These real estate agents are reaching thousands of people by leveraging multiple social media channels.

We’ve researched hundreds of real estate agents’ social media channels and went through a certain process to select the best. We began with finding real estate agents through different mediums and then looked at objective data regarding the real estate agents’ social media presence across various social media channels. Lastly, we made sure that all the real estate agents who made it to the final list have great social media presence based on subjective variables.

With that said, we present to you the Top 100 Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018!



#100: Kerry D. Alexander

Kerry D. Alexander is part of Core Values Realty Associates. He is an experienced broker and makes sure that his clients are treated the right way. He has a very well-managed and good looking Facebook page where you will be able to find a lot of his offers with more additional information about it.


#99: Ryan Van Roy

Ryan Van Roy works at Nebraska Realty, where they are committed to giving you exactly what you wish for. Visit Ryan’s Facebook page as you are sure to find people buying their very first homes, or may even run across various events where you can attend an open house!


#98: Daniela Morey

Daniela Morey stays dedicated to her clients and never settles for anything less than their dream home. If you want to know more about real estate in Cleveland, you better check out her social media pages. She makes sure to include anything that highlights Cleveland and also posts beautiful videos of her listings.


#97: Heather & Alan Durham

Heather and Alan Durham head the Front Porch properties associated with Keller Williams Realty. Tune in to their Facebook page to take a peek at their home listings where houses exude warmth and a sense of personal space!


#96: Kasandra Myers

Kasandra Myers is a proud native of Lincoln and an active member of her community. Her listings include one of a kind, lavish and luxurious homes designed and built for a unique experience and comfort. Take a look at her Facebook page for fresh updates on her current listings!


#95: John Tsai

John Tsai of Rennie & Associates Realty is a hard worker whose passion for real estate is the reason behind what he is now. Whether it is a high rise apartment or independent houses, you can find houses of all ranges in his listings. After browsing through his Facebook page you will surely be tempted to buy or invest in his properties whether you are a resident of Vancouver or not!


#94: Bri Buser

Bri Buser is really unique in her approach to her clients. For home sellers, her team of experts handle the design and staging work of the houses combined with professional photos to virtual tours using drones. Buyers can be thrilled with the fact that they need not worry about their listings as Bri is capable of bagging ‘perfect-fit’ homes for you!


#93: Joe Brooks

Joe Brooks is a consistent real estate agent who has had numerous transactions to his name and takes pride in the fact that his service is extremely personalized. Stay on top of his Instagram updates to capture a place in his home listings!


#92: Heather Herr

This former collegiate athlete turned real estate agent is passionate about urban living in Cincinnati. You’ll find lots of high-end homes and modern, upscale condos on Heather Herr’s Facebook page. Heather will make you want to live the big city life!


#91: Chen Liang

Chen Liang from The Liang Group specializes in helping you find the place of your dreams with his expertise. Chen is always posting useful tips to help sell your home and beautiful listings that you shouldn’t miss out on! So make sure to make use of the helpful information on his Facebook page and check out his awesome listings!


#90: Vince & Lisa Archibeque

Vince and Lisa Archibeque are partners and certified real estate mentors. They’ve completely grasped social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to implement creative marketing systems to help their clients sell their homes and to keep them updated about trending deals. Check out Vince and Lisa on their social media pages!


#89: Lawerence Monterrosa

The best help you can give your clients is accurate information and Lawerence Monterrosa does just that. Whether it is buying a new home or selling of your home, Monterrosa Real Estate Team is the one to contact. His Twitter page has received awesome reviews and his Facebook page has intriguing content.


#88: Ron & Anna Bisher

This husband and wife team specializes in selling homes in Cincinnati’s west side neighborhoods. You can find these amazing homes on their Facebook page. Ron and Anna Bisher have the technical and legal expertise to make buying your next home a breeze!


#87: Chris Duke

Chris Duke’s energetic and easy-going style makes him one of Indianapolis’s top realtors. You can tell by looking at his Facebook posts that he has a love for the city and a passion for selling real estate.


#86: Tyler Ford

Whether you are looking to invest, buy or sell in Sunny Tucson, Tyler Ford is the best choice as an agent. He is an investor and a top producing mortgage originator. Tyler’s Facebook and Instagram pages are worth visiting as he not only provides valuable real estate content but also posts photos of beautiful nature in Tucson!


