokes help you find the perfect piece of land to accomplish this. With over 15 years in the real estate market, Shana offers both a sellers’ and buyers’ market, which means no matter what you are on the hunt for she is ready to help you from start to finish. Let Shana be your agent for life, check her out on Facebook or Youtube on helpful market tips and listings.


#9: Megan Douglas

Looking for an agent who will help you breathe in a breath of fresh air into your home life? Megan Douglas is your go-to Denver agent. With over 10 years of realty experience, Megan understands that this is a life changing decision. Whether it’s a bungalow, condo or an upgrade to your existing family home, Megan knows the ins and out of Denver’s real estate market. For all of her refreshing listings, check Megan out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you’re sure to find your breath taken away with one of her listings.


#8: Sara Young

Looking to get into the Denver market? Why not go with KW real estate agent, Sara Young. No matter your budget, she is sure to find you the perfect home. Unsure but want some realty advice? Don’t worry, Sara offers services in consulting as well. For more on Sara and her listings, check her out on Facebook and Twitter.


#7: Ryan Belinak

Looking to upgrade from a bachelor apartment to a luxurious spacious condo? Loft or maybe townhouse? Ryan Belinak has over 13 years of real estate experience and is ready to help you upgrade your life and your home. Whether you are looking for space or looking for privacy, Ryan has a listing that is sure to meet your needs. Don’t wait a minute more, check Ryan out online via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – who knows, he may be showcasing your dream home right now.


#6: Rickilee Pollock

In the business of putting families in to homes since 2003, Rickilee Pollock of Equity Colorado Real Estate is ready to help you find your picket fence perfect home. Using the latest in innovative real estate technology, Rickilee and team are ready to assist the homebuyers of Denver. Want to see what the Denver market looks like? Why not check out all the listings of Rickilee and Equity on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Who knows if your next home has been snapped to perfection.


#5: Christopher Gibson

This Denver one-stop shop real estate agent, Christopher Gibson can assist you through the process of selling and buying a home – pressure free. With Christopher, rest assured that he will guide you through the process and ensure you make a decision that is comfortable for you and within your means. Want Christopher to help you out? Why not check him out on Facebook and Twitter today!


#4: Kevin Jochem

In the market for a new home? Let Denver native, Kevin Jochem help you find your next home. Familiar with the Denver neighbourhoods, Kevin is ready to assist you in making sure you find the perfect community for you and your family. For all his listings or to see how Kevin can help you, check him out on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Who knows, your new home may be a tweet away!


#3: Yolanda Varela

Don’t be overwhelmed or intimidated by entering the housing market – Yolanda is here to help! Whether it’s a condo you are looking for, or an upgrade to your present home, Yolanda can guide you through the process and provide you with the guidance and expertise when it comes to the Denver market. Interested in seeing what Denver has to offer? Why not check out Yolanda online – who knows, she just may have the key to your next dream home.


#2: Chelsea Blankenship

Why complicate a lifetime experience of finding the perfect house? With Chelsea Blankenship, the process of getting the keys to your dream home is as easy as 1,2,3. Whether it is a single-family home or an attached condo unit, Chelsea has the ins and outs of the Denver housing market. Thanks to all her real estate knowledge you can be in the know as well by following her on Facebook and on her website.


#1: Olivia Merrill

New to Denver? Looking to purchase that luxury dream home? Look no further than Kentwood Real Estate’s own Olivia Merrill who has many of Denver’s luxurious homes listed. The process of finding a home can be stressful and it is one that requires trust and transparency, which is why many of Olivia’s clients jump at the opportunity to refer her to you! For more on the luxurious listings by Olivia, check her out on Facebook.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 15 Denver Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018!

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