Home Buying Checklist: 11 Tips To Make Sure Your New Property Is Perfect


Home Buying Checklist: 11 Tips To Make Sure Your New Property Is Perfect

Buying a new house, whether it is your first-time purchase or you are an experienced homeowner, never goes hassle-free. That is why it is vital to stay up-to-date with current trends & red flags when you decide on such a considerable investment. 

To help homeowners in their search, our team has gathered valuable tips from real estate agents and many house renovation experts, such as Ecoline Windows & Doors, to provide you with the top 15 aspects to check when buying a new house. Keep reading to learn more!

  • Check everything, even the tiniest things

The first impression sells right off the bat. A house seller will try to show off the best parts about the property to make sure you love it and provide the best offer. But try to check not only strengths but weaknesses as well – investigate everything, from little defects in a fresh coat of paint to cracks in the walls that might have been disguised under it. Every tiny detail matters, so be as attentive and precise as possible.

  • House decor, interior & exterior

We all have different tastes regarding the house décor. So, pay attention to colours, cupboards and carpets that might be off your preferences. Go around the house and check the interior and exterior – what renovations have been done, where and when? This step helps to decide how much investment you will need to get the house to the conditions you are comfortable with.

  • Review the windows

Windows are very important. If the house has old drafty units, you will likely have to install new replacement windows to get the needed comfort and savings. Get the answers to the following when checking on current units:

  • Do they operate (open/close) easily? 
  • What is the glazing – single, double or triple? 
  • What are frame conditions?
  • Do they have modern locks and security features?

It would be a positive sign if the current windows were installed 10 years ago or less and equipped with (at least) double glazing and adequate security features such as a multipoint locking system.

  • Front doors

Another vital aspect on the list is the entry doors your house has:

  • What material is used – steel, wood, fibreglass, or aluminum?
  • Is it glass entry doors or solid?
  • Configurations and aesthetics – single/double/doors with sidelights?

All these points impact the durability, security, energy efficiency and look of your front entry. While wood is aesthetically pleasing, steel entry doors are the most secure, and fibreglass units offer the best thermal performance.

  • Inspect the energy efficiency

The house’s energy efficiency is vital if you want comfort within your space throughout the year. Review the indoor temperature to determine how warm or cold the property will be, depending on the season. Windows, doors, walls, attic, and HVAC systems all impact a home’s energy efficiency and will definitely influence your energy bills, making them either skyrocket or remain moderate.

  • Solar panels

Solar panels are usually a significant investment, so getting a house with these units already installed is a perfect option for home buyers seeking a “green” house while wanting to save money. 

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  • Smart security features

Safety comes first for many NA homebuyers. Therefore, a house with installed smart security features will potentially be a better investment (even though the start price will be higher). 

Smart homes let homeowners control their houses using a smartphone or tablet with a pre-installed app. Such features include:

  • email or push notifications when the home alarm is triggered;
  • home appliances remote control;
  • remote control over cameras that monitor your house;
  • smart locks to remotely gain access to the property;

Always ask the seller or your real estate agent about the security system installed since this point is a must for those who seek ultimate security and peace of mind. Of course, you may need to alter your inquiries depending on the type of property you are buying – with apartment complexes, for example, you’ll be looking to determine what access control system is in place, whether there is a camera for the elevator, etc.

  • Bathroom & plumbing

Bathroom renovation is always costly. So make sure to inspect the area thoroughly:

  • Do the taps work smoothly? 
  • How long does it take for hot water to come through?
  • Water pressure in the shower? 
  • Is there a bath?
  • A smart thermostat availability

Smart thermostats are fantastic home appliances – these units help you save tons of money by monitoring the temperature and humidity inside and outside the home. 

With it, homeowners can easily control the heating and cooling inside the home despite the location. A smart thermostat will adjust the temperature when you are in and out of the house, considering your room usage, preferences and behaviour. All in all, this is a great add-on when buying a house, so make sure to check this feature’s availability.

  • Explore the neighbourhood

Get a feel for the neighbourhood:

  • What’s the area like at rush hour?
  • When do the pubs close, at weekends and on weekdays?
  • Public transport links?
  • Test the commute/school run during rush hour?
  • Availability of local shops and amenities?

High noise levels and bad views might be a red flag for those who seek a quiet and steady lifestyle.

  • Professional home inspection

If you fell in love with a particular property, insist on a report following an expert home inspection. The detailed report will highlight any physical defects such as leaks, faulty geysers or wall cracks. A reliable home inspection professional will also confirm whether all structures (such as egress windows, doors, and basements) within the property are legal, meet the local requirements and have been approved by the local authority.

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