Top 20 Wilmington Real Estate Agents On Social Media

Official Rank of Wilmington’s Top Agents on Social Media

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Our researchers go through thousands of agents by searching hashtags, review sites, social media profiles and real estate portals. Then we rank agents based on our proprietary algorithm that takes into consideration multiple variables as seen below:

Instagram Followers

Instagram Average Likes Per Post

Facebook Likes/Friends

Facebook Average Likes Per Post

Quality Of Posts

and Other Social Channels


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With that said, we present to you the Top 20 Wilmington Real Estate Agents On Social Media!


#20: Laura Betz


Laura will go beyond your expectations to deliver exactly what you’re looking for in the Wilmington real estate market. Follow Laura on Instagram right now!  

Instagram Highlights



#19: Andy Richardson


A good agent will help you achieve what you need, a great agent will help you achieve your dreams – that is Andy. Social media is all about community – become part of Andy’s today!  

Instagram Highlights



#18: Sami Askew

Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage

She has unique insight into how the Wilmington market works and she is ready to share it with you! When it comes to Instagram she has not missed a single beat, follow her account today!  

Instagram Highlights



#17: Monica Rolquin

BlueCoast Realty

There is always more that can be accomplished when working in real estate and she has left no stone unturned! We love seeing how she has kept her fans informed all the time on social media!  

Facebook Highlights



#16: Jan Roggeman

Coldwell Banker

When you’re ready to move, Jan will be ready to find you your next Wilmington home. Stop missing out on all the great content! Follow Jan today!  

Instagram Highlights

34 Average Likes Per Post


#15: Jacie Dykes

HAVEN Realty Co

She has a passion for real estate that is only parallel to the dedication she has for her clients. You have to check out her Instagram!  

Instagram Highlights

38 Average Likes Per Post


#14: Zach Lucas

910 Realty Co

Nothing will make Zach happier than seeing you step into your dream home. Don’t miss out on his amazing Instagram account!  

Instagram Highlights

42 Average Likes Per Post


#13: Sherwood Strickland Group

Coldwell Banker

Get that perfect Wilmington home with Sherwood Strickland Group. For more about the Wilmington real estate market, follow Sherwood Strickland Group on Instagram and Facebook!  

Instagram Highlights

30 Average Likes Per Post


#12: Grayson Palmer

Intracoastal Realty

When it comes to a market like Wilmington, people need the best service and that’s what Grayson will deliver. Join his epic Instagram community!   

Instagram Highlights

52 Average Likes Per Post


#11: Kathryn Bruner

Kathryn Bruner Realty

When you hire an agent, you expect the best service, Kathryn will go above and beyond that expectation every time! If you use Instagram then you better be sure to follow her there!  

Instagram Highlights

49 Average Likes Per Post


#10: Kristine Turner

Intracoastal Realty

Selling or buying a home is more than just a transaction – it is an investment of a lifetime. Contact Kristine when you’re ready to make the move! If there’s one thing she has done really well, it’s Instagram!  

Instagram Highlights

83 Average Likes Per Post


#9: Matthew Costin

Costin Real Estate Group

He is known in Wilmington for his dedication to his clients and his presence online. Join his awesome community on Facebook and Instagram!  

Facebook Highlights



#8: Sherri Ingle

Intracoastal Realty

Sherri will go above and beyond your expectations to get you the best deal there is. Follow Sherri and you’ll always be the first to see what’s next in the Wilmington market.  

Instagram Highlights

69 Average Likes Per Post

Facebook Highlights



#7: Emily Davis

Intracoastal Realty

Want to love where you live in Wilmington? Don’t miss a beat! Reach out to Emily. Emily’s dedication to social media is a testament to her hard work!  

Instagram Highlights

115 Average Likes Per Post


#6: Ashley Whitley

Nest Realty

Ensuring that the real estate experience is a positive one is at the top of the priority list for Ashley. Ashley’s content on Facebook and Instagram won’t let you down!  

Instagram Highlights

113 Average Likes Per Post

Facebook Highlights



#5: Logan Rylie Locklear

Intracoastal Realty

Logan won’t stop working for you until you find your dream property in Wilmington! Make a quick stop by Logan’s awesome Facebook and Instagram.  

Instagram Highlights

138 Average Likes Per Post


#4: Rainey Wallace

Intracoastal Realty Corp

She will do whatever it takes to get the best deal for her clients in Wilmington. Check out her Instagram – it’s awesome!  

Instagram Highlights

107 Average Likes Per Post


#3: The Carolinas Finest

Coldwell Banker

Don’t sell yourself short in the Wilmington market! Get in touch with The Carolinas Finest. What are you waiting for? Follow The Carolinas Finest on Facebook and Instagram now!  

Facebook Highlights



#2: Stephanie Lanier

The Lanier Property Group

Follow Stephanie and her team on social media for everything you need to know about buying your coastal dream home in Wilmington, NC and the surrounding areas.  

Instagram Highlights

93 Average Likes Per Post


#1: Caroline Ciener

Nest Realty

Entering the real estate market can be daunting, but you can ease those worries with Caroline. Tune into Caroline’s social media to stay on top of the Wilmington market!  

Instagram Highlights

128 Average Likes Per Post


We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 20 Wilmington Real Estate Agents On Social Media!

PropertySpark has been ranking top agents on social media across North America since 2016. Congrats again to all the winners! We do not accept payment or incentives for our Top List features. Our process is completely based on our expert research and opinion.

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