Interview with Bianca Scaletta – Real Estate Salesperson


A skilled negotiator and driven realtor who embodies professionalism with a touch of glam.

Kitchener , ON


Rego Realty Inc., Brokerage



What inspired you to start in real estate and how did you motivate yourself to keep going?


My inspiration for a career in real estate began with my family’s business. For generations, my family has been purchasing and managing commercial/residential real estate. My mother is also a realtor, so I have seen firsthand the importance and benefits of owning real estate from a young age. I genuinely like to help people and real estate provided that avenue to express my passion.

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Comparing your business from back then to now, what has been the main thing that allowed you to expand your business?


I entered my career as a very competitive individual, likely stemming from my 4 years as a varsity rower. However, I quickly learned that there are many aspects of real estate that need to be understood in order to expand and there are no short cuts. Being patient, having honest and open dialogues with clients, listening to the details and above all, always taking the high road no matter what. That combined with staying current in terms of social media platforms and emerging trends has also allowed me to expand my business. I like to think I am very approachable, and I try not to take myself too seriously.



What’s the most profitable aspect of your business, why do you think this is and how can others apply this to what they are doing?


I would say the most profitable aspect of my business is pre-construction condo investments. I understand the concept of getting in early and holding real estate for the long term is a tried-and-true way to invest and I have seen it firsthand with colleagues and within my own family. I would encourage others to make a plan and begin to invest in real estate as early in their lives as possible. Ask questions and get answers from someone in real estate that you trust.



When did you realize you were successful/made it and how did you feel/celebrate?


I’m always learning and understand that this business is about the journey not the destination. I guess a point of validation that I am doing the right things occurs when the clients I work with are so willing to refer their friends and family to me – it’s a great feeling when that happens.

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Looking back, what could you have done sooner to get to that point quicker?


I think looking back in my career, I wish I started learning about investing in real estate earlier and even began working toward my real estate license a bit earlier than I did.



What should other real estate entrepreneurs reading this be focusing on to expand their own business?


A key component to building your business as a real estate professional is to build your brand! Your brand is what you want to showcase to your current and potential clients. Make sure it is authentic and represents truly who you are and how you do business.



How has social media and online marketing affected your real estate business? How much more success have you had now after implementing social media and online marketing efforts?


Social media has allowed me to relay my experiences and knowledge of real estate as well as provide a glimpse into who I am and how I work. Real estate is my one true love (apart from my husband haha), and social media has provided an additional avenue to communicate “real time” with clients and followers above and beyond the traditional marketing methods. Social media is here to stay, and I think the younger generation of real estate buyers and investors are online. Having a consistent presence there has helped grow my business.

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How did you become a good leader?


I would say I learned from the best, aka my father. He is a born leader and businessman and has influenced me in terms of who I am today. My mom is also a realtor and her genuinely kind and open approach really inspired me. Also, I think my experience in highly competitive team sports really helped shape and develop my leadership skills. I still have a lot to learn, and I think committing to be a lifelong learner is a key ingredient in developing leadership skills.



Did You Experience Failures? If So, What Did You Learn From Them?


I have experienced several failures so far in my career. I think understanding that using failure as an opportunity to learn has to be a mindset. It’s easy to get frustrated and negative in this business, so accepting that there will be failures and keeping a positive attitude every step of the way is very important. Failure has taught me a lot about myself, so I try to be open minded and learn from every challenge.



What do you consider the main differences between those people who have been successful in your industry and those who have failed?


I think the difference between people who have been successful in my industry and those who have failed is consistency and patience. Real estate is a very competitive and stressful industry. You need to consistently work at the fundamentals of real estate and be patient with yourself. I also think the brokerage you work for is very important. Starting your career with a supportive brokerage will help provide the knowledge and support you need to be successful in the industry.


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