How Real Estate Agents Can Close Deals With a Social CRM?

Top 20 Denton Real Estate Agents On Social Media

  1. Why should real estate agents use socials to close deals faster?
  2. Real estate agents excel at building B2B relationships, but the competition is stiff.

    To stand out from other agents, leveraging social media to engage, nurture, and reach out to your prospects is one of the best strategies you can employ.

    Here’s a fictional example to illustrate the point:

    In the city of Evergreen, Julia Thompson, a determined real estate agent, faced the daunting task of differentiating herself in an overcrowded market. With over 300 agents competing for clients in a city with just 120,000 residents, Julia knew she needed a unique approach to stand out.

    Realizing the potential of social media, Julia decided to leverage this powerful tool. She crafted a plan to engage, nurture, and reach out to prospects, aiming to build robust B2B relationships. Julia started by dedicating 2 hours each day to interact with potential clients on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, sharing insightful market analyses, success stories, and personalized property suggestions.

    Over the course of 6 months, Julia’s efforts began to pay off. Her followers on LinkedIn grew from a modest 150 to an impressive 2,500, with 60% of her posts being shared by local businesses looking to relocate or expand. This exposure led to Julia securing 15 major clients, a 300% increase compared to the previous year. Her strategy of engaging content and consistent interaction not only set her apart from the competition but also established her as a thought leader in the Evergreen real estate market.

    THIS is the power of using socials to grow your activity as a real estate agent.

  3. How to close deals using with a Social CRM
  4. The problem when dealing with many B2B relationships is that you need to stay organized and keep track of your B2B relationships using a sales pipeline software.

    So, before diving into how to close deals using social media, let’s first take a look at how to choose the best CRM with social capabilities.

Step 1: choosing a CRM that integrates with social media

First, should you go for a CRM with LinkedIn integration or not?

There are many social platforms out there: LinkedIn, Twitter (formerly known as X), Instagram, etc., but when it comes to bonding with your prospects, there aren’t actually that many options.

Our recommendation is to start with LinkedIn once you have generated leads by using other platforms to distribute your content and generate leads. Property Spark can be used for this purpose!

Here, since we’re focusing on closing deals, LinkedIn will be our platform of choice. We’ll use Breakcold sales CRM software for that.

For the record, LinkedIn is a great place to facilitate your real estate deals because it’s a professional space where you can engage with your prospects’ posts and congratulate them on their business achievements.

Step 2: pushing your leads inside the CRM

Here, we assume that initial contact has been made with the prospect, but you don’t yet have the mandate to seek a property for them.

To push leads into the CRM, the best way is to use its Chrome extension:

  1. Go to the LinkedIn profile of your prospect.
  2. Click on Breakcold’s Chrome extension “Br Sync ” button.
  3. Select the B2B contact list where you want to push your lead (for this, you can use one of their sales pipeline templates — they have one dedicated to Real Estate).
  4. Click on “Add.”
  5. Then, you can start taking notes on the lead, writing tasks, and more.

The advantage of this technique is that it saves you tons of time by allowing you to rapidly push leads into your CRM system.

You can then focus on what matters most: staying top of mind to close deals faster.

Step 3: stay top of mind to avoid being ghosted

Alright, now let’s explore how to stay top of mind to boost your closing rate.

The process is straightforward.

Every day, dedicate 10 to 30 minutes to check if your prospects have posted anything new on LinkedIn. If they have, engage with it. Here, engaging means liking and commenting on their posts.

If they haven’t posted anything new, feel free to engage with past posts, as long as they’re not over a year old.

After doing that, if it’s relevant, send them a LinkedIn message to keep the conversation going and casually follow up on their property search.

Sounds like a lot of work?

Not really. With the software we’ve selected, you can accomplish this in one place in less than 20 minutes per day.

  1. Click on the B2B contact list you want to focus on (e.g., L.A. CEO startups).
  2. Scroll through your curated LinkedIn feed.
  3. Engage with everything that you see.

You will see that with this technique, you’ll achieve a better conversion rate and fewer prospects will ghost you.


Using LinkedIn is a great way for real estate agents to stand out from the crowd and make deals happen faster. They can utilize a sales CRM with social media capabilities, or if they’re at a real estate consultancy level, they can also opt for a more traditional approach CRM for consultant.

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