Top 15 Washington, D.C. Real Estate Agents On Social Media

Top 15 Washington, D.C. Real Estate Agents On Social Media


These Washington, D.C. real estate agents have leveraged all social media channels to gain an advantage over the U.S. capital’s real estate market.

Our team has researched hundreds of Washington, D.C. realtors’ social media channels and went through a specific process to select the top real estate agents. Firstly, we began our research by finding Washington, D.C. real estate agents through a number of mediums. We then looked at objective data regarding the Washington, D.C. real estate agents’ social media presence across multiple social media platforms. Finally, we made sure that the Washington, D.C. real estate agents that have made it to the final list have great social media presence based on certain subjective variables.

With that being said, we present to you the Top 15 Washington, D.C. Real Estate Agents On Social Media!


#15: Amir Taba

From a marketing associate to a diverse real estate agent and landlord, Amir has proven that he has what it takes to become a successful realtor. Follow his Facebook page to stay updated with the real estate market in Washington, D.C. and a lot more!


#14: Lulieta Zhilla

Lulieta Zhilla is a licensed realtor in Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland. From new property listings to inspirational quotes to real estate related videos, she provides her followers all real estate related content they would need on social media. Amazing!


#13: Shemaya Klar & Jake Abbott

Shemaya Klar and Jake Abbott are associated with Abbott Klar Real Estate Group and make an ideal team! Their past and present clients have helped them build a powerful online presence through their Facebook posts and photos. Their ability to give accurate financial advice along with being media savvy, seals the deals for their clients!


#12: Jenn Smira

Jenn is one of the most popular realtors in Washington, D.C. Team Jenn Smira is a diverse team who has their feet across Oregon and NYC. Most of their clientele are loyal buyers and sellers who blindly put their faith in her incredible negotiation skills and achieve the desired results. Check out her photos on Facebook to get a glimpse of some of the most aesthetic properties on sale in Washington and you will keep coming back for more!


#11: Harrison Beacher

Harrison Beacher is a residential real estate expert, who focuses mostly on the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. His Facebook page provides his friends, family and clients with updates of what he’s up to and the local real estate market. So what are you waiting for? Check out his social media pages!


#10: Michael Brennan Jr.

Michael Brennan Jr. Is associated with the prestigious, Sotheby’s International Realty. He is an extremely talented negotiator who follows two simple rules: get the highest bid for your sellers and give accurate evaluation for your buyers. His Facebook account is proof of some of the awesome houses he gets to buy/sell for his clients.


#9: Sean Forschler

Sean Forschler has over 14 years of realty experience in the DC area. One of his strategies is to use social media marketing through videos, listings, photos and updates in order to create an impression in this new tech savvy world. He is a big fan of architecture and believes that given the strong foundation and the right structure, a building can turn into anything that you want. Now that’s impressive!


#8: Mandy Mills & David Getson

Mandy Mills and David Getson are associated with Compass, one of the most prestigious real estate brokerages. Their home listings on their Facebook page are some of the most upscale properties in Washington, D.C. Their utmost dedication and genuine concern for their clients’ interests has garnered this team’s amazing reviews from them!


#7: Barak Sky

Barak Sky’s social advertising and marketing strategies are based on end-to-end client satisfaction. He and his team go out of their way to ensure that their services meet client requirements. His commitment and dedication has earned him awards for high sales volume, innovation and community service. Fascinated? Channel in to his Facebook page then!


#6: Metro DC Houses

Based in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia, Metro DC Houses has an established reputation for their professionalism. As fully licensed realtors, they take up the responsibilities of taking actions for their clients’ interests and seal satisfactory deals with quicker response rates. Check out their social media pages to stay updated with this incredible team!


#5: Rob Sanders and Brent Jackson

Rob Sanders and Brent Jackson have the perfect partnership by complementing each other’s personalities to form The Rob and Brent Group. They are impressive when dealing with residential properties in Washington, D.C., since they provide a balanced service package that works to the advantage of their clients. Their event listings and social activities are extremely inviting. Follow their social media pages to keep up with all of their activities.


#4: Margaret Babbington

Margaret Babbington and her team are a dedicated set of professionals who are experts in various subjects like education, marketing, architecture, etc. They come together as a single team providing awesome real estate services through novel social media marketing. Their open house invites on Instagram will make you want a house in DC right now!


#3: Kimberly Casey & Daryl Judy

Kimberly Casey & Daryl Judy are your go-to real estate experts and one of the top-producing real estate teams in the U.S. We are not at all surprised as their Facebook and Instagram pages display some of the most stunning properties in the Washington, D.C. area. Now that’s a team worth checking out!


#2: Gina Tufano

Gina Tufano is associated with Pearson Smith Realty and is the agent of many other local buyers in the Virginia Suburbs of Washington, D.C. Gina provides one of the best real estate services in the city. She’s a passionate realtor who loves what she does and uses social media as a genuine platform to grow her business!


#1: Eddie Suarez

Eddie Suarez is proud to be affiliated with Sotheby’s International Realty. Him and his real estate firm will be happy to help you with any real estate concerns. With over 20K followers on Twitter and a huge fan base on Facebook, Eddie knows how to have a great social media presence!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 15 Washington, D.C. Real Estate Agents On Social Media!

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