These Chula Vista real estate agents are reaching thousands of people by leveraging multiple social media channels.

We’ve researched hundreds of Chula Vista Real real estate agents’ social media channels and went through a certain process to select the best. We began with finding Chula Vista, real estate agents through different mediums and then looked at objective data regarding the Chula Vista, real estate agents’ social media presence across various social media channels. Lastly, we made sure that all the Chula Vista, real estate agents who made it to the final list have great social media presence based on subjective variables.

With that said, we present to you the Top 20 Chula Vista Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018!


#20: Coby J. Herzon

Coby J. Herzon is a Chula Vista real estate agent who specializes in sales with first-time homebuyers, luxury listings and ranches. Whether you are looking for an oasis outside the city, suburbia living or a million-dollar mansion, let Coby be your key to Chula Vista. From Facebook to his site, check out all that Chula Vista has to offer and more.


#19: Jezer Manalastas

Looking to build your dream home from the ground up? Let Jezer Manalastas of Chula Vista guide you to that perfect plot. Whether you are looking for one in suburbia or in the mountains, maybe one with a waterfront view, Jezer is ready to show you some of Chula Vista’s property gems. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, who knows, you might just find a hidden gem.


#18: Ramon Macias

Buy or sell, Ramon Macias prides himself in providing real estate experience and insight in the Chula Vista area. Whether it’s a family home or a penthouse condo with stunning water views, Ramon is using years of real estate experience to match the lifestyle with the perfect home. Whatever your budget, whatever your needs, visit Ramon on Facebook and Twitter today – who knows that next tweet may be the home you’ve been looking for.


#17: Tracy Guerrero

Going on 15 years and more, Tracy Guerrero is sharing her real estate market insights and knowledge. From starting her clients off on the right foot to ensuring her client’s needs are met – Tracy works for her clients. Whether you are looking for that upgrade from the city living to quiet suburbia, let Tracy get you moving in the right direction. To view a home to suit your needs, visit her on Facebook today.


#16: Paul Montano

Understand the Chula Vista real estate market and trends with Paul Montano. With over a decade of experience, Paul is simplifying and removing the stress of finding that perfect home. From Facebook and her website, Paul showcases Chula Vista’s listings – from active to pending and sold, you’ll be informed of all the latest real estate market trends.


#15: Dario Barba

With over 12 years of Chula Vista real estate experience, Dario Barba is helping those in the area find a house to call home. Working with his clients, Dario is helping first-time home buyers and investors have the dreams within reach. Facebook and Twitter, let Dario help you on the path to a home in Chula Vista.


#14: Pamela Ratcliffe

Working to turn your real estate dreams into a reality, Pamela Ratcliffe of Ratcliffe Real Estate is finding homes for her clients. Buying? Let Pamela guide you from start to finish and ensure you get the most out of your home regarding real estate value. For more on how Pamela can be the 5-star real estate agent for you, visit her on Facebook to see her Chula Vista listings today.


#13: Silvia Vasquez

With almost twenty years of real estate experience, Silvia Vasquez is bringing the red-carpet service in real estate services. Buying or selling, Silvia is putting her clients’ and their needs first. Unsure of where to start, why not visit Silvia on Facebook and check out her many listings, who knows, that next post just may be the home for you.


#12: Minerva Garcia

Serving up 5-star client services, Minerva Garcia has been serving the Chula Vista residents for over 18 years and counting. With luxury listings and subtle suburbia homes, Minerva is matching homes and families. Whether it’s a backyard pool or a multi-car garage, let Minerva on Facebook show you all the possibilities. From referral clients to first-time home buyers, Minerva is ready to help.


#11: Mike Drew

With the philosophy that the key to success is putting client’s first, Mike Drew is a successful Chula Vista real estate agent because he puts his client’s first. From residential properties to long and short-term investments, Mike is guiding the clients from start to finish. Don’t feel overwhelmed or stressed, let Mike guide you and make the experience a memorable one.


#10: Camille Bruno

Find a community to suit your lifestyle – whether it’s one involving sandy beaches, downtown city living or a family orientated community, Camille Bruno is matching families in the Chula Vista area. Using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Camille is showcasing the many sides of Chula Vista and all it has to offer. Enjoy the experience of finding a house to call home with Camille.


#9: Liz Garcia

Looking to move to Chula Vista, better consider Liz Garcia as your real estate agent. Buying or leasing, Liz is showcasing all that Chula Vista has to offer. Unsure of what you can afford – let Liz worry about matching your finances with a home. Let the real estate experience be a stress free one, let Liz and Facebook guide you from start to finish today.


#8: Tom Cruz

Unsure where to begin when it comes to finding a Chula Vista home? Tom Cruz offers an interactive and real-time map of available listings on his website but also on his Facebook page. Let Tom guide you through the communities of Chula Vista and help you match your lifestyle with your home. Buy or sell, Tom offers services in both areas of the real estate market.


#7: Hazel Rosete

Helping Chula Vista residents in all their real estate needs, Hazel Rosete offers over 12 years of real estate experience. Whether you are buying, selling or investing, Hazel is guiding her clients in the process of making the most significant investment and purchase in their life. From finances to properties, let Hazel show you all that Chula Vista has to offer on Facebook and Instagram today.


#6: Anthony Manzon

Part of the “30 Under 30” Anthony Manzon is a Chula Vista real estate agent who puts his client’s needs first. Whether you are buying or selling, Anthony is pairing homes with owners and showing the real estate options in the Chula Vista area. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, don’t miss a beat on the Chula Vista real estate market with Anthony and team.


#5: Daniel Di Matteo

Voted one of the Best Real Estate Agents, Chula Vista’s Daniel Di Matteo is serving up exceptional real estate service. From family homes to condos, Daniel is working to guide you through the process of finding that home and managing the finances. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – Daniel is showing he’s within reach and ready to help with his real estate knowledge and skills.


#4: Priscila Rodriguez

Who says home matchmakers don’t exist? In Chula Vista, Priscila Rodriguez is the property matchmaker turning peoples’ dreams into reality. From waterfront properties to backyard pools, whatever lifestyle you are going for, Priscila has a home for you. For all the latest in Chula Vista real estate, visit Priscila on Facebook and Twitter today.


#3: Ricardo Omar Mendez

Residential or commercial, Ricardo Omar Mendez is a Chula Vista real estate agent and property manager who has over 350 properties under his belt. With thirteen years and counting in real estate experience, Ricardo shares Chula Vista market trends and insights on Facebook. Looking to invest in a home or a business, let Ricardo guide you through the process from research to buying.


#2: Faby Gonzalez

Buying that dream home doesn’t have to break the bank, and with Faby Gonzalez as your real estate agent, she is showing you that buying and owning a home doesn’t have to be costly. It can be stressful finding a home, from financing to the actual searching – let Faby match you and your budget with the perfect property. For more on Faby and her real estate experience and knowledge, visit her on Facebook today.


#1: David Gonzalez

Dedicated and committed, David Gonzalez is helping families and couples find the perfect home. Specializing in residential properties, David showcases homes in the Chula Vista area. Whether it’s an upgrade from that one-bedroom apartment or a larger house for your expanding family, David is sure to have a home for you. To find that perfect family home in Chula Vista, visit David on Facebook and Twitter and let him bring you to the Chula Vista community.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 20 Chula Vista Real Estate Agents On Social Media In 2018!