#85: Anthony Donnelly

Anthony Donnelly is associated with Blue Panda Realty and is the lead sales representative of Donnelly Team. He has one of the most sophisticated websites that includes his home listings, buying & selling tips and blogs. Apart from this, his Facebook presence woos his clients too!


#84: Dani Steece

Dani Steece knows how to keep her audience engaged on social media! She posts “just listed” and “sold” property information, real estate tips and tricks videos and much more! With a 4.8/5 rating on Facebook, Dani is definitely a real estate agent worth checking out on social media!


#83: Johnathon Brunner

Looking out for spacious, palace-like homes in Columbus? Look no further than Johnathon Brunner of Brunner Realty. This team’s arty, semi-classical, modern houses will totally woo you and you just might fall victim to this temptation. Be sure to take a look at his social media videos and photos!


#82: James Robert Lendman

James Robert Lendman believes in turning dreams into reality, which is probably why he posts so many “dreamy” photos of homes on his Facebook page! He also believes in hard work and achieving goals. Head over to his Twitter and Instagram pages for encouragement and motivational posts.


#81: Shannon Murray

As the founding partner of The Murray Morris Group, Shannon Murray is highly recommended by her clients! She is a professional with preserving, accessible and great positive attitude providing creative, trustworthy and dependable services for home buyers and sellers. Look out for her social media pages to stay updated with the real estate market.


#80: DJ Jones & Tony Hamby

DJ Jones and Tony Hamby are here to find you your dream home! We love reading their fun, fresh posts on their social media pages and enjoy watching their videos on Facebook!


#79: Kari Ayala

Kari Ayala is a world-traveler who is passionate about education, community, and real estate. Her Facebook and Twitter feeds are full of helpful articles and interesting information about the city, home ownership, and more. And of course, you can find her current home listings there as well.


#78: Greg Watson

Greg Watson of Signature Real Estate believes in a technology driven, focused digital advertising for providing his services. He prefers the consultative method through various online assets before embarking on the real process. Find his updated tweets along with current listings of houses of amazing value.


#77: Eddie Suarez

Eddie Suarez is proud to be affiliated with Sotheby’s International Realty. Him and his real estate firm will be happy to help you with any real estate concerns. With a huge fan base on Twitter and on Facebook, Eddie knows how to have a great social media presence!


#76: Nicole Frantz

Nicole Frantz is a successful real estate agent who works near by Cleveland. Nicole is highly appreciated by her clients and has received plenty of positive feedback on her professionalism and efficiency. You should check out her website to be able to read some educational blogs related to real estate!


#75: Jeff Blubaugh

Jeff Blubaugh from Jeff Blubaugh Real Estate, is determined when it comes to helping you sell your home. Jeff has over 10 years of experience as a real estate investor and agent, and a Masters in Business Management along with various certifications, making him a credible and certified agent. Check out his social media pages to find more information about him.


#74: Yuri Gomez

Yuri Gomez is someone who doesn’t only help you find the perfect home; he creates them for you as he and his team are amazing Real Estate Developers! If you are looking for opportunities to visit some wonderful homes, be sure to stop by his Facebook page!


#73: Heidi Harris

Heidi Harris and her team are buying and selling experts! They are one of the top real estate companies in the Carolinas. There’s no doubt in that since their Facebook feed engages their followers with real estate content and updates of their fun daily activities!


#72: Lamont Ellebb

You know how champagne tastes slightly sweet and dry? Well, Lamon Ellebb is just like that when it comes to realty as he is dry and short to the point but also sweet in helping you find the perfect deal. Lamont is always posting pictures of himself on Facebook and is ready for anyone needing help with their home dreams.


#71: Wes Stoyanov

Wes Stoyanov is a professional with high expertise and serious working standards. You can take a look at his well maintained professional Facebook page to find all the additional information you may need for each one of his deals.


#70: Victoria Sandoval

We love a real estate agent with such a motto: “Buy with Confidence and Sell with the Best”. Victoria Sandoval was born and raised in San Diego and has all the knowledge one needs of the city’s real estate market. She’s a real estate agent that delivers, and you can easily see that on her social media pages!


#69: Barak Sky

Barak Sky’s social advertising and marketing strategies are based on end-to-end client satisfaction. He and his team go out of their way to ensure that their services meet client requirements. His commitment and dedication has earned him awards for high sales volume, innovation and community service. Fascinated? Channel in to his Facebook page then!


