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These Cincinnati real estate agents have managed to turn heads in the city’s real estate market by taking full advantage of social media channels.

We’ve researched hundreds of Cincinnati real estate agents’ social media channels and went through a certain process to select the top real estate agents. First, we began by finding Cincinnati real estate agents through different mediums. Then, we looked at objective data regarding the real estate agents’ social media presence across a number of social media channels. Finally, we made sure that the Cincinnati real estate agents who have made it to the final 20 have great social media presence based on subjective variables.

With that said, we present to you the Top 20 Cincinnati Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018!


#20: Brianne Kroger

Buying or selling, Brianne Kroger is a Cincinnati real estate agent who strives to ensure her clients have stress-free and pain-free real estate experience. Committed to providing reliable and dependable real estate market information, Brianne is showcasing all that the Cincinnati market has to offer. For more on listings by Brianne, visit her on Facebook today.


#19: Brittney Frietch

Searching for a home in Cincinnati can be a lengthy and laborious process – but don’t let the search for a real estate agent stress you out, let Brittney Frietch be the agent to guide you from start to finish. Facebook or Twitter, whether you are looking to enter the real estate market for the first time or upgrade your current home, let Brittney guide you to the perfect home.


#18: Steven Early

Serving the clients of Cincinnati with 5-star customer service, Steven Early is dedicated to ensuring his clients have a memorable and straightforward experience with the real estate market. Whether you are looking at a first-time home buyer or looking to upgrade your current home, Steven offers listings to suit any buyer needs. Don’t miss out, learn more with Steven on Facebook and his website.


#17: Pamela Porter

With over 18 years of experience in real estate, construction and architecture, Pamela Porter knows what it takes to meet her client needs. From ensuring all the latest and most reliable real state market information to providing her clients’ wants and requirements, they are all fulfilled. Buying or selling, Pamela is working with clients in Cincinnati to find that house to call home. For more, find her on Facebook and Twitter today.


#16: Michelle Weadbrock

Offering a one-stop shop in the real estate market, Michelle Weadbrock can help families buy or sell their home today. Providing knowledge into the Cincinnati real estate market and trends, Michelle is showcasing all of Cincinnati’s most beautiful homes. Unsure where to start – don’t worry with Michelle on your side.


#15: Joe Cornwell

Looking to enter the Cincinnati real estate market? First-time buyer or maybe you are looking to find that investment property – whatever your buying needs are, Joe Cornwell is ready to help. Offering guidance in a competitive and often stressful market, Joe knows how to ensure his clients have all the information they need to make an informed and ideal situation. For more on Joe and his real estate market knowledge, visit him on Facebook and online today.


#14: Gordon Green

Selling with integrity, Gordon Green is a Cincinnati real estate agent helping families, and first-time home buyers find their dream home. Dedicated to providing outstanding results and the best results for his clients, Gordon is using social media like Facebook and Twitter to inform those interested in the real estate market. Confident and knowledgeable, Gordon is ready to find that Cincinnati home for you.


#13: Anne Bedinghaus

Your home, your dream, Anne Bedinghaus promises to deliver. Whether you are looking for that property to build your dream home or that perfect white-picket fenced home, whatever you are looking for, Anne has a listing for you. Sharing real estate market knowledge and useful tips, follow Anne on Facebook and Twitter to learn more.


#12: Bryon Rogers

Whether it’s a family home or a luxury one – Bryon Rogers is showcasing all that Cincinnati has to offer. With over a decade of real estate experience, Bryon is offering hands-on, real estate knowledge and experience. For more on luxury listings and humble family homes – follow Bryon on Facebook today.


#11: Kelly Gibbs

Helping you find that home sweet home – whether its buying or investing, maybe even selling, Kelly Gibbs is a knowledgeable and trained real estate agent. Sharing real estate market insight and tips to get the most out of your home – let Kelly show you the way on Facebook and Twitter. No matter your budget, no matter your needs, Kelly is ready to help.


#10: Alison Moss

Relocating to Cincinnati? Let Alison Moss be your real estate guide into the market – whether it is your first home or your last home, let Alison guide you from start to finish in the search for that house to call home. Facebook or her website – Alison offers insight on the Cincinnati real estate market. Whatever your needs, Alison is showcasing Cincinnati living.


#9: Robert Smith

Facebook or Twitter, vacant land or a fixer-upper, Robert Smith is a Cincinnati real estate agent showing-off Cincinnati properties for buyers and investors. Looking to sell? Robert can help you determine the proper property value to ensure you get the most out of your home. Don’t let this process of finding and buying a house be one to stress or worry you, let Robert guide you from start to finish.


#8: Danny Baron

Cincinnati resident Danny Baron is offering innovative and exceptional Cincinnati real estate experience. From buying to selling, Danny puts his client’s needs first and works with them to find their perfect home. Using social media to share up-to-date real estate information and trends, follow Danny on Facebook today to never miss a beat.


#7: Walt Gibler

A Cincinnati “Top 30 Under 30” real estate agent, Walt Gibler offers from downtown condos to picket-fence family homes. From Facebook to Twitter, Walt is a real estate agent matching homes with owners. For more on the market, and all that Cincinnati has to offer, check Walt out today.


#6: Darrick Dansby

With over 12-years of experience, Darrick Dansby offers real estate market insights for anyone looking to enter for residential or commercial purposes. Utilizing social media avenues like Facebook – Darrick is showing all the possibilities of owning a property in Cincinnati. Real estate is a large investment one makes, do it with confidence and a helping hand like Darrick Dansby.


#5: Michael Hinckley

With over 27 years of real estate experience, Michael Hinckley is offering a wealth of real estate experience and knowledge. A first-time home buyer or maybe you are upgrading, or downgrading – discover your dream home with Michael. From Facebook to Twitter, Michael offers homes of all price ranges and all styles. Waterfront property, downtown living or a single-family home – Michael is sure to have a home for that searching client.


#4: Korinne Morrison

Korinne Morrison has the knowledge when it comes to buying, selling, renting or even staging. No matter your needs when it comes to the market, Korinne works with her clients to ensure their needs and expectations are met and exceeded. Don’t feel overwhelmed or unprepared in the Cincinnati real estate market, let Korinne and Facebook show you through the real estate market.


#3: Greg Unthank

Thinking of leaving that condo or downtown living lifestyle for suburbia? Greg Unthank offers family homes to suit any budget and style. From a single-level family home to a multi-level family home, Greg is helping families find that place to call home. To see what Cincinnati and Greg have to offer, visit him on Facebook and online – who knows, that next post might be the perfect home for you.


#2: Jeff Williamson

Looking to get real estate tips and market trends? Let Jeff Williamson share real estate market guides and knowledge to help you start the home-buying process. From financing to the actual search – Jeff works with you to ensure you see all that the Cincinnati market has to offer. Using Facebook and his website, Jeff is making the hunt for a house a smooth and stress-free approach.


#1: Rick and Holly Finn

With over 20 years of real estate experience, Rick and Holly Finn make finding your next home as easy as 1-2-3. Using Facebook and their informative website, Rick and Holly are sharing real estate market trends and listings with families in Cincinnati. From luxury family homes to condos, Rick and Holly make starting that search easy. Don’t miss out on a chance to find that special place with Rick and Holly – visit them today online.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 20 Cincinnati Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018!

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