Why Realtors Need To Make Time For Social Media

Why Realtors Need To Make Time For Social Media [Quick Read]


One of the things we hear all of the time is…

“I don’t have time for social media!”

That is a classic. To say the least. But it’s understandable why so many Realtors say it.

As a Realtor, you have to deal with:

  1. Prospecting
  2. Listing presentations
  3. Showings
  4. Open houses
  5. Offers on properties
  6. Closing deals
  7. And so much more…

All things considered, Realtors are very busy and it’s not like a typical job where you’re busy 9 to 5. Realtors are busy at all hours of the day and every day of the week.

So, why are we still talking about this? Can’t a Realtor just say they’re too busy for social media and get on with their business? Not exactly.

The reason we’re so adamant about spending even a little bit of time on social media is…

Social media can help you save time and let you get back to your job.

First let’s define what your job as a Realtor is…

It’s not: Spending hours creating online content

It’s not: Analyzing different social media strategies

It’s not: Getting likes on your Facebook Page

You don’t get paid for any of those things.

Your job is to help people find their dream home and then sell it once they’re ready to move on. That’s what you get paid for.

Here’s where social media comes in…

Your network, leads, clients & friends are talking on social media right now.

Right now, 80% of adults are on Facebook.

You can’t say the same thing about any major news, advertising or media publications – global or local.

Everyone you want to reach is on social media. The best part is…

You can reach these people on social media in a fraction of the time it would take you to talk to each of them individually.

Some Realtors are still doing it and some used to do it…

We’re talking about the manual process of getting in touch. Cold calls, knocking on doors, following up in person… 

Think about how much time that used to (or still does) take out of your day…

Now, think about how much time it takes to post a picture on Facebook…

The whole point of following up is so that you can keep up with your relationships.

Imagine if you could keep up with all of your relationships in a few minutes a day!

That’s the beauty of social media.

You can build relationships in minutes on social media.

Here’s how you can keep up with and build new relationships on social media in a few minutes a day:

  1. Determine the ONE social media channel most of your network and friends are on
  2. Update that platform with pictures and/or videos on a daily basis
  3. The pictures/videos can be a simple snapshot of what you’re up to that day – open house, showings, community event or even on your down time

And… that’s it! Your network will start to see your posts on a daily basis. They will start to familiarize themselves with your work and lifestyle.

Now, next time they’re thinking of buying or selling, they’ll be thinking of you… even if you forgot to call them!

Now, if you want to use social media and save even MORE time…

We created PropertySpark – a platform where Realtors can advertise their properties, themselves and of course retarget the people that are interested in them and their properties. Realtors can do this in under 4 minutes a week.

We do all of this by allowing you to leverage the power of Facebook retargeting – without having you do any of the work.

You will get over 10x more clicks and engagements when you use PropertySpark because we are targeting the right people on Facebook.

Start saving time on social media today ==> https://app.propertyspark.com/signup

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