Easy Ways To Prep The Kitchen Before Selling Your House


For most people, having a beautiful and functional kitchen is a priority since it’s where they spend most of their time at home. This is the reason why 88 percent of homeowners say that the kitchen is the area that would likely get remodeled in their abode. Potential buyers also make it a point to carefully inspect a home’s kitchen before buying a home.

Since this area has evolved to become so much more than a cooking and eating space, it’s important that the kitchen has the right features if you’re looking to sell your property for a good price. If a full remodel isn’t in the cards, here are some easy ways to prep the kitchen before selling your house.

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Do a Thorough Clean

Deep cleaning your kitchen increases its aesthetic value since it brightens surfaces while reducing harmful bacteria and allergens. Moreover, it’s an inexpensive way to make your cooking space look good, even if you’ve got an older kitchen. Start by getting rid of clutter, expired food, unusable kitchen ware, and the like. Then, with a mild cleanser, scrub down surfaces, giving special attention to the floor, kitchen cabinets, countertops, and stovetop.

If the washer and dryer are in the kitchen, it’s a good idea to clean the washer inside and out– remember that some homebuyers may want to take a closer look at appliances, and having a ring of soap scum inside the washer can be a turn off. After cleaning the kitchen, use a diffuser to make the space smell amazing, and add a vase or two filled with fresh flowers to make the area feel welcoming.

Replace the Flooring

If your kitchen floor looks like it has seen better days, it’s time to replace it once and for all. New flooring can instantly make the space look fresh and new, and it makes your kitchen more appealing to people who are shopping for a new home. If you need an inexpensive flooring option, consider vinyl planks or vinyl tile floors. They’re easy to clean and maintain, and they’re a cinch to install. You can also have a professional do the installation for you, and the labor cost is quite affordable too. Instead of picking unusual patterns though, look for vinyl planks or tiles that mimic the look of ceramic tiles or natural wood planks. This will give the kitchen a classic look, which makes it easier for homebuyers to think of ways to personalize the space according to their taste and preferences.

Give the Cabinets a New Look

Installing custom cabinets can be expensive. According to recent cost estimates, you can end up paying between $80 to $180 per cabinet, and the installation price depends on the professional you hire to do the job. To give your kitchen cabinets a makeover without breaking the bank, start by removing upper cabinet doors and replace them with sliding glass fronts. You can also forego the glass so your cabinets look more like open shelves. Get some new dishes, glasses, and mugs and display them nicely in the shelves, then add some framed prints to create some interest.

If you’d rather keep the cabinet doors though, consider giving them a fresh coat of point. Choose a neutral color, like white, cream, or grey, but make sure that it works with your kitchen’s color scheme. Next, swap out the cabinet and drawer pulls. Brushed metal pulls look classy and they age well too, so choose these instead of glass or wooden pulls.

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of a house. To increase the chances of a sale, try these tips to freshen up your kitchen, and see how the offers start pouring in for your home.

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