Top 20 Detroit Real Estate Agents On Social Media in 2018

Top 20 Detroit Real Estate Agents On Social Media in 2018


These Detroit real estate agents have managed to turn heads in the city’s real estate market by increasing their presence on multiple social media channels.

Detroit, the largest city in Michigan has a number of talented real estate agents, which have discovered the power of using social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We have researched hundreds of Detroit real estate agents’ social media channels and went through a certain process to select the best realtors. We began with finding Detroit real estate agents through different mediums and then looked at objective data regarding the Detroit real estate agents’ social media presence across various social media channels. Lastly, we made sure that all the Detroit real estate agents who made it to the top list have great social media presence based on subjective variables.

We now present to you the Top 20 Detroit Real Estate Agents On Social Media in 2018. Enjoy!


#20: Pat Teeley

Pat Teeley and her team are real estate professionals with extensive knowledge of home buying, selling and financing. They promise to provide their clients with exceptional services and achieve their real estate goals. Check them out on Facebook to stay updated with beautiful listings!


#19: Brent Flewelling

Brent Flewelling makes sure to reach his clients’ real estate goals. He has over 17 years of experience in the field and has also been ranked in the top 1% of real estate agents in the state of Michigan. Check out Brent’s Facebook page for amazing listings and real estate related blogs in the Detroit area and its surroundings!


#18: Andy Nemeckay

Andy Nemeckay does an excellent job and advertising on social media. His Facebook page is filled with content based on real estate. His precise attention to detail and professionalism will amaze you along with the beautiful homes in Detroit. He is a hard working agent who will always make sure to ensure client satisfaction for everyone who he works with.


#17: Johanna Walker

Johanna Walker is a perfect example of what real estate agents should be doing to effectively promote and advertise for themselves on social media. With hundreds of followers, Johanna makes sure to always post and share content for all of her followers to enjoy. Her Facebook page features stunning images of homes on her listing, videos on home decor and much more!


#16: Reginald Perryman

Reginald Perryman is a Keller Williams Associate Broker in Michigan. If you’re looking to buy a home, better go and look on Reginald’s page. He actively updates his Facebook with different homes that are going for sale and makes sure to include lots of information! He’s known for being a trusted resource who will be able to guide his clients through the complex world of real estate.


#15: Kim Golich

Kim Golich, a real estate agent with 10 years of experience, knows the ins and outs of Michigan real estate. She offers a pleasant and diligent experience for her clients. Her Facebook posts easily captivate anyone with just one glance of the beautiful estates and pictures she posts.


#14: Ron Trombetti

Ron Trombetti specializes in new construction real estate in the Metro Detroit area. He has been ranked in the top 5% of real estate agents in Detroit by HOUR magazine. Ron has a growing following on Facebook, where he makes sure to keep his fans entertained with all things real estate related!


#13: Towanna Jackson & LaShawn Peterson

Towanna Jackson & LaShawn Peterson are a real estate team built and shaped by talented and driven real estate professionals. They’re recognized for their professionalism and hard work towards making sure all their clients are satisfied. They run a Facebook page with over a thousand followers where they advertise, share content and interact with their followers. They also post images and videos of homes which will surely have you hooked!


#12: Tarick Salmaci

Tarick Salmaci uses his knowledge of real estate and makes sure that it is his #1 priority to help clients make the best decision possible. Not only this, Tarick also publishes a blog with inspiring and entertaining content. Take a look at his Facebook page, it’s full of great articles and amazing content.


#11: Kelly Finley

With over 15 years in the mortgage and real estate business, Kelly Finley decided to become a real estate agent and open up her very own business. With a number of 5 star reviews on Facebook, we know it’s worth checking out Kelly on social media. We love the photos of gorgeous homes she posts on her Facebook page!


#10: Jessica & Justin Woodbeck

Jessica and Justin Woodbeck both came from different professional backgrounds before entering the world of real estate. Jessica has a proven track record of success in her former position from the General Motors Corporation and Justin is a former Detroit police officer. They both together, make an excellent team of real estate professionals. Don’t believe us? Check out the 2,000+ followers they have on Facebook.


#9: Michelle Coleman

Michelle Coleman is a real estate agent with Jim Shaffer and Associates. She began to pursue her dream of becoming a real estate agent since 2014 and has been excelling in it. Check her Facebook and Instagram page to stay updated with her everyday life in the real estate world!


#8: The Meldrum Knybel Group

The Meldrum Knybel Group is a dedicated team of real estate agents who always keep their clients updated with the city’s real estate market. We love a team of agents who are absolutely passionate about helping others and seeing them happy. Check out their social media pages to learn more about this awesome team of real estate professionals!


#7: Eric Mendieta & Jason Ries

Eric Mendieta & Jason Ries are real estate partners who work together to provide their clients with the best real estate experience. They possess an extensive amount of knowledge about the real estate market locally and they know how to meet the needs and wants of their clients. Their Facebook feed offers blogs on the latest real estate news, household tips and a lot more that you shouldn’t miss out on! Here’s a link to their property search site which is days ahead of Zillow and other big name sites – Find them on Facebook by searching Dream Home Detroit.


#6: Tyler Stipe

Tyler Stipe is amazing at what he does. From buying and selling homes to advertising them online, Tyler’s skills are sure to exceed your expectations. Tyler is highly experienced in helping clients buy, sell and rent homes and he provides his clients with guidance throughout the whole process. Follow him on his social media and you will get a snippet of his personal life too!


#5: Jessica Tremonti

Jessica Tremonti serves in the Detroit area, with over 7 years of experience and 200+ transactions under her belt. She loves to mix traditional marketing techniques such as flyers and open houses with modern sales tools such as social media, videos, and more. Her Instagram is full of photos of the people, places, and natural beauty that make many proud to call Michigan home.


#4: Jeff Glover

Jeff Glover is a Michigan native who has over 4,000 followers on Facebook alone. He loves to work together with his team to provide clients with the best experience possible when buying and selling their homes. Visit his social media pages to stay updated with real estate in the Detroit area!


#3: James Silver

Stylish modern homes are on display on James Silver’s website and Facebook. He is also an expert in HUD, REO, and bank-owned properties and loves to help his clients grab a deal on a great home. James uses most forms of social media, including Facebook and Twitter. With thousands of followers on social media, we would say James definitely knows what he is doing!


#2: John Goci

John Goci does an excellent job at using social media to advertise his listings and keep his followers updated on all the latest updates and news on real estate in Detroit. John’s social media presence is an amazing way for him to keep in contact with all of his clients and generate leads. His love and passion when it comes to his job is greatly shown on his social media pages. If you’re interested in real estate in Detroit, then John’s social media pages are a must follow for you.


#1: Andrea Kurzynski

Andrea Kurzynski from The Michigan Home Shop is an expert real estate agent who specializes in providing her clients the best real estate estate experience. Being known for her excellent service, loyalty and negotiation skills, she never lets any of her clients down. Her Facebook page will intrigue anyone where she actively posts various real estate related articles. Check out her social media now!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 20 Detroit Real Estate Agents On Social Media in 2018!

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