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The Toronto real estate market is booming and so is the presence of these real estate agents on social media.

The use of social media by Toronto real estate agents is growing every day. But, these Toronto real estate agents have taken it to a whole other level.

Whether it’s with beautiful Instagram pictures of new condos in the city or amazing pictures of homes in the suburbs, these real estate agents are winning on social media!

We’ve gone through hundreds of Toronto real estate agent’s social media accounts looking for the best of the best. Now, we present you the Top 20 Toronto Real Estate Agents On Social Media in 2018.

#20: Brandon Town

Brandon Town is a highly representable agent who always puts his clients first and goes above and beyond to truly get to know their clients. He has numerous satisfied clients who have only amazing things to say about him. Brandon’s social media consists of fun posts just wanting you to click on them and learn more.


#19: Frank Pegolo

Frank Pegolo is a popular real estate agent on social media with over 1,300 followers on his growing Facebook page. His strong and effective use of social media continues to expand both on Facebook and on his website. He utilizes his extensive knowledge and determination to create the ideal home buying or selling experience for each of his clients!


#18: Jessi Sandhu

Meet Jessi Sandhu, a resident of Brampton for almost 12+ years and your local Brampton real estate agent. Jessi strives to provide the hard work and commitment that you deserve and a firm believer in his personal motto, “Honesty Is The Best Policy”. Jessi uses his Facebook page to advertise homes in a fun way. Did we mention that he’s one real estate agent that surely knows how to use emojis?


#17: Gail Scheepers

Gail Scheepers is a determined and goal driven real estate agent in Toronto. She strives and works hard to ensure that all of her clients are happy with her services. Her posts are a mixture of stunning videos, pictures and links of her listings. As quoted on her Facebook page, “I don’t work from 9 to 5… I work from start to finish”. This quote shows us just how much customer satisfaction is a main priority and goal to Gail.


#16:  Anuja & Dajan Kumarasamy

Anuja Kumarasamy and Dajan Kumarasamy are a real estate team who work together to give their clients the best experience in buying or selling their homes. They both share a strong passion in their careers and are always seeking for ways to improve or upgrade their business. They have a popular Facebook page on which they share images of awesome homes and quotes to inspire and motivate their followers.


#15: Sarah Lunn

Sarah Lunn is a popular real estate agent who is driven by her goals and passion for her career. Sarah expresses the love for her job through her social media accounts where she posts new listings, virtual tours and much more. She is a hardworking real estate agent who takes pride in her work. Her positive and cheerful disposition helps make the process of buying and selling homes much more fun and memorable for all her clients!


#14: Judith Varga

With twenty eight years of experience in real estate, Judith would make a perfect candidate for assisting you in buying or selling your home. Judith uses her style, knowledge and determination to meet and exceed her clients expectations and real estate needs. Her Facebook page give us an inner look at all the amazing work Judith does and how she stays at the top of her game in real estate!


#13: Imraz Ramani

Imraz Ramani is a real estate agent in Toronto who possesses an extensive background in real estate. His team’s goal is to provide their clients with a full service experience and guidance throughout their whole home buying and selling process. He also has a popular Facebook page where he updates and provides his followers with real estate deals, open houses, consultations and much more!


#12: Sebastien Ballin & Hovig Tchaderian

Sebastien Ballin and Hovig Tchaderian are partners in real estate who work together to provide their clients with the best services that they can. They sell stunning homes all over Toronto and make sure that it’s known through their popular social media accounts. They post images of homes, virtual tours and just photos of them enjoying themselves and their everyday lives. It’s safe to say that the Ballin Realtors are both professional and down to earth.


#11: Tom Storey & Cam Woolfrey

Team leader, Tom Storey and Cam Woolfrey are both part of the Storey Team. Their knowledge and motivation to become the best at what they do shows through on their awesome Facebook page. The Storey Team makes sure to stay active on social media and consistently post for their fans to enjoy their content. After visiting their social media pages you will surely want to be the next person to purchase real estate in Toronto!


#10: Ammar, Absar & Abrar Beg

The Beg Brothers is a real estate team of 3 brothers, Ammar, Absar & Abrar Beg who all share the same love and passion for real estate. The Beg brothers are committed to selling you the right home which you desire in the GTA. They stay active for their followers on Facebook and are always updating them with the latest news, deals and listings in real estate, so if you’re looking to be updated about homes in Toronto, then their Facebook page is a must follow for you!


#9: Alexx Coelho & Elizabeth St. Cyr

The A&E Real Estate are a team of highly experienced real estate brokers, Alexx Coelho & Elizabeth St. Cyr who specialize in residential real estate in Toronto. They aim to assist their clients in making the best decisions for them when they’re buying and selling real estate in the Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Milton and surrounding areas. Even though they are very professional with their careers, they also enjoy posting and giving their followers a glimpse into their awesome lives!


#8: Kim Etherington & Sam Tkalec

Kim Etherington and Sam Tkalec are two highly experienced real estate agents with over 25 years of experience. They partnered together and are taking the real estate world by storm! They make sure to stay active on social media and continuously post about new real estate in the city for their followers to enjoy!


#7: Melissa Emond

If you decide to go on Melissa’s Facebook page, be ready to be impressed. Melissa posts many different real estate blogs, articles and videos that’ll keep you glued to your screen. Other than posting on social media, Melissa is always trying to provide the best possible advice, outcome, and experience for each of her clients. As a former employee in the mortgage industry, being a real estate agent is a perfect fit!


#6:  Kenneth Toppin

Kenneth Toppin is a hard working and insightful real estate agent who you can trust. He enjoys using his social media to advertise and promote new listings and also enjoys using it to share his expert knowledge of real estate with his followers. Kenneth believes in providing his clients with a professional level of real estate service and advice and will make sure that you get the best of his services.


#5: Daniella Aitken

For Daniella Aitken and her team, every deal is a big deal! Their Facebook feed consists of new listings, open house updates and funny images for their followers. They’re constantly posting about new real estate in Toronto on social media and when it comes to property in the city, they know almost all about it!


#4: Ara Margos

Ara Margos is a successful and diligent real estate agent in the GTA. He’s known for breaking the record for RE/MAX Realty and being the 48th ranked real estate agent for RE/MAX WorldWide in 2011. Ara always makes sure to go the extra mile to make sure that everything is perfect and that nothing is overlooked with his clients. If you’re looking for a real estate agent who is both professional and honest, Ara is your guy!


#3: Rob Citrullo

Looking for a real estate agent who puts your desires first and is committed to excellence? Look no further. Rob Citrullo is a young and savvy real estate professional! He never fails to update his social media with captivating posts of new listings. Check him out for yourself, and you won’t regret it!


#2: Brendan Powell & Melanie Piche

Both Melanie Piche and Brendan Powell have amazing achievements. They lead a team of exceptional real estate agents and will get you the results you want. Their easy to use website enables you to get a glimpse at who they are! Not to mention their Facebook page is updated everyday with lots of posts of real estate related things!


#1: Alex Brott & Heather Hadden

Alex Brott and Heather Hadden together are known to provide the best selling experience in the city! By utilizing social media and digital marketing, they are able to provide the very best experience for their clients with the highest level of service. We can’t get enough of their stunning photography and their fun posts! Not to mention their 7,000+ fans on all of their social media pages, outstanding!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 20 Toronto Real Estate Agents On Social Media in 2018!

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