With so much competition from other Realtors, it’s critical to close every listing presentation.

However, we know that it’s hard to stand out among the crowd of real estate agents. You need to arm yourself with something that most other Realtors won’t have in their listing presentation. You need to arm yourself with social media.

Before we go into the details of using social media to close your next listing presentation. Let’s go over the basics…

Every Realtor out there is saying the same things at every listing presentation.

All decent real estate agents talk about how they are going to put the house in the local newspaper and run a postcard campaign for it. Then, they’ll discuss their plan to bring in a virtual tour company and take excellent photos of the property. You might have caught yourself saying this at your last listing presentation.

These aren’t bad things to bring up. But here’s the reality…

Newspaper ads, postcards and virtual tours are all just table stakes.

Everyone does them and if you don’t do them, you don’t stand a chance. That being said, you need a lot more than just the average offering to win a listing in today’s competitive landscape.


Close your next listing presentation with social media - blog


In order to close your next listing presentation, you need to differentiate yourself with social media.

In today’s day and age, you need to show prospects that you will use social media to get their house sold faster and for more money. Furthermore, you need to let them know that most other Realtors are not doing this.

The fact that most Realtors are not doing this is easy enough to prove. Just ask your prospects if any of their other Realtors have presented them with a plan of how they will use social media to help sell their home. Nine out of ten times, the prospect will say that no other Realtor has even talked about social media.

Here’s where you come in with your unique social media offering.

Tell your prospects that within three days of listing their property, you’re going to get thousands of people to see their listing. More importantly, tell them that these thousands of people are potential buyers who are not going to be found through the typical MLS system.

At this point, the prospects are going to ask you how you can possibly do this. The answer is simple.

Show prospects that you advertise all your listings on Facebook and Instagram to thousands of people.

You’re probably thinking right now that this is easier said than done. If you’re going to try and advertise your listings on social media by yourself, then it’s going to be very hard. Moreover, it’s going to take a lot of time and money to do it right.

If you’d like to add social media advertising to your next listing presentation, you should use a platform that helps Realtors do that.

The platform we’re talking about is called PropertySpark. This platform allows Realtors to easily and effectively advertise their listings to thousands of people in an area chosen by the Realtor.

Additionally, PropertySpark takes away all of the stress of trying to become a social media expert. The platform does the heavy lifting for you. It finds people on Facebook and Instagram who are already in the market for homes.

Start using PropertySpark today and close your next listing presentation with social media.