Top 15 Colorado Springs Real Estate Agents On Social Media

Official Rank of Colorado Springs’s Top Agents on Social Media

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Our researchers go through thousands of agents by searching hashtags, review sites, social media profiles and real estate portals. Then we rank agents based on our proprietary algorithm that takes into consideration multiple variables as seen below:

Instagram Followers

Instagram Average Likes Per Post

Facebook Likes/Friends

Facebook Average Likes Per Post

Quality Of Posts

and Other Social Channels


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With that said, we present to you the Top 15 Colorado Springs Real Estate Agents On Social Media!


#15: Laura Kaan

The Platinum Group

Looking to make the most important purchase of your life? Get in touch with Laura Kaan. Check out her Facebook and Instagram for updates you won’t want to miss!  

Instagram Highlights




Keller Williams Partners

Unlock all the possibilities in the Colorado Springs real estate market by connecting with CHARITY. Keep the amazing social media content flowing CHARITY!  

Instagram Highlights



#13: Cathy Matt

Coldwell Banker

That dream home might be just around the corner. All you have to do is connect with Cathy! Check out her Instagram – it’s awesome!  

Instagram Highlights



#12: Patrick Manchester


Looking for results in the Colorado Springs real estate market? Look no further! You have found Patrick at the perfect time. Get all of your real estate questions answered in a snap – connect with Patrick on social media right now!  

Instagram Highlights

22 Average Likes Per Post


#11: Jessica Rachel

The Cutting Edge

Entering the real estate market can be difficult but if you’re in Colorado Springs just connect with Jessica and it’ll be a breeze! Follow her on Instagram and Facebook!  

Instagram Highlights

26 Average Likes Per Post


#10: Colsie Searcy

real Broker

Colsie will translate her success on social media into your success in real estate! Whatever you’re looking for in real estate, you’ll find it by following Colsie!  

Instagram Highlights

23 Average Likes Per Post


#9: Taryn Simental

The Cutting Edge, Realtors

Once you start working with Taryn you’ll never have to worry about real estate again. Make a quick stop by Taryn’s awesome Facebook and Instagram.  

Instagram Highlights

35 Average Likes Per Post


#8: Daniel Kenney

Kenney & Company Real Estate

Overwhelmed? Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry, Daniel will help you every step of the way. Don’t miss out on her amazing Instagram account!  

Instagram Highlights

108 Average Likes Per Post


#7: Lindsey Leray

eXp Realty

Want to love where you live in Colorado Springs? Don’t miss a beat! Reach out to Lindsey. Head over to Instagram and give her a follow!  

Instagram Highlights

129 Average Likes Per Post


#6: Blaire Farrell

Coldwell Banker Realty

She is known in Springs for her dedication to her clients and her presence online. You deserve the best and Blaire’s Facebook and Instagram have been designed to deliver that to you!  

Instagram Highlights

141 Average Likes Per Post


#5: Lana Rodriguez

Keller Williams Realty

From start to finish Lana will help you buy and sell real estate in Colorado Springs. Just follow her social accounts and it’ll be easy to see why clients love Lana!  

Instagram Highlights

52 Average Likes Per Post


#4: Shay Baillargeon


Hard work and market knowledge is a combination that’s really hard to beat and that’s what you get with Shay. Stay on top of the Denver real estate market by following her on Instagram and Facebook!  

Instagram Highlights

158 Average Likes Per Post


#3: Andrew Vose

EXP Realty, LLC Colorado

When you hire an agent, you expect the best service, Andrew will go above and beyond that expectation every time! Do not miss out on all his awesome posts on Facebook & Instagram.  

Instagram Highlights

39 Average Likes Per Post


#2: Mark Davis

Synergy Realty Group

Mark will take care of everything when it comes to your next real estate deal in Colorado Springs If you want to know more about real estate in Colorado Springs, check out Mark’s social media pages.  

Instagram Highlights

435 Average Likes Per Post

Facebook Highlights

2,076 Friends


#1: Judy Steenland

Selley Group Real Estate

Tired of searching for your dream home? Want to just find it? Get in touch with Judy and you’ll never have to search again because she will have already found it for you! Become part of her fan base on Facebook and Instagram and see Judy in action!   

Instagram Highlights

1,569 Average Likes Per Post


We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 15 Colorado Springs Real Estate Agents On Social Media!

PropertySpark has been ranking top agents on social media across North America since 2016. Congrats again to all the winners! We do not accept payment or incentives for our Top List features. Our process is completely based on our expert research and opinion.

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