Top 15 Columbus Real Estate Agents On Social Media

Top 15 Columbus Real Estate Agents On Social Media


These Columbus real estate agents have taken over the city’s real estate industry as they are winning on social media.

Columbus, the largest city and the capital of the state of Ohio, is filled with intelligent realtors who have taken advantage of social media.

Our team has researched hundreds of Columbus real estate agents’ social media channels and went through a specific process to select the top realtors. Firstly, we began our research by finding Columbus realtors through a number of mediums. We then looked at objective data regarding the Columbus real estate agents’ social media presence across a number of social media platforms. Finally, we made sure that the Columbus real estate agents that have made it to this final list have great social media presence based on some subjective variables.

Check out the Top 15 Columbus Real Estate Agents On Social Media. Enjoy!


#15: Ian Thickstun

Ian Thickstun is very familiar with the greater Columbus area as he grew up in the area and graduated from Ohio State University. This has enhanced his success in finding homes for his clients and providing them with the best service possible! Find his Facebook page with recent updates on the Columbus real estate market!


#14: Marilyn Vutech and Jeff Ruff

The Vutech & Ruff Team is a team of ten well-experienced, fully licensed real estate agents, who not only provide realty services but also give their own inputs on landscaping, relocating, moving in etc. Marilyn Vutech, Jeff Ruff and their team have created a powerful company representation using social media to generate more focus on high priority areas like client satisfaction, legal formalities and smooth buying & selling experience.


#13: Ginson Speich

Ginson Speich has a great amount of experience in selling and buying houses in central Columbus, suburbs and the rolling countryside. The one and only motto that Ginson believes in is ‘one-size does not fit all’. He strives to achieve the perfect match for each individual client. Check his social media pages for an idea of the awesome houses that Ginson is associated with.


#12: Al Waddell

Al Waddell’s trademark realty focus is on luxury and historic homes with a strong foothold on the social platform. Columbus has a great history and heritage to preserve and what better way than preserving homes? In order to preserve their historical sanctity, Al Waddell makes sure to leave the outer appearance as it is and concentrate only on renovating the interior. So if you wish to sell your classic abode or buy one in Columbus, you know whom to contact on social media!


#11: Rhiannon Ferrari

As a pillar of strength for Ferrari Realty Group, Rhiannon Ferrari is a strong personality who is a classic role model for all realtors. She is honest, conducts with integrity and absolutely spot-on in her ability to predict problems and act proactively to avoid it. Her Facebook page photos depict listings for modern houses with a sense of warmth and comfort. She has an outstanding profile of achievements including ‘Top 10 Realtors under 40’,’VP of Southwest Area Realtors Association’. Now that’s one impressive realtor to look out for!


#10: Zach Bish

Zach Bish is passionate about real estate marketing and believes that he is born for it. Nothing pleases him as much as finding a perfect matching property that satisfies the exact requirements of his client. He is the ultimate property matchmaker who procures amazing homes for amazing people! Find his property listings and sold houses on his social media accounts.


#9: Johnathon Brunner

Looking out for spacious, palace-like homes in Columbus? Seeking a reliable and trustworthy realtor for selling your beloved house? Look no further than Johnathon Brunner of Brunner Realty. This team’s arty, semi-classical, modern houses will totally woo you and you just might fall victim to this temptation. Be sure to take a look at his social media videos and photos!


#8: Greg Watson

Greg Watson of Signature Real Estate believes in a technology driven, focused digital advertising for providing his services. He prefers the consultative method through various online assets before embarking on the real process. Find his updated tweets along with current listings of houses of amazing value. His inclination for technology and overall client service helped him achieve 2013 Realtor of the Year award.


#7: Priscilla Sims

Priscilla Sims believes in making the process of buying, selling, renting or investing in real estate much simpler, helpful and welcoming for all clients. Her Facebook page offers everyone new listings, price reduction deals on homes, open houses and personal updates, which you wouldn’t want to miss out on!


#6: Shaun Simpson

Shaun Simpson is proud to be a member of Make It Home Realty Group and associated with KW Capital Partners. He has a dedicated team of hardworking realtors who do not give up on their clients until they have found what they were looking for. You can have online consultations (with quick turnaround of responses) on how you can price your homes right. Now that is interesting right?


#5: Michael Jones

With over 24 years of experience in the real estate industry, Michael Jones surely knows the secret to having a great social media presence! His Facebook page consists of awesome listings and separate tabs for people to check out his profile and Instagram feed and his Twitter feed includes photos of inspirational homes anyone would want to live in! Check him out on social media!


#4: Sandy Raines

Nominated as this year’s top rated Realtor in Columbus, Sandy Raines of Raines Group works hard to sit a tad distance above the rest of the elites. The company name in itself has a relentless reputation of being the most efficient business of closing over 400 transactions in a year. Sandy Raines is a well-know figure actively involved in training and development with a social network following of over 3.7k.


#3: Betsy Sharp

As a realtor at Coldwell Banker King Thompson, Betsy Sharp has set high benchmarks for other people in her profession. Almost all her 5-star reviews state her as being extremely helpful and genuine throughout the home buying or selling process for her clients. All her client testimonials will make you want to be associated with her for all your future property endeavours!


#2: Donald Payne

Donald Payne is a localite who can give you professional expert advice on which area to buy a house. His real estate firm, Vision Realty believes that buying or selling a home must be an enjoyable experience and so are his realty services. His Facebook page has got an immense following, which is proof that he is one of the most charming and largely followed realtors in the Columbus, Ohio area.


#1: Sam Cooper

Sam Cooper, real estate agent is part of the top 1% of the realtors in Columbus. He has created a brand name for himself which is evident from his 14k followers on Facebook. He has reached an average home sale within an astonishing 28 hours! What really wins the hearts of his clients is his ability to provide a variety of real estate services that cover a wide client base!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 15 Columbus Real Estate Agents On Social Media!

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