3 Reasons Why the Best Real Estate Agents Have Blogs Visiting open houses and combing MLS for the perfect property may monopolize a real estate agent’s time but referral marketing is their true bread and butter. To drum up new business

For the 80% of agents doing LESS than 30 deals a year, FB lead-gen ad systems are a BIG waste of money and time. It takes ALOT of expertise, testing time, and budget to set up and run (or pay someone

With so much competition from other Realtors, it's critical to close every listing presentation. However, we know that it's hard to stand out among the crowd of real estate agents. You need to arm yourself with something that most other Realtors

A question that we hear all of the time from Realtors is "what's the best type of real estate Facebook post?" There are many real estate Facebook post types to choose from. You can use carousel, album, single picture and video

A question we get often from Realtors is "how much should I spend on social media?" The answer to this question depends on different variables regarding your real estate business. The most important factor you have to consider is how much you

Every Realtor knows they need to improve their personal real estate brand. However, a lot of Realtors think that they don't have a budget big enough to grow their real estate brand. This may have been true before the digital age. It's not true

Our clients are always wondering "what's the best social media platform for Realtors?" We have spent endless hours testing different platforms and have come to a conclusion. In fact, we've ranked the top 3 social media platforms for Realtors. Facebook is

It’s easy as a realtor to just create a Facebook page and then forget about it. Facebook is a great way to increase your presence on social media, showcase your awesome personality and stay in touch with new and old clients, friends and family. However, there are many things you should do and avoid on your professional Facebook page. Check out some of the do’s and don’ts on Facebook if you’re a realtor!

A question we get all the time is "do I need a Realtor Facebook Page or can I just use my personal profile?" The answer? Yes, without a doubt, you need to have an active Facebook page AND a Facebook profile. Here's why you need