Lessons from a Top Real Estate Agent: Wes Stoyanov

Lessons from a Top Real Estate Agent: Wes Stoyanov


Wes Stoyanov, a top producing real estate agent and owner of Luxury Homes Realty in Houston, Texas, shares with us how he became one of the most successful real estate agents in his city.

Wes Stoyanov puts the time and schedule of his clients’ front and center and works reluctantly to not only meet their expectations but goes beyond his call of duty, every day, 365 days a year. “I put in the work. It’s as simple as that,” Wes responds when asked to share his secret to his success. “I reply to clients as soon as possible, am always available, work around my clients’ schedules, and am incredibly persistent in pursuing their best interests.”

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When did you start your career in real estate?

I have always wanted to dive into real estate and have my own real estate company. I decided to pursue my dreams in the summer of 2015.



Please also in 2 short lines brag about yourself, if you really had to impress someone about what you do, what would you say?

Wes Stoyanov is the owner and founder of Luxury Homes Realty. A leading Houston-based real estate firm. Wes is on what people call “a never-ending hot streak.” The Houston Association of Realtors has ranked him as one of “Houston’s Top Leading Realtors”. When working with clients Wes and Luxury Homes Realty really commit to each client’s individual wants and needs. Wes’ commitment to excellence and a “get-it-done” attitude is shared through each of his client’s five star testimonials.



What inspired you to start in real estate and how did you motivate yourself to keep going?

As I mentioned… I have always wanted to get into real estate. Even right out of high school, I wanted to pursue a real estate career, however I thought that I was too young at the time. I decided to attend the University of Houston where I eventually decided to drop out (I was selling cars at the time and making great money), and I thought that I didn’t need a degree to be successful in life. When I was 25 years old, I came under the realization that I did not see myself being in the car industry or selling cars the rest of my life and wanted to chase my dreams and get into real estate. Unfortunately, I was at work when I came to this conclusion and decided to quit my job that at that time. I signed up for real estate classes the following day and the rest was history.

I think that when a person is really chasing after their dreams they don’t need motivation. Sure, everyone gets discouraged every now and then, but what is most important, is that every day you wake up with a fresh mindset and never quit on your goals and dreams. You wake up and you do what needs to be done. You put in the work and you get the results. This is the same attitude that I try to apply to all aspects of my life and it has been personally very rewarding so far.



Comparing your business from back then to now, what has been the main thing that allowed you to expand your business?

I think consistency has played a key role in my success. I still follow the same daily routine from when I first started in real estate. A lot of people initially get their real estate license and think that hard part is over, unfortunately, its just the beginning. The industry that we are in is super competitive. I believe there are now over 37,000 realtors in the greater Houston area. That is a LOT of competition. Another reason why I have found success so early on in my real estate career has been my work ethic. Most realtors are sleeping at night. I am usually up until one or two at night writing contracts, learning about new market trends, and reading real estate news. You must live, love, and breathe real estate in order to be the best.



What’s the most profitable aspect of your business, why do you think this is and how can others apply this to what they are doing?

The most profitable part of my business are my repeat clients. I think that when you provide the expertise, care, guidance and a genuine interest in your client’s wants and needs they will consider you not just their realtor, but also their friend. Real estate is a relationship building business and it is important to foster those relationships if you expect to be successful long-term.

I think staying in touch with your clients after the sale is the most important factor. I usually reach out to a minimum of 15 friends or past clients every single day just to touch base and see how they are doing. At the end of the day, how will people remember you do real estate if they never hear from you?



How Do You Work: (Do you wake up early, work late, communicate, what jobs do you do yourself, who do you talk to etc)?

I used to hate being a morning person when I was younger but all of that has changed now. My schedule usually consists of waking up at 5 or 6amand eating breakfast, then exercising. Afterwards I get ready and go into the office. There are different routines that I follow for every single day out of the week, but my general to do list, consists of checking in with our sellers and updating them on their properties and offers, setting up home searches for our buyers, following up with missed calls, emails, texts, and more. I usually handle all of our listing appointments, negotiations, closings, and anything else that our in house assistants can’t handle on their own. I am very hands on and very involved in every single aspect and that is a major reason why a lot of clients prefer to work with us instead of the competition. Most other big real estate teams or successful realtors have their assistants handle most of the work with little to no involvement on their end.


When did you realize you were successful/made it and how did you feel/celebrate?

I don’t believe that I am successful yet and I am not sure if I will ever feel this way. I still have many goals that I want to achieve and every time I reach those goals, I often make new ones, to continue pushing myself even harder. However, there is a very rewarding feeling when your clients finally get the keys to their new home, or your seller signs off on their final paperwork and thanks you for everything you did for them. We really look forward to those special moments.



Looking back, what could you have done sooner to get to that point quicker?

Getting my real estate license earlier would have contributed to sooner success. I think if there is something you really want to do in life, you just have to get out there and do it, don’t question yourself and trust your gut feeling and just go for it!



What should other real estate entrepreneurs reading this be focusing on to expand their own business?

I think having a routine and being consistent are the first things people should focus on if they are just starting out, afterwards branding yourself and hiring help should follow. Many people start too big without having the basics down path first and that often leads them down the wrong path.



What do you consider the main differences between those people who have been successful in your industry and those who have failed?

I think that the real estate industry is just like anything else in life. If you want to be the best you must outwork your competition and outperform them. It’s like being an athlete, every day you must wake up, train hard, go to bed, and do it all over again. Another part of this is having a plan and a vision. Most people watch HGTV and go get their real estate license and then don’t know what to do next. You must plan ahead, follow through on your plans, and execute.

You must be creative and original. When I recently listed a home for sale for one dollar in Houston, a lot of other realtors made remarks and comments about not being able to do this and that. I think successful realtors find different ways to stand out from the rest and think outside of the box. I ended up selling that same home for $20,000 above the tax value and 5x quicker than the market average for the area. As well as getting a ton of new clients from the national and international media exposure that it received. You have to separate yourself from the herd.



How has social media and online marketing affected your real estate business? How much more success have you had now after implementing social media and online marketing efforts?

I think online marketing and social media have catapulted my business to the next level. Every new buyer and seller first begin online. It wasn’t always this way, but now I have new clients that will basically call me after finding me online, on my website, or on social media and ask me to be their realtor. You can reach everyone online and through social media and it is very important to have that presence.



What are your goals for the future?

I really am just focused on continuing to expand my business and helping others. I would like for the Luxury Homes Realty name to be a household name nationwide and even overseas. Giving back is another huge part of my business and out of every transaction we contribute a percentage of our commissions towards local and client-involved charities. Other than real estate goals, my other main drive is to continue to be the best dad and role model possible for my son Max.



Our goal is to introduce you to the real estate leaders in North America. We hope this article has helped you to become a successful real estate agent and top producing realtor in your market. We invite you to reach out to Wes Stoyanov for an exceptional experience in buying or selling real estate in Houston!

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