Top 20 Young Real Estate Agents On Social Media

Top 20 Young Real Estate Agents On Social Media


Let’s be clear, we don’t know the age of any of these young real estate agents.

But, we determined “young” based on one critical criteria: young at heart!

And of course, they all look like they haven’t aged a day since getting their real estate license! These are some truly inspirational young real estate agents on social media.

#1: Jenny Delich

Jenny has been a reality TV show star, she’s changed people’s lives through her fitness coaching and she sells home!

How she has the time to do all of this, while crushing social media, is beyond us!

Whether you’re into fitness, reality tv, real estate or all of the above, Jenny is a must follow!

You will smile, you will laugh and you will even get fit!

Follow her Instagram: Jenny Delich

“Just sold another one!” – Jenny Delich

Jenny Delich Young Real Estate Agent


#2: Bryan Casella

Real estate. Business. Super cars. This guy does it all.

That’s what his tens of thousands of subscribers (you read that correctly) look forward to every day.

One of his videos has gone viral, reaching hundreds of thousands of people!

He also teaches amazing skills and techniques to other old and young real estate agents!

Subscribe to his channel: Bryan Casella

“I will show you my lifestyle and give you a step by step to create the same for yourself.” – Bryan Casella

Bryan Casella Young Real Estate Agent PropertySpark


#3: Jeb Carty

73,000 followers on Instagram as of this blog post.

That was not a typo!

Jeb has leveraged his incredible fitness lifestyle along with his taste for luxury homes in order to create a following that loves his content!

Whether it’s in his fitness posts, incredible real estate collages or beautiful interior design photos, you will find inspiration.

Follow his Instagram: Jeb Carty

“I have answers to all of your real estate needs!” – Jeb Carty

Jeb Carty Young Real Estate Agent PropertySpark


#4: Jalal Abuimweis

He is the self proclaimed “King of Miami Real Estate.” It would be hard to disagree!

This guy is an inspiration to tens of thousands of people!

He’s got hundreds of videos, pumping people up and always starting them with his catch phrase “What’s Up Folks?!”

Interesting tidbit? He’s also connected to the one and only Grant Cardone!

Follow his Instagram: Jalal Abuimweis

“What’s Up Folks?!” – Jalal Abuimweis

Jalal Abuimweis Young Real Estate Agent PropertySpark


#5: Real Estate In Stilettos

We absolutely love the creativity and hustle behind Nikki’s Instagram account.

She’s one of the young real estate agents with real hustle!

With over 14,000 Instagram followers, she’s nothing but a social media pro!

Anyone checking out here account will be entertained by her series of inspirational quotes, cat pictures and of course… real estate photos!

Follow her Instagram: @realestateinstilettos

“Chocolate Cake Enthusiast” – Nikki Singh

Nikki Singh Young Real Estate Agent


#6: Loida Velasquez

Not only is Loida a great real estate agent, she also helps thousands of realtors who subscribe to her channel.

She’s on the same team as Bryan Casella. He’s also crushing it on YouTube and is on this list as well!

Subscribe here: Loida Velasquez

“I hope that through my social media platforms along with my website you find tips, advice, and motivation that will help you in different aspects of life!.” – Loida Velasquez

Loida Velasquez Young Real Estate Agent PropertySpark


#7: Jesse Hoffman

With over 23,000 likes on Facebook, Jesse and his team are at the pinnacle of social media marketing for realtors.

You will be impressed by the amount of “just sold” posts that are on his Facebook page.

Also, he asks his followers to share things in the comments, like, pictures of their dogs or Christmas tree! Amazing.

Like his page: Jesse Hoffman

“I will help you get terms that work in your favor for your specific situation” – Jesse Hoffman

Jesse Hoffman Young Real Estate Agent PropertySpark


#8: Jennifer Gomez

Over 6,000 followers and counting…

Jenny does not mess around when it comes to social media!

Not only is she a social media star, she’s a TV star as well! She’s on the team that’s in Bravo TV’s Million Dollar Listings Miami!

She’s not just a realtor, she’s an inspiration!

Follow her Instagram: Jennifer Gomez

“I can Offer you my Experience, Marketing techniques and Negotiating skills to put you in your Dream Home!” – Jennifer Gomez

Jennifer Gomez Young Real Estate Agent PropertySpark


#9: Michelle Butler

She’s not just a Realtor…

Michelle is a powerlifter AND aspiring musician.

Talk about a passionate and fulfilling lifestyle!

The best part about it? She shares her awesome lifestyle with thousands of her followers on Instagram!

Follow her account: Michelle Butler

“Let me make your experience seamless and stress-free.” – Michelle Butler

Michelle Butler Young Real Estate Agent PropertySpark


#10: Vincent Hampton

His Facebook page has thousands of likes… But more importantly, his posts have hundreds of engagements!

People really like what Vincent Hampton has to say on Facebook. He’s always congratulating his clients on their recent home purchases and sold listings.

