These agents have managed to turn Greenville real estate into a social media phenomenon.

We’ve researched hundreds of Greenville Real real estate agents’ social media channels and went through a certain process to select the best. We began with finding Greenville real estate agents through different mediums and then looked at objective data regarding the Greenville real estate agents’ social media presence across various social media channels. Lastly, we made sure that all the Greenville real estate agents who made it to the final list have great social media presence based on subjective variables.

With that said, we present to you the Top 20 Greenville Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2019!

#20: Sharon Bishop

Residential, commercial or maybe you are seeking that first time home, whatever it is, Sharon Bishop is ready to help. With 24 years and counting of experience, Sharon is guiding the folks of Greenville to that house to call home. For more on how Sharon can help you fulfill your real estate dreams, visit her on Facebook today.

#19: Jon Ferguson

Serving the Greenville area, Jon Ferguson is a real estate agent who is helping first-time homebuyers and those seeking to upgrade or maybe downgrade their existing home. New to Greenville? Jon can provide insight into the real estate market and communities that are ideal for your lifestyle. From Facebook to his website, find all that you need to know of the Greenville real estate market.

#18: Steve Mussman

Start the hunt for that house to call home in Greenville with Steve Mussman. From luxurious homes to backyard pools, Steve is showing stunning listings too amazing to believe, he’s using the power of social media platforms like Facebook to showcase family homes and real estate listings in the area. Start the Greenville house hunt with Steve and see how you can find that dream home in Greenville.

#17: Keith Boling

With an extensive background in the real estate market, Greenville’s Keith Boling is ready to help. From single-family homes to condos in the downtown area, no matter the house you are interested in, let Keith be your real estate agent. From that first step of searching for that house to call home to make the ultimate investment of a lifetime, Keith works for his clients and works to serve 5-star real estate service.

#16: Deanna Arce

Working around the clock to serve the clients of Greenville in the search for their home, Deanna Arce is a skilled real estate agent. Residential or commercial, Deanna can offer you guidance from start to finish in the search for that house to call home. Taking the Greenville real estate market online, Deanna is using Facebook to show all that Greenville has to offer.

#15: Sam Hankins

With real estate experience finding houses to turn into homes in the Greenville area, Sam Hankins is helping families into their dream home. Working with clients, Sam is helping first-time home buyers and investors have their dreams within reach. With the help of Facebook, let Sam help you on the path to a home in Greenville.

#14: Corinne Nickell

Get the elite real estate experience in Greenville with Corinne Nickell. Serving up exquisite family homes and properties in the Greenville area, Corinne works to ensure her clients are informed and prepared to make the purchase of a lifetime. Taking Greenville’s real estate market online, Corinne is using Facebook to showcase her listings and demonstrate how she can be your real estate guide to the market.

#13: Heather Young

Heather Young is a Greenville real estate agent helping buyers, sellers and investors. Looking to take the first step in the real estate market? Let Heather be your guide from start to finish. From researching properties that suit your needs, to figuring out finances, Heather is ready to be your Greenville real estate agent.

#12: Lee Harkins

Lee Harkins is helping you tap into your Greenville dream home. From a single-family home to upgrading that home for your growing family, – Lee has been serving the real estate market of Greenville with quality and dedication. Buying or selling, Lee is ready to help from start to finish. Take the first step with Lee and find that community to call your own in Greenville.

#11: Kiersten Bell

Going above and beyond that of an ordinary real estate agent, Kiersten Bell is serving quality real estate guidance and experience. With 13 years of real estate experience, Kiersten has been a leader in Greenville real estate. From family homes with the multi-car garages, to homes that are magazine worthy, whatever your real estate needs are in Greenville, Kiersten is showcasing them on Facebook and her website.

#10: John Bowen

By and sell with confidence in Greenville with John Bowen. Helping families from the overwhelming process of the real estate market, John works hard to ensure his clients have all the information they need to find that perfect home. From Facebook to his online listings, Greenville and John are waiting on families to move in and live happily ever after.

#9: Donald Barbour

From finding that perfect home in Greenville to investment properties, whatever your needs are to turning that house into a home, Donald Barbour is ready to help. With experience in the Greenville real estate market, Donald is helping families buy and sell. Relocating and unfamiliar with the area? Donald can guide you from start to finish in getting settled in Greenville. Don’t miss out on his Facebook posts, there just might be a post to your next home.

#8: Brandon Napolitano

Find your Greenville dream home with Brandon Napolitano. Looking to upgrade from that apartment or condo into a house in the suburbs? Brandon is ready to help clients find a community to suit their lifestyle. From Facebook to his website, Brandon is ready to help families in the Greenville area.

#7: Nick Carlson

Serving up million-dollar listings in Greenville, Nick Carlson is showcasing a life of luxury for his clients. Taking these extraordinary listings online, Nick is using Facebook to show all the trends and listings to get his clients started in a life of luxury in Greenville. For more on how Nick can get you to live your dreams, visit him on Facebook today.

#6: Chet and Beth Smith

Buying a home can be stressful and overwhelming – with Chet and Beth Smith of Greenville, this real estate duo is helping first-time homebuyers, sellers and investors take the first step into the real estate market. From condos to suburbia living, or maybe a spralling property is you interest, no matter what your property desires are, Chet and Beth is ready to help. From Facebook to their website, let Chet and Beth guide you from the start to finish.

#5: Moses Nickerson

Moses Nickerson is a Greenville real estate agent who is selling and buying homes with clients. With over a thousand satisfied clients served in finding their homes, Moses is a real estate guru. With ample satified clients all over Greenville, Moses offers insight on the real estate market and trends. Have Moses on your side and be part of the happy clients who have found their home in Greenville with Moses.

#4: Maggie Aiken

Who says home matchmakers don’t exist? Maggie Aiken of Greenville is matching homes with owners. With 7 years and counting of real estate experience, Maggie is matching lifestyles with homes for potential clients. For all the latest in Greenville real estate, visit Maggie on Facebook and Instagram today.

#3: Bryan Sullivan

Buying, selling or maybe you are looking to invest in Greenville, whatever your real estate needs are, Bryan Sullivan is serving up a jack of trades approach. From taking the first step of listing or researching to ensuring you get the keys to your dream home, whatever it is, Bryan is ready and keen to help. Don’t miss out on a Greenville experience with Bryan and his property listings.

#2: Chrystal and Terrence Wilson

From Facebook to Instagram, Chrystal and Terrence Wilson are going up and above when serving their Greenville clients. From educating clients on the Greenville real estate market trends to showcasing stunning family homes – Chrystal and Terrence are ensuring their clients are prepared for the investment of a lifetime. Buy, sell or investing, this power real estate duo is able to lead you to a home.

#1: Sharon Wilson

Buying or selling, Sharon Wilson of Greenville is helping families find that house to turn into a home. Sharon is taking on the Greenville real estate market with the help of social media, especially Facebook. Showcasing all the finest homes of Greenville, Sharon is ready to be your real estate guide from start to finish.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 20 Greenville Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2019!