#68: Metro DC Houses

Based in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia, Metro DC Houses has an established reputation for their professionalism. As fully licensed real estate agent, they take up the responsibilities of taking actions for their clients’ interests and seal satisfactory deals with quicker response rates. Check out their social media pages to stay updated with this incredible team!


#67: Shandi White

Shandi White is one of the top real estate agents on social media in Birmingham! She is very professional, down to earth, and always tries to meet the needs, requests, and requirements of her clients. She has thousands on followers on social media and we are not at all surprised! Well done Shandi!


#66: Johnna Easter

Johnna Easter is a Grand Duchess of real estate and an avid marketer of home listings. Her firm provides home stagings, photography, home inspections, mortgage advice and preferred lending options. Her killer home listings on her social media channels include semi-urban, detached and independent homes that make your heart skip a beat. Now that’s impressive!


#65: Karen Johnson

Karen Johnson is a well-known and experienced real estate professional in Fresno. She has a powerful Facebook page with more than 2,000 followers as well as a serious amount of daily interactions.


#64: John O’Hagan

First of all, John O’Hagan is a very cool guy. His profile pics and logo say it all. John is also amazing at social media. His videos rack up thousands of views and tons of engagement from his loyal followers. He is literally taking over the social media scene in real estate one awesome post at a time.


#63: Kara Kay

As a long-timer in this industry, Kara Kay is a classy real estate agent who sets the bar high up. Her media presence proves her as an incredible professional. She is passionate about her work and ends up providing more than what is expected. Do not miss out on all those photos of classy homes on her social media pages!


#62: Chris Tioseco

Chris Tioseco’s Facebook feed has it all: beautiful and detailed property listings, blogs on Vancouver real estate, sold properties and more! His passion, hard work and honesty explain why he is so successful at what he does. We are not surprised why Chris is in the top 10% of real estate agents in Vancouver.


#61: Derek Tye

Derek Tye is the president of The Tye Group, a team with Keller Williams Realty. Derek and his team’s goal is to provide excellent service to their clients and business partners. To stay updated with The Tye Group and everything they’re upto, check out their Facebook page, which consists of beautiful listings and team updates.


#60: Amy Owens

Amy Owens is an exceptional real estate agent and has been recognized for closing over 400 transactions, totalling nearly $200 million in sales. If you want to check something unique, just check out her social media pages including Facebook and Instagram!


#59: Tamara Strait

Tamara Strait is a real estate agent with a lot of experience. She is currently heading Strait Luxury and she is known for providing her clients with high-end properties of high value. You can take a look at her Facebook page where she already has more than 2,000 followers.


#58: Shelly Ragan

At Omaha Real Estate, Shelly Ragan is one dedicated real estate agent. Finding your dream home is her top priority no matter how hard it is for you or how hard it may be for her. Make sure to stop by her Facebook as she is always posting blog posts that will help you in the moving process.


#57: Meriellen Cole Arenz & Stephanie Cole Patterson

Whether you want to buy or sell a property in the Atlanta area, Meriellen Cole Arenz & Stephanie Cole Patterson are the perfect guardian angel real estate agents who are committed to providing you with the smoothest real estate industry experience possible. Visit their Facebook page to get a closer glance at all their listings!


#56: Tianne Phan

Tianne Phan is an expert in various cities and neighborhoods in the Irvine area. She not only knows how to buy and sell homes, but she is great at helping sellers decorate and stage their homes in ways that make buyers want to own them! You can see examples of her home staging skills on her Facebook photo pages.


#55: Adriana Ortiz

Looking for a home? Have you been going to open houses? Love listings? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you have to like Adriana Ortiz’s Facebook page! Why? Well, it’s simple. Her “open house alerts” and photo galleries of recent listings are awesome.


#54: Vincent Hampton

Vincent Hampton and his team are eager to assist in finding your dream home and love the impact they have had in their clients’ lives. Vincent has spent years building a platform that averages over 10,000 viewers a week and that has been integral in building his real estate career at a young age. On Facebook, he loves marketing his clients’ beautiful properties and congratulating them on their sales and purchases! Check out his award winning Facebook now!


#53: Holly Michael

Holly Michael and her team believe that an informed buyer is a happy buyer. We love the variety of posts she puts on Facebook and Twitter. From market information to decorating tips to home listings, you will find it all there. So what are you waiting for? Check out Holly’s social media pages!


#52: Sara Kelly

Sara Kelly is an intelligent professional who can speak and work on your behalf to provide you the best realty services. Her Instagram pictures are truly a depiction of her love for Portland and its properties.


