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Top 15 Kansas City Real Estate Agents On Social Media

Top 15 Kansas City Real Estate Agents On Social Media


These Kansas City real estate agents are standing out amongst the crowd by winning on social media.

We’ve researched hundreds of Kansas City real estate agents’ social media channels and went through a certain process to select the top real estate agents. First, we began by finding Kansas City real estate agents through different mediums. Then, we looked at objective data regarding the real estate agents’ social media presence across a number of social media channels. Finally, we made sure that the Kansas City real estate agents who have made it to the final 15 have great social media presence based on subjective variables.

With that said, we present to you the Top 15 Kansas City Real Estate Agents On Social Media!


#15: Randy Swope

Randy Swope is a lifelong resident of Northwest Missouri who doesn’t just sell houses. He specializes in residential and recreational land. Check out his Facebook and Twitter for listings of stunning homes with sprawling acerage. They will make you want to live the country life in Missouri!


#14: Drew Gilmore

Drew Gilmore started out in real estate by rehabbing old homes. Today, he is a top agent who specializes in urban real estate. You’ll find beautiful historic Kansas City homes on his Facebook page, and friends, fun, and eye-catching home design on his Instagram.


#13: Jason Cole & Shelly Smith

Jason Cole and Shelly Smith are a real estate team who love to make dreams come true for their clients. They have over ten years of experience, and vast knowledge of the various Kansas City neighborhoods. They showcase homes all over the Kansas City metro area on their Facebook page.


#12: Christina Hill

Christina Hill really has an eye for design! We love her Facebook feed, which is full of interesting design ideas and decorating tips. She takes a more personal approach on Twitter, where she tweets about her life and takes the time to thank clients and friends.


#11: Susan Fate

Susan Fate is a college professor turned real estate agent who uses an analytical approach to selling real estate. And judging by the reviews on her Twitter, her clients love her for it! Head to her Facebook page to see gorgeous homes in a variety of price ranges.


#10: Jessica Fields-Leone

Jessica Fields-Leone is a real estate agent and mediator who loves giving her clients a simple, streamlined selling or buying process. Jessica posts move-in ready homes on her Facebook. She takes a more personal approach on Instagram, where she shows photos of her family, friends, and Kansas City life.


#9: Sara Stucker

We love how Sara Stucker uses her Facebook to congratulate and thank recent clients. She is a customer service-oriented real estate agent who knows how to use social media to connect with people. She also has a great eye for design, as evidenced by the beautiful home decor pictures she posts.


#8: James Robert Lendman

James Robert Lendman believes in turning dreams into reality, which is probably why he posts so many “dreamy” photos of homes on his Facebook page! He also believes in hard work and achieving goals. Head over to his Twitter and Instagram pages for encouragement and motivational posts.


#7: Christina Boveri

Christina Boveri has a true passion for Kansas City and is a city leader in urban renewal, particularly in the downtown area. She and her team cover leasing and sales in many Kansas City neighborhoods. You’ll find listings for amazing homes all over the city on her Facebook and Twitter feeds.


#6: Stacy Porto

Stacy Porto is a real estate agent and attorney, which means she is great at negotiating deals and mediating disputes. She sells Kansas City one house at a time on her Facebook and Twitter. We like how she posts both photos and lots of videos to give buyers an up-close view of her properties.


#5: Holly Michael

Holly Michael and her team believe that an informed buyer is a happy buyer. We love the variety of posts she puts on Facebook and Twitter. From market information to decorating tips to home listings, you will find it all there. So what are you waiting for? Check out Holly’s social media pages!


#4: Shannon Stumpenhaus & Nickole Pittala

Shannon Stumpenhaus & Nickole Pittala have amassed over 4,200 social media followers. They love to showcase stunning, modern homes with updated finishes on their Facebook and Twitter feeds. Shannon and Nickole are driven and passionate and are among the top REMAX teams in the country.


#3: Ashley Kendrick

Ashley Kendrick’s clients love her, and so do her social media followers. It’s a joy to browse through the photos of spacious, beautifully decorated homes on her Facebook. She gets more personal on Instagram, where she shows viewers glimpses of her life in Kansas City.


#2: Craig Vellar

Craig Vellar doesn’t just post beautiful homes on his social media accounts. His Facebook and Twitter are full of information about the local real estate market, interior design ideas, and helpful articles for the first-time home buyer. Craig is an informed and attentive real estate agent who knows how to help his buyers make an informed choice.


#1: Jenny Delich

Jenny Delich has an astonishing 110,000 social media followers. No other Kansas City real estate agent even comes close! Her Facebook and Instagram feeds are a blast to browse. You’ll find home listings, articles, Youtube videos, and personal pics from Jenny’s life in Kansas City.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 15 Kansas City Real Estate Agents On Social Media!

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