Top 15 San Diego Real Estate Agents On Social Media

Top 15 San Diego Real Estate Agents On Social Media


These San Diego real estate agents have managed to turn the city’s real estate market into a social media phenomenon.

They have built their corporate profile from scratch and will leave no stones unturned when it comes to their social media presence.

After having researched numerous San Diego real estate agents through different mediums, we came up with our list of hundreds of realtors based on their social media presence. Once we had our list of popular realtors, we finally chose the top 15 real estate agents with a great social media presence based on subjective parameters.

Here we introduce you to the Top 15 San Diego Real Estate Agents On Social Media!


#15: Dave Werth & Mary Aronoff

Dave Werth & Mary Aronoff form ‘The Versa Team’. Their commitment and dedication to finding homes for their customers is tremendous. The almost all 5-star rating given by their customers proves this. The Versa Team has an innovative online approach to walk their potential customers through the entire process of buying and selling. A remarkable achievement!


#14: Nancy Schrimpf

Nancy Schrimpf is a realtor who has also been a social worker and R&D specialist for an Internet company and has created a strong media following. Her unique past experiences help her to be at the top of her game with her online presence. Her clients describe her as a genuinely caring and enthusiastic realtor who eases the rather painful process of buying or selling properties. Her ability to cater to her clients’ requirements is astounding!


#13: Kurt Wannebo

Want to be advised by the trainer of all other real estate agents? Then it is Kurt Wannebo that you would want to get in touch with. Kurt Wannebo is one of the finest realtors who decided to follow his passion and is nicknamed ‘Broker Kurt’. He is a well-known figure to the San Diego Tribune and has had many radio shows and TV interviews. An absolutely fantastic realtor to follow!


#12: Hunter Lysaught

Hunter Lysaught is a San Diego realtor who does an amazing job. It is no wonder that he is associated with Coldwell Banker with his extraordinary social media maneuvers. His clients give him 5-star ratings and his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages have a massive following.


#11: Adam Kelley

Adam Kelly is one of the many real estate agents you want to follow! His tenure as a realtor was preceded by his role as an aggressive B2B sales & marketing agent that explains his novel ways of conducting business on the social platform. His excellent track record and superb online presence is a rare-to-find combination. Make sure to follow him!


#10: Lauri Lansdale

Lauri Lansdale is one of the best real estate agents in San Diego as she aces the social media game. Her 1900+ followers on Facebook are big fans of the sea facing views of her houses. Get a glimpse of her extensive experience in home buying and selling services on her Facebook page photos!


#9: Victoria Sandoval

We love a realtor with such a motto: “Buy with Confidence and Sell with the Best”. Victoria Sandoval was born and raised in San Diego and has all the knowledge one needs of the city’s real estate market. She’s a realtor that delivers, and you can easily see that on her social media pages!


#8: Kara Kay

As a long-timer in this industry, Kara Kay is a classy realtor who sets the bar high up. Her media presence elates her and proves her as an incredible professional. She is passionate about her work, as described by almost all of her clients and ends up providing more than what is expected. Do not miss out on all those photos of classy homes and home decors on her social media pages!


#7: Faby Gonzalez

As an experienced real estate agent, Faby Gonzalez has had over 35 years of experience and has still kept up with the times by updating her Facebook page. All her photos showcase the extraordinary homes that she has helped to either sell or buy. We love her Facebook page and all the values she stands for!


#6: Emma Lefkowitz

Emma Lefkowitz, associated with Scripps Ranch Real Estate, is a multi-faceted real estate agent who also does volunteering and charity work. The numerous listings that she has on her Instagram page proves how well she balances both her job and volunteer work. Have you started following her yet?


#5: Fadi Matti

Being associated with Big Block Realty, real estate agent Fadi Matti is an incredible realtor. His Facebook page is filled with albums of photos depicting all his projects. Social media is the latest hot trend now to remain in this competitive industry and Fadi Matti has no qualms about it.


#4: Gabe Mendez

Gabe Mendez has made sure that everybody is aware of his presence in the real estate industry through his continuous social media updates. His charming personality and tag line fall completely in line with his home buying and selling services. Here you have a social media savvy realtor who is an expert in what he does and handles every aspect of the transaction. What more do you need?


#3: Sonja Huter

Internationally recognized Sonja Huter believes in the value of education and is a certified International Property Specialist. She has awesome engagement and her social media fans love her content, which includes blogs, photos of listings and much more! With a 5,600 fan following on social media, who wouldn’t want to follow her?


#2: Chris Martin

Chris Martin is a military relocation specialist who is also in the business of real estate as a member of Crudo and Associates of Wills Allen Real Estate. His social media pages include engaging content ranging from new listings, “coming soon” properties, “sold” properties to his personal life updates. Now that’s impressive!


#1: Ben Biggs

Nicknamed as the ‘go-to, navy friendly realtor’, Ben Biggs is the person to follow on social media. He is experienced in handling real estate deals of all scales and has a simple approach to solving problems. You can find infinite property listings on his pages and can count on him to get a perfect deal!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 15 San Diego Real Estate Agents On Social Media!

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