Top 20 Toronto Real Estate Agents On Social Media

Top 20 Toronto Real Estate Agents On Social Media


The Toronto real estate market is booming and so are these Realtors.

The use of social media by Toronto real estate agents is growing every day. But, these Toronto Realtors have taken it to a whole other level.

Whether it’s with beautiful Instagram pictures of new condos in the city or amazing pictures of homes in the suburbs, these Realtors are winning on social media!

We’ve gone through hundreds of Toronto real estate agent’s social media accounts looking for the best of the best. Now, we present you the Top 20 Toronto Real Estate Agents On Social Media.

#20: Jonathan Orlando

Jonathan is a young Realtor who has taken Facebook by storm.

He keeps his fans engaged with new listings in the city.

Of course, he let’s everyone know when he’s leased or sold the properties. That always gives his fans something to cheer about.

His Facebook captions are always full of emojies and emotion! We love it!


#19: David Fleming

David Fleming is the founder of the Toronto Realty Blog – an incredible blog in and of itself. He’s taken his Toronto real estate expertise to another level by promoting his blog on social media. We love the honest opinions and expert advice that David always provides!


#18: Christopher Bibby

No one can go on Christopher’s Facebook page and not fall in love with his condos and townhomes.

If you weren’t thinking about moving into a condo or townhome in the city, Christopher’s page can surely convince you otherwise.

The way his listing are advertised on social media is an art in itself.

Christopher’s Facebook page is a testament to Toronto’s chic design.


#17: Sean Zahedi

Sean Zahedi describes his team and himself as having a real touch of glamour. We couldn’t agree more!

Their website, listings and posts all have glamour and it makes them stand out.

Through his Instagram, Sean also gives us a glimpse into his awesome life!


#16: Kate Watson

Kate has leveraged the power of social media to expose her listings to tons of people!

If you’re looking for a property in Central/West Toronto, Kate’s Facebook page would be a great place to start.

She doesn’t only post listings, she also gives her expert advice on them!


#15: Shawn Balasingam and Sangiv Emiliyanus

Known as Empire Group Real Estate Professionals, Shawn and Sangiv are on a mission to take over the Toronto Real Estate market.

They’re consistently posting about new real estate with the use of video and pictures. When it comes to property in the city, these guys know their stuff!


#14: Lilit Hakobyan

Lilit is an incredible Toronto real estate agent and she is incredible at social media.

When you go onto her Facebook page, you’re guaranteed to find beautiful homes and condos.

Not to mention, when she ends up selling those properties, it seems like they’re always sold over asking price! Wow.


#13: Corbin Seligman & Meni Moskowski

Corbin Seligman & Meni Moskowski have teamed up on a mission to sell the six, AKA Toronto.

Their use of social media has skyrocketed their Sell the Six brand higher than the CN Tower.


#12: Heather Holmes

It’s only fitting that Heather Holmes would choose a career in real estate, selling homes!

All coincidences aside, Heather is one of the best not only when it comes to selling Toronto real estate but also when it comes to social media!

Her posts are a nice mix of beautiful videos, pictures and links.

It’s hard to know how Heather has the time to win on social media and in real estate – she’s definitely found the secret to doing both really well!


#11: Arunan Kuven

Arunan keeps his social media vibrant with his mix of personal and funny posts. He also keeps people updated with the latest trendy things in the city – like his recent post about the new Cheescake Factory opening up in Toronto, love it!

With Arunan, you’re always kept in the loop when it comes to the Toronto real estate market. He shares the most relevant news regarding the housing market and of course, adds his expert opinion to the posts.


#10: Graham Rowlands

Graham Rowlands wants you to own a piece of Toronto by owning a condo in Toronto.

As the founder of he’s branded himself as a condo icon in Toronto. However, he also sells freehold homes and is not opposed to publicizing that off on social media!

From the stories he tells on his posts, we can see that Graham will literally do everything that gets his clients more money! Cheers to that Graham!


#9: April Williams and Kevin Yu

They started W&Y Homes Co. with the hopes of getting people exceptional homes and results. They’ve also managed to create an exceptional social media presence!


#8: Paul Zammit

Paul Zammit’s Facebook page is called Toronto Real Estate. That’s probably because Paul embodies everything that is Toronto real estate!

Paul offers great advice when it comes to the Toronto real estate market. He shares insightful blogs and articles that will lead your home buying decisions in the right direction. Then, when you’re ready to buy a home, you can simply scroll through the posts on his Facebook page and you’ll find what you’re looking for!


#7: Vivien Sharon

Vivien is as classy and lively as the area she specializes in – Yorkville. She also does work in other prestigious areas of Toronto.

Her social media presence falls into the same lovely categories of classy and lively. Vivien’s videos and pictures don’t just sell real estate, they sell a lifestyle.

Not only will you find amazing real estate on Vivien’s social media, you will find inspiration.


#6: Gaelen Patrick

Galeen prides himself on being knowledgeable and experienced while providing dedicated service to his clients.

We can clearly see that he’s also knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated when it comes to his social media as well.


#5: Ira Jelinek

If there were an official Toronto Real Estate ambassador it would be Ira Jelinek.

He said so himself, “quite simply, I focus and specialize in one city, Toronto.”

When you go onto Ira’s Facebook page, you quickly realize that this guy doesn’t stop! He lists beautiful home after beautiful home.

Ira has also been mentioned in the Globe and Mail along with his real estate.

This guy loves the city and it’s clear that the city loves him back!


#4: Danielle Demerino

Danielle leads a team of awesome Toronto real estate agents. Just from their social media and website, they seem like the funnest group of Realtors out there!

Did we mention she has an amazing Instagram account with over 4,000 followers? Amazing.


#3: Ladan Katouzian

Ladan has described herself to be “Passionate. Proactive. Motivated.” We can tell!

Her fierceness gives her an edge on social media that simply cannot be ignored!

Ladan also has a spectacular Instagram account with a luxurious vibe!


#2: Richard Silver

Richard Silver is the leader behind the incredible Torontoism Facebook page and website.

This team doesn’t only post about real estate, they also share inspiring messages with thousands of their fans.

Richard also has a popular Twitter account from which he shares more real estate and inspiring messages.

The truly incredible part about Torontoism and Richard is that a lot of their content is actually helpful to other Realtors. They don’t just do great work but they share how they do it!


#1: Shane Carslake

Through his consistent posts of new condos and beautiful homes, Shane has amassed a massive following on Facebook and Instagram.

Shane has a unique brand that stands out among the rest. This has surely helped him shape his social media presence into a winner!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 20 Toronto Real Estate Agents On Social Media!

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