Top 15 Knoxville Real Estate Agents On Social Media

Top 15 Knoxville Real Estate Agents On Social Media in 2018


These Knoxville real estate agents have managed to turn heads in the city’s real estate market by increasing their presence on social media.

We’ve researched hundreds of Knoxville real estate agents’ social media channels and went through a certain process to select the top agents. First, we began by researching Knoxville real estate agents through different mediums. Then, we looked at objective data regarding the real estate agents’ social media presence across a number of social media channels. Finally, we made sure that the Knoxville real estate agents who have made it to the final 15 have great social media presence based on subjective variables.

That being said, we present to you the Top 15 Knoxville Real Estate Agents On Social Media!


#15: Mary McMillan

Mary McMillan is an expert real estate agent, investor specialist and property manager in Knoxville. She has climbed her way up the ladder through hard work to get where she is today. If you’re looking for awesome listings and open houses in Knoxville, visit Mary’s Facebook page now!


#14: Jahna Mikels

Whether you want to buy or sell your home in Knoxville, Jahna Mikels would be a perfect fit to handle your transactions and negotiations. More than the monetary gain, it is her passion to help others pursue their dreams that keeps her going. Find her easily on her website and social media pages and bag the gorgeous homes she has on her home listings!


#13: Nikki Heightchew

Nikki Heightchew is a hard core endorser of ‘hard work-no way around it’. She believes that if you have dreamt of having a house then you must have it. Knoxville has the character of ‘countryside-scenic’ and hence owning a house there is really a big deal. Nikki has made sure that all the houses on her listings will definitely capture the attention of the right buyer and gets rave reviews from her clients who are more than just satisfied with her service! Visit her Facebook page now!


#12: Jessica Capalik

Jessica Capalik is a young, dynamic and motivated individual who is dedicated to providing her clients with the best services possible. She believes that the best thing a real estate agent can offer their client is accurate legal and financial information transparently. As a native of Knoxville, Jessica can provide knowledgeable insights into the numerous communities in the city. She truly appreciates the power of social media advertising and online presence for which she has a dedicated marketing team for in her firm.


#11: Sandy Jones

As an experienced real estate agent, Sandy Jones understands the need to buy a home that suits you and your lifestyle. She feels an inherent obligation to her clients to provide advice and reports like marketing analysis to help choose the best fit and home staging processes to generate the apt market value for your home. Check out her Facebook page to catch a glimpse of her enviable home listings!


#10: Ann Richards

As a proud associate of Realty Executives Associates, Ann Richards is a passionate real estate agent who makes sure that all her clients pursue their realty dreams without even the slightest compromise. Apart from home buying and selling, she also provides other relevant services like home evaluation, legal counsel, home inspections and others. Check out and follow her beautiful Knoxville homes on her Facebook page!


#9: Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson focuses on both residential and commercial properties. His focus is on providing analytical data and financial information to the potential buyer or seller so that decision making becomes easy. Scott is extremely tech savvy and uses his marketing genius to negotiate strongly and end transactions seamlessly. His top priority is client satisfaction and even has a ‘mortgage calculator’ feature on his website to help his clients decide. His home listings on social media include a beautiful array of landscaped homes ready for possession!


#8: Tyler Fogarty and Joe Fox

Tyler Fogarty and Joe Fox are the founders of Fox&Fogarty and are two extremely dynamic personalities! They operate in the top 1% of their field and market and are ranked among the best brokers in the state. Both are ace advertisers who are constantly finding novel ways to work out all the deals that they have bagged which in turn dramatically changes the community around them, for the better. Their Facebook page is a lovely landing page, full of homes from fantasy land and that are available for possession in reality!


#7: Kara Edenfield

Kara Edenfield is an expert property dealer specializing in both residential and commercial real estate. Her home listings include downtown homes and condos that are close to the center of the city. She is a Knoxville know-it-all and helps her customers to realize their dreams of walking through the front doors of their own, dream homes. Kara has helped many of her clients relocate and manage all the hassles of moving, loading and unloading through a strong network of related contacts and online presence. She believes that communication is the key!


#6: Johnna Easter

Johnna Easter is a Grand Duchess of real estate and an avid marketer of home listings. Her firm provides home stagings, photography, home inspections, mortgage advice and preferred lending options. She makes sure that she works together with her clients and is with them at every step of the way. Her killer home listings on her social media channels include semi-urban, detached and independent homes that make your heart skip a beat. Now that’s impressive!


#5: Christine McInerney

Christine McInerney is an expert real estate agent in the Greater Knoxville area! Her team, The McInerney Team consists of four hard working and dedicated real estate agents who are not only passionate about real estate but go out of their way to fulfill their client’s needs. Her Facebook feed is intriguing, as it not only consists of real estate related blogs but also updates about the city of Knoxville. So what are you waiting for? Visit Christine’s Facebook page now!


#4: Jackie S. Mills

Jackie Mills is an affiliate broker specializing in the areas of Knoxville, Maryville, Alcoa, Townsend and the surrounding areas. She is a one-stop-shop for all your real estate needs ranging from managing rental properties to home inspections before conducting a successful sale. Also, she promises to make homes happen for her clients by creating attractive home listings on social media and her personal business website for relaying information faster and getting quicker responses!


#3: Dewayne Whitt and Chris Whitt

As KW Realty Emory Partners, both the Dewayne and Chris Whitt are tech savvy real estate agents who see an opportunity in every setback or situation. They are professional experts at creating a high market value for your house that you want to sell and hold separate consultations for these sessions. It is the wealth of knowledge that a real estate agent possesses that makes a difference between the good deals and bad deals and Dewayne and Chris can be an added asset to your entourage rather than a liability. Their Facebook page features several cozy looking houses including amenities that makes you wonder why are you not in Knoxville yet?


#2: Julia Hurley

If you want to choose one of the top real estate agents’ to handle your realty transaction then look no more than Julia Hurley. She is one of the top 5% producing agents, Platinum and Quadruple Gold Level award winning agent who has her eyes set on the horizon looking to push her boundaries for her clients.The thousands of fans she has on her social media pages explain her incredible social media skills!


#1: Holli McCray

Holli McCray is your ideal next door real estate agent who believes that teamwork is the way to success. She has a technologically advanced website keeping in pace with today’s trends that has an active chat application. She has one of the highest online following in Knoxville and attributes her success to her clients with whom she has worked with. She is one real estate professional you have been looking for!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 15 Knoxville Real Estate Agents On Social Media!

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