Like his page: Vincent Hampton

“We look forward to helping you with any and all of your real estate needs!” – Vincent Hampton

Vincent Hampton Young Real Estate Agent PropertySpark


#11: Ania Boddy

Along with her real estate expertise, Ania has a passion for interior design and lifestyle trends.

This becomes obvious as you scroll through her beautiful posts on Instagram.

She’s also got an incredibly cute dog which you will surely fall in love with after seeing just a few photos.!

Follow her Instagram: Ania Boddy

“High expectations? Perfect. Lover of all things pretty, my dog & travel. Always Smiling.” – Ania Boddy

Ania Boddy Young Real Estate Agent PropertySpark


#12: Kevin Jackson

Flipping and selling in style.

That’s the name of Kevin Jackon’s game.

From his hip fashion sense, to his no nonsense attitude, Kevin is the embodiment of confidence in the real estate business.

Cars, real estate, construction, Loui Vuitton it’s all part of this guy’s lifestyle and he’s not afraid to show it on his impressive Instagram account.

Follow his Instagram: @kevinjacksonla

“There’s no Time for Bullshit when Building an Empire” – Kevin Jackson

Beautiful Real Estate By The Seasons


#13: Erik Wright

When it comes to Facebook, Erik is a master.

His posts gets tons of engagements. That’s not easy to do on Facebook, but Erik has outright mastered it!

He’s got a great mix of real estate and topical posts on his page, keeping his followers engaged and entertained!

He’s a great example of what young real estate agents should be doing on Facebook!

Like his page: Erik Wright

“Are you or anyone that you know interested in buying or selling a home in the future? If so, I can help!” – Erik Wright

Erik Wright Young Real Estate Agent PropertySpark


#14: Bethany Martinez

Firstly, we would like to point out that Bethany has one of the nicest real estate agent websites we have ever seen!

That being said, she also has an amazing Instagram account. Filled with inspirational and insightful quotes, Bethany’s account is one to follow!

Follow her Instagram: Bethany Martinez

“Good vibes. Bigger goals. Better experiences. More happiness… Stronger relationships. More focused than ever.” – Bethany Martinez

Bethany Martinez Young Real Estate Agent PropertySpark


#15: Daniel Garza

Daniel has turned selfie videos into a great real estate marketing tool.

Thousands of people view and enjoy the updates he gives on properties.

Beyond selfie videos, he also has some stunning high quality footage of beautiful listings. He does voiceovers for these videos that give an insight into the beauty of the home.

Like his page: Daniel Garza

“Making Homeownership Possible Using Down Payment Grants for First Time Home Buyers Valley Wide!” – Daniel Garza

Daniel Garza Young Real Estate Agent PropertySpark


#16: Goritza Draskovich

Goritza is a Miami real estate specialist.

She’s also a social media specialist!

She’s racked up over 1,000 followers on Instagram and over 1000 likes on Facebook.

Her accounts are filled with beautiful real estate and inspiring fitness!

You’ll be hooked!

Follow her Instagram: @goritza_draskovich

“My principle goal is to be an indispensable asset to my clients.” – Goritza Draskovich

Goritza Draskovich Young Real Estate Agent


#17: Jaime Baker

Jaime has taken Pinterest by storm.

She has over 7,000 people who follow her boards!

Her “Houston Real Estate” board is expansive with tips for realtors.

But beyond that, she’s got a taste for all things wonderful. You’ll find boards about weddings, fitness and shopping!

Follow her boards: Jaime Baker

“Assisting you & your family with your buying, selling, renting & investing needs.” – Jaime Baker

Jaime Baker Young Real Estate Agent PropertySpark


#18: Jorge Diaz

Jorge is a great example of what it means to be consistent on social media.

He’s consistently posting useful info, videos and properties on his Facebook page.

He has also uploaded an incredible video to his page.

You need to check it out! It’s one of the highest quality realtor videos online!

Like his page: Jorge Diaz

“I am here to help advance the sale of your home or the purchase of your new one.” – Jorge Diaz

Jorge Diaz Young Real Estate Agent PropertySpark


#19 Tyler Pyne

Tyler Pyne will fight for his clients.

No, seriously…

He’s got some serious martial arts skills.

From his incredible Facebook and Instagram accounts you will quickly see that Tyler is a Jiu Jitsu black belt!

Between teaching and practicing Jiu Jitsu, he also finds time to sell some incredible real estate!

Like his page: Tyler Pyne

” I am dedicated to providing the highest level of representation that I can for my clients. .” – Tyler Pyne

Tyler Pyne Young Real Estate Agent PropertySpark


#20: Dani Steece

Dani has some of the best videos on Facebook that we have seen by young real estate agents!

She partners with local businesses and showcases their amazing products. She also does great give aways to go along with these videos.

You can tell her followers love the videos and of course, they love the giveaways!

Like her page: Dani Steece

“I don’t just list houses, I SELL them!” – Dani Steece

Dani Steece Young Real Estate Agent PropertySpark

We hope you enjoyed our list of The Top 20 Young Real Estate Agents on Social Media!

The rankings are based on followers AND engagement.

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