Top 20 Minneapolis Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018

Top 20 Minneapolis Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018


The Minneapolis real estate market is being taken over by these incredible real estate agents who are winning on social media.

We’ve researched hundreds of Minneapolis real estate agents’ social media channels and went through a certain process to select the best. We began with finding Minneapolis real estate agents through different mediums and then looked at objective data regarding the Minneapolis real estate agents’ social media presence across various social media channels. Lastly, we made sure that all the Minneapolis real estate agents who made it to the final list have great social media presence based on subjective variables.

Now, we present to you the Top 20 Minneapolis Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018. Enjoy!


#20: Dustin Antoine

With the philosophy that client’s come first, Dustin Antoine of Minneapolis is serving his clients and ensuring that they make an informed and thought-out decision. Buying or selling, Dustin strives to build relationships that will guide their potential homebuyers to the right path. Selling and looking for that new home? Justin offers services in Minneapolis – whether it’s that single-family home, bungalow or a multi-garage house, let Dustin guide you through the process. For more on Dustin and his services, visit him on Facebook today.


#19: Keith Taylor

Don’t be deceived – with three years of real estate experience, Keith Taylor uses his own experience of shopping the market for that house to call home and guides his client’s through the process from start to finish. Whether it’s a foreclosure or an upgrade from that one-bedroom condo, Keith works to showcase homes within one’s budget, and that will match their needs. From Facebook to his website, let Keith show you what is available in the Minneapolis market.


#18: Cheryl Helwig

Helping you to achieve your Minneapolis real estate dream is Cheryl Helwig. From Facebook to Twitter, Cheryl shares insights on the real estate market. Considered a Super Real Estate Agent by the Minneapolis Magazine, Cheryl strives to pair her client with the perfect house to call home. Sharing insight on the real estate market and the trends, let Cheryl guide you from start to finish in finding that home.


#17: Derek Jopp

With ten years of real estate experience, Derek Jopp is using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to showcase what Minneapolis has to offer. Leading his client’s through the process of searching for that perfect home to going through the finances – Derek is ready to help. While Derek has a decade of real estate experience, he has years of Minneapolis community knowledge. Let him guide you through the process of finding a place to call your own.


#16: Mike Spicer

Minneapolis born and bred, Mike Spicer is spicing up the real estate market by helping his clients find that luxury home to call their own. Buying or selling, maybe you are looking to invest – whatever your needs are, let Mike guide you through the process. Start the search with Mike and let his roots in Minneapolis guide you to your roots.


#15: Jack Schumacher

Jack Schumacher is a second-generation real estate agent in Minneapolis who strives to showcase all that the city has to offer. For a stunning listing that you have to see to believe, visit him on his Facebook page where you can find everything from that million-dollar home to that modest family home. No matter your budget and no matter your needs, let Jack find you a place to call home.


#14: David Azbill and Brandon Azbill

David and Brandon Azbill are the Minneapolis father-son duo leading the real estate market. David brings over 30 years of real estate experience while Brandon brings a fresh and dedicated approach to the field, together they are helping families find their dream home. Using Facebook and Twitter, David and Brandon are showcasing all that Minneapolis has to offer no matter your budget and no matter your needs.


#13: Jesse Hendricks

Bringing innovation to the real estate market of Minneapolis is Jesse Hendricks. With over 12 years of real estate experience – Jesse is helping clients find a home through means of an MLS database and online system. From Facebook to Twitter, Jesse is striving to bring a positive and stress-free experience to his clients. Don’t miss out to have a positive and unique real estate experience today.


#12: Bri Bieloh

Every 9 hours a home is sold with Bri Bieloh and team. With a decade of real estate experience paired with hospitality, Bri strives to bring a positive real estate experience. Selling or buying? Bri can ensure you have all the information before you make an investment of a lifetime. Facebook or Twitter, who knows, that next tweet may be the tweet to your new home.


#11: Kelly O’Neil

With thirteen years of real estate experience, Kelly O’Neil is showing families of Minneapolis how one’s quality of life is better when they have a house to call home. Working to build relationships when it comes to finding that perfect dream home – whether it’s commercial or residential, Kelly has a listing for you. Facebook or Instagram, that next post may be a like and click away.


#10: Cody Anderson

Looking to enter the real estate market? Cody Anderson is showcasing both the high-end of real estate along with little suburbia homes for those first-time homeowners. Whether you are buying for yourself or investing, visit Cody on Facebook to find a listing to suit your needs. Single family or multi-family home – Cody and Minneapolis has a place waiting for you.


#9: Torrey Kane

With five years of real estate experience, Torrey Kane understands that one’s home is more than a house, it’s a reflection of one’s values. As a real estate agent, Torrey strives to help families to find the home to suit their needs and values. Having lived in Minneapolis for almost twenty years, Torrey can recommend the perfect neighbourhood for one’s family. Buy or sell, be informed with Torrey on Facebook today.


#8: Brady Kroll

With over $150 million sold in over 400 transactions, Minneapolis real estate agent Brady Kroll is helping clients get the key to their home. Whether they have $40 thousand to $4 million to spend, Brady is showing listings from both ends of the spectrum. In the market for a condo or a family home – Brady has something for you, don’t miss out on Brady on Facebook and Twitter.


#7: AJ Petterson

A Minneapolis native, AJ Petterson is guiding clients through the real estate process from start to finish. From searching Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for a listing by AJ, to preparing the offers and the finances – AJ is ready to help his clients. No matter your budget let AJ start you on the right step to that house to call home.


#6: Gregg Murray

Thirteen years and counting, Gregg Murray is helping families of Minneapolis through a stress-free experience. Providing resources on the real estate market and the market trends, Gregg is showcasing homes that range from mid to high end in price value. Don’t feel overwhelmed and don’t feel lost with Gregg – to learn more visit him on Facebook and his website today.


#5: Ryan Fisher

Hard working and a member of the Platinum Club of Real Estate Agents, Ryan Fisher is showing Minneapolis is most beautiful. Available seven days a week, Ryan has listings ranging from that humble picket fence home to the more glamorous multi-garage house, whatever it is, Ryan is ready to work for you. To view stunning homes and find that dream house, visit Ryan on Facebook today.


#4: Ana Vogler

With Ana Vogler, “home is where your story begins”, and it doesn’t matter whether you are looking to buy or lease – Ana is ready to help. Having experience herself relocating to Minneapolis, Ana can help those also relocating to navigate through the process and find that place to call home. No matter your situation – buy or rent, Ana’s Facebook and Instagram has a post that might be your next home.


#3: Sarah Jane Pickens

Find your dream house and find a home to fall in love with – enter Sarah Jane Pickens. With over sixteen years of experience and $160 million in sales, Sarah has listings for every budget and every lifestyle. From Facebook to Twitter, Sarah offers real estate market insights and tips to help her client’s buy and invest with confidence.


#2: Rowdheer Kapidi

Serving up 5-star quality experience, Rowdheer Kapidi is showcasing everything from townhomes to condos and single-family homes – whatever the lifestyle or home, Rowdheer is ready to help. To view an array of listings, visit Rowdheer on Facebook, where you can find everything from residential, commercial and vacant lots. Who knows, there may be a house or land that’s just waiting for you to call home.


#1: Micheal Gacek

Thirty-three years and counting, Michael Gacek is a knowledgeable and certified real estate agent. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Michael is taking the Minneapolis real estate market online. No matter your budget, no matter your needs and no matter what you are in the market for – Michael is ready to help. Don’t miss out on a listing with Michael and his real estate experience.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 20 Minneapolis Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018!

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