PropertySpark's auto-reply feature is a valuable tool that will allow you to directly reach out to leads that have commented on promoted posts. Use Your Auto-Reply to Find Interested Leads When you set-up an auto-reply on a Property Campaign, we will automatically

Nailing an engaging description is one of the most important qualifiers of success in your property campaign. As the first thing that potential homebuyers will see when their ad appears on their timeline, your description should highlight the unique features

In your Dashboard, click on 'Marketing' on the panel on the left of the screen. Simply scroll down to the 'Promotions' area of the screen. Choose the promotion you want to run the campaign for, and click on 'Run Campaign'. Now, click on 'New Campaign'. Now, you

In your Dashboard, click on 'Properties' on the panel on the left of the screen Choose the property you want to run a campaign for, and click 'Go to Property' Now, simply click on 'New Campaign' to get started You start with the style. Choose your 'Campaign Type' from the