#51: Sam Lepore

New Jersey real estate agent Sam Lepore is dominating social media with his large amount of followers and consistent activity. On his Facebook page, he makes sure to tune all his followers in by posting and sharing content regularly and engaging them by holding contests and more.


#50: Salvatore Orfeo

With over 20 years of experience, Salvatore Ofero is a passionate real estate agent with a talent for negotiation. He even speaks three languages! Check out his Facebook and Instagram for his current listings, as well as photos of fun events from throughout Montreal.


#49: Courtney McDonald

Courtney McDonald has over a decade of experience in real estate. Throughout her career she’s amassed a huge following on social media. Check out her Facebook page! Her experience and dedication to social media is a testament to her hard work.


#48: Daniella Aitken

For Daniella Aitken and her team, every deal is a big deal! Their Facebook feed consists of new listings, open house updates and funny images for their followers. They’re constantly posting about new real estate in Toronto on social media and when it comes to property in the city, they know almost all about it!


#47: Frank & Laurie Helderle

Frank and Laurie Helderle don’t just post the usual home listings on their social media. Their Twitter feed is full of useful information about the real estate market, business information, and home improvement tips. They take a personal approach on Instagram, posting funny, heartfelt, and motivational pictures and memes.


#46: Lucy Feicht

Lucy Feicht considers herself St. Louis’s biggest fan! She loves the city, and she loves helping her clients find great properties in the area. And we love the stylish, modern designs she shows on her Facebook and Instagram pages.


#45: Sarah Desamours

With loads of 5 star ratings on Facebook and thousands of fans on social media, Sarah Desamours proves her fantastic social media skills as a real estate agent. She is an award winning real estate agent at the prestigious brokerage, Compass in the Miami area. She has also been featured in the “Top 20 Miami Real Estate Agents On Social Media in 2018” by PropertySpark! Visit her social media pages to be impressed!


#44: Ara Margos

Ara Margos is a successful and diligent real estate agent in the GTA in Toronto. He’s known for breaking the record for RE/MAX Realty and being the 48th ranked real estate agent for RE/MAX WorldWide in 2011. Ara always makes sure to go the extra mile to make sure that everything is perfect and that nothing is overlooked with his clients.


#43: Carina Sawaya

A real estate agent and a foodie, that’s the perfect mix we’re talking about. Carina Sawaya has a following of over 3,500 on Facebook. She keeps her fans informed with awesome real estate and food pictures!


#42: Kathy Schmidt

Kathy Schmidt believes that real estate deals require a certain art. What really sets Kathy apart is her knowledge of the localities and the local landscapes. She values authenticity, mutual respect and trust over competitiveness and her followers admire her for the way she conducts business by collaborating and through online marketing.


#41: Amy Youngren

If a place you love wins an award, you know that in the end they won it from how amazing they are which is the case with North Group Real Estate as they became the finalist for the 2018 Inman Innovator Awards. Filled with open houses, new listings, and closings, their Facebook page is the place to go to!


#40: Kameela Wardsworth

Kameela Wardsworth has racked up over 6,000 followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Her social media feeds are full of fun, relevant posts that show followers who she is and what she is passionate about. That’s a real estate agent you shouldn’t miss out on!


#39: James Silver

Stylish modern homes are on display on James Silver’s website and Facebook. James uses most forms of social media, including Facebook and Twitter. With thousands of followers on social media, we would say James definitely knows what he is doing!


#38: Ryan Rust

Ryan has received nothing but the most positive reviews from his clients which can be viewed on his website and Facebook page. He is consistently active on social media and regularly posts various listings in the area. Check out his social media pages now!


#37: Madison Rose

Madison Rose is a young real estate broker who has decided to place emphasis on residential properties. Her property listings are attractive, adorable and definitely affordable in terms of pricing and location. Madison also has a serious following on social media which allows her to further expose her properties and listings.


#36: Rexalynn Walberg

Rexalynn Walberg is a top real estate agent and a house flipping expert who has been featured on A&E’s “Flipping Vegas.” You can find before and after pictures of updated homes on her Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as fun photos of Rexalynn and her family and friends.


#35: Mike Bottaro

Mike Bottaro has reached over 7,000 followers in total on his social media pages. He shares amazing pictures of homes, closed deals, new listings and more! So, are you following him yet?


