The Social Media Solution for Real Estate Agents


Realtors who use PropertySpark

don't worry about social media...

  • Content is posted automatically to their Facebook page...

  • ... people who click are taken to a blog with their information!

"The platform does exactly what it promises to do. I get tons of engagement on social media, plus, the people at PropertySpark are a pleasure to deal with!"


Realtors who use PropertySpark

advertise on social media easily.

"The platform is so easy to use and to understand. Now, I have people interacting with me all the time on social media, it's great!"

Realtors who use PropertySpark

get better results than the competition.

"Boosting" A Post Yourself

Reach random people in a certain area

You can't target home buyers & sellers through typical social media advertising, so you end up reaching random people.

Advertising With PropertySpark

Reach actual buyers & sellers in your area

Since we run thousands of ads for listings, we know who is interested in buying & selling homes and let you reach them.


Guaranteed Social Media Results for Realtors
Automated Social Media Posts
Blogs With Your Name & Branding
Easy-to-Use Advertising Platform
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Unlimited Property Landing Pages

Reach 11x more buyers and sellers on social media by advertising through the PropertySpark platform!

The average property that is advertised through the PropertySpark platform gets over 300 clicks from real people.

Realtors who use PropertySpark only sign in for 4 minutes per week to update their current open houses, listings or just solds!


  • Do You Create A Website For My Listing?

    Yes! We create a free website for every listing, open house or just sold property that you want to advertise on social media.

  • Do You Use My Branding?

    Always. When people see your ad on social media or when they see the property website, your name and brand will always be prominently displayed.

  • How Do I Engage With Buyers & Sellers?

    Buyers and sellers typically comment right on the ad on social media. They can also email or call you since your contact information will be displayed!

  • Can I Use My Own Pictures/Videos?

    Of course! We simply use the photos you got taken for the virtual tour of the house and use them to advertise the listing, open house or just sold property on social media!

  • Are The Ads Displayed On Mobile?

    Yes! The ads are displayed on mobile, tablet and desktop. Buyers & sellers in your area will see your ad from whatever device they are using to go on social media.

  • How Do You Get More Clicks Than If I Did It Myself?

    It's simple, since we run so many ads for properties, we know who is interested in buying & selling homes better than anyone else and we let you reach those people.