#34: Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith prides herself on emerging as an industry leader and innovator by implementing cutting edge marketing strategies to propel her business forward. Ashley and her team uses online media to creatively advertise their home listings and helps their clients to realize their dreams in a swift and smooth manner.


#33: Rafael Murillo

Rafael Murillo is an achiever! He is an expert in buying, selling and renting properties and has 5 star reviews for his awesome work. There’s no doubt he has thousands of followers on social media, as all his photos of luxurious Chicago real estate are mesmerizing.


#32: Emily Barry

When it comes to realty, Emily Barry is the person who can make the home buying process really sweet and awesome as she has the expertise to make your dreams come true! You may just want to follow her on Facebook as she is always posting contests and giveaways!


#31: Nicole Darin

Nicole Darin has a very acute eye for picking out the very perfect home no matter how hard the needle is buried in the haystack. If you love cute dogs, her Facebook page is the place to be as she is always posting about her lovable dog…and of course about real estate!


#30: Geoff and Regan

Geoff and Regan Archambault are one of the top real estate teams in Winnipeg. They provide great customer service to their clients and love to give back to the community. You will find fun and helpful articles on their Twitter feed, and beautiful high-quality photos of life in Winnipeg on their Instagram feed.


#29: Deborah Bernat

Deborah is a well-experienced real estate agent with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. She has an astounding social media following and shares all the content you can ask for, including blogs, listings, “sold” properties and more!


#28: Anna Tran

Anna Tran can help you find a home from a-z. Meaning that no matter your price or taste, Anna knows where and how to find just the right home for you! Give her a follow on Facebook and you are sure to find her always posting new home listing so be sure to stop by for a look and maybe give her a like!


#27: Mike Sherrard

Mike Sherrard, also known as the Purple Realtor is killing it on social media. Mike has over 10,000 followers on social media and we are not surprised at all! His passion for real estate is clear as his clients admire his professionalism. Follow him on social media to not miss out on anything!


#26: Chris & Stephanie Somers

Chris and Stephanie Somers are a dream team! There’s no doubt that they are social media stars, with more than 10,000 followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter combined. You will find upcoming events, “just listed” properties and a touch of their personal lives!


#25: Nicholas Messina

Over 10k social media followers and climbing! Nicholas Messina has only been in the real estate business for a few years, but he has quickly become a top Montreal agent. Photos and videos of stylish homes and fun Montreal events are all available on his Facebook and Instagram.


#24: Andrew Holenchuk

When you hire someone to do something for you, you want the best of the best which is why you want Andrew Holenchuk from Victoria Property Group as he has over 20+ years of expertise. On Facebook, he is always posting new blog posts that can help you with your home so be sure to check them out!


#23: Talita Pinheiro

Talita Pinheiro specializes in luxury condos and boutique residences in Miami’s Edgewater District. Check out the photos of these stylish, modern residences with sweeping water views on her Facebook page. Talita’s posts will make you want to live the high life, Miami style!


#22: Jamie Tian

Jamie Tian is intelligent, successful, and has achieved and been awarded with being a “30 Under 30” Honoree. If you need some options for a new home, she is always posting new home listings on her Facebook page so be sure to check them out!


#21: Austin James

With long years of experience in the field of residential real estate, Austin James has quite a lot to offer to his clients. Young and aspiring, he’s managing an awesome Facebook page with more than 10k followers from the community in Virginia Beach. Austin definitely has an impressive social media presence. Don’t believe us? Check out his Facebook page right now!


#20: Levi Rodgers

Levi Rodgers is the head of Levi Rodgers Real Estate Group at RE/MAX Military City in San Antonio. With over 17,000 followers on Facebook, Levi has a very well-made Facebook page where he posts about the new real estate deals coming on the market and updates his followers regularly.


#19: Aren Ebrahimi

Aren Ebrahimi specializes in offering investment, real estate sales, renovation and management services to both local and international clients. Want to go visit some homes? Check out his Facebook page and you can! He has an enormous social media following of over 25k!


#18: Joshua M. Baris

Joshua M. Baris is a man of many gifts as he has been awarded with the NJAR® Circle of Excellence Sales Award, the Top 1% Licensed New Jersey Real Estate Agents and many other awards. Be sure to stop by his Instagram page where he is always posting beautiful homes for sale so make sure to give them a like!


#17: Tracy Tutor Maltas

With over 15 years of expertise in the home renting field, Tracy Tutor Maltas is the go to person when it comes to looking for your next home! On Facebook she is a star and is always posting fun content so make sure to check out her social media pages!


#16: Jill Hertzberg & Jill Eber

The Jills can be considered one of the top real estate teams in the state of Florida as they are considered the # 1 team in Florida, as ranked by the Wall Street Journal. On Facebook, they always post new home listings worthy of being in paradise! What are you waiting for? Toss them a like!


#15: Kevin Vaughan

Kevin Vaughan is a luxury real estate agent who sells luxury homes nationwide with motivation and a strong passion for his work. Kevin stays active on his Instagram by posting images continuously and after visiting Kevin’s account you will surely find inspiration through the images of the beautiful homes and amazing interior design!


#14: Holly Barr

With over 83K followers, Holly Barr is one of the highest followed realtors on Facebook in San Jose. She is associated with Willow Glen Charm. Her great sense of community and business can be found on her Facebook page that proves her deserving of each and every one of her 83K fans.


#13: James Harris

With over 25 years of experience in finance and real estate, James Harris is someone you can trust who will help you find the best possible house you can dream of! His wife and children fill up many of his postings on Facebook so be sure to give them a like!


#12: Jenny Delich

Real estate is one of the most stressful jobs out there, but this isn’t the case with Jenny Delich. She happily assists her clients with all their needs and wants. Jenny has an Instagram following of over 58k, which means she’s killing it on social media. Toss her a follow and stay updated with real estate in Kansas City!


#11: David Parnes

Sometimes you need a little bit more sophistication when it comes to homes and David Parnes brings it as he has a bit of an English flair and was born and raised in London, United Kingdom. On Facebook he is always posting wonderful homes you be interested in so make sure you take a look!


#10: Patricia Love

Patricia Love helps match potential buyers with real estate agents nationwide. She is also a motivator and lifestyle writer who has over 150,000 followers on social media! Her posts are fun, helpful, and full of heart. It’s easy to see why her clients love Patricia Love!


#9: Madison Hildebrand

In just ten years, Madison Hildebrand has sold over ½ a billion in homes and has become the leader of one of the top real estate companies in California! On his Instagram, he has almost 90k followers and he is always posting fun selfies of himself!


#8: Sheraz Ali

With an astonishing number of social media followers, it’s easy to see why Sheraz Ali is in the top. Sheraz sells both residential and commercial real estate, and uses Facebook and Twitter to show customers what is available. Photos, videos, articles, quotes, and more – you will find it all on Sheraz’s pages!


#7: Heather Altman

Heather Altman is one of the best real estate agents in Beverly Hills, California where she sells luxury homes in the Hollywood Hills area. She has over 320,000 followers on her social media pages and her Instagram is filled with gorgeous pictures of real estate and her beautiful family!


#6: Katrina Campins

Katrina Campins believes wholeheartedly in making our dreams come true in helping you find just the right home. For daily uplifting encouraging words, make a quick stop by her Facebook page as it is filled with them!


#5: Josh Flagg

When it comes down to homes, Josh Flagg is a man of luxury taste as he has been considered the number one volume agent in Los Angeles in luxury real estate agents since 2015. He is always posting about upcoming open houses on social media, do visit his pages for beautiful real estate in Los Angeles, California.


#4: Mauricio Umansky

Mauricio Umansky is one of the very few real estate agents who have been ranked among the top ten agents in the country for seven consecutive years according to The Wall Street Journal REAL Trends annual list. His family and beautiful homes take the stage front and center in his feed on Instagram!


#3: Josh Altman

If you are a famous celebrity, chances are you may have met Josh Altman as he has sold over $20,000,000 in luxury real estate within the Beverly Hills area in California. He is also posting beautiful homes for sale so if you are looking for a great place to live that is luxurious, stop by his Facebook and Instagram pages!


#2: Ryan Serhant

Ryan Serhant is not only a real estate agent, but he is also a published author who has written a book about how to sell real estate in a way to make more money. He has an astounding number of followers on his Facebook and Instagram page where he is always posting vlogs of him and his wife!


#1: Fredrik Eklund

Fredrik Eklund is a celebrity real estate professional with over 1.7 million followers in total on his social media pages. He not only helps you in finding the right home, but he is also a published author in the New York Times and a reality TV star on the Bravo network! If you adore cute little babies, be sure to stop by his Facebook and Instagram page as he is always posting pictures of his husband and beautiful daughters!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 100 Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018!