Andrea Tiopo, Winnipeg’s very own real estate expert, shares how her passion for interior design led her to a successful career in real estate.

Andrea Tiopo believes in putting her clients first and listening to all their needs when it comes to real estate. She is an incredible real estate professional with an entrepreneurial background and passion for interior design. Andrea is dedicated to help her clients sell their home or buy the dream home they have been in search of, no matter what the situation is. Learn more about Andrea’s experience and success story by reading her exclusive interview with PropertySpark below!


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When did you start your career in real estate?

I started my career in real estate in 2015.



Please also in 2 short lines brag about yourself, if you really had to impress someone about what you do, what would you say?

I sell real estate in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I specialize in selling new condominium projects and new build homes with Winnipeg’s luxury home builder, Artista Homes. When I’m not working, I am travelling and exploring new places around the world. When I am in the city, I like to keep physically active, stay close to family and friends, and check out local events.



What inspired you to start in real estate and how did you motivate yourself to keep going?

What inspired me to start a career in real estate was my initial passion, being in interior design. I was obsessed with interior design, and considered going to school for it. But instead, I went to school for business, and I think that helped me with where I am today. What motivated me to keep going was goal setting. I always want to make sure I am hitting my personal and financial goals each year.



Comparing your business from back then to now, what has been the main thing that allowed you to expand your business?

The main thing that allowed me to expand my business is social media. When I first started I wasn’t using social media to its full advantage, and now that I see how effective it is, I am making sure to make use of all social media outlets out there. Not only has it helped me with selling properties, it has allowed me to connect with people that were able to take my business to the next level.


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What’s the most profitable aspect of your business, why do you think this is and how can others apply this to what they are doing?

The most profitable aspect of my business is investing my time in building relationships with people. I think this is very important because the society we live in today involves lots of technology and instant messaging making it easy to communicate without having to see each other, but I think it’s a lot more meaningful when you are able to take the time to meet and build relationships. For new agents, don’t be afraid to ask other agents out for lunch, meet with other people in the industry (banks, lawyers, stagers, etc), and don’t be afraid to sit in a coffee shop by yourself, you’ll never know who you’ll meet!



How do you work? (Do you wake up early, work late, communicate, what jobs do you do yourself, who do you talk to, etc.)

My typical days during the week consist of going to the gym at 7:30 AM, come home and have my morning coffee while listening to podcasts and motivational YouTube videos, I either work from home or go to the office for a few hours followed by showings. My work hours can vary day by day. I do all my marketing, but I outsource on bigger projects like videos and graphic design.



When did you realize you were successful/made it and how did you feel/celebrate?

I am constantly pushing and educating myself, so to me I feel like there will always be more room for growth.


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Looking back, what could have you done sooner to get to that point quicker?

If I were to go back I would invest in finding a mentor/experienced agent that was able to help and guide me even before getting my real estate license. Having a good mentor can help you tremendously in your career especially as a new agent. Instead I learned everything on my own, which helped me get where I am today.



What should other real estate entrepreneurs reading this be focusing on to expand their own business?

There are so many resources out there that are available to you. YouTube, Podcasts, Training and Education. Never stop learning, even when you think you have it all figured out. The market is constantly evolving, and technology is advancing. You want to keep up with the trends. Outsourcing is a great idea to free up your time. There’s no point in trying to reinvent the wheel when there are many reliable and successful tools out there that have worked for many successful agents. Social media might not be for everyone. If door knocking and cold calling works for you then keep doing that!



What do you consider the main differences between those people who have been successful in your industry and those who have failed?

Successful agents are goal setting each year, have great time management skills, and are keeping with social media as it has made a huge impact in our real estate business.



How has social media and online marketing affected your real estate business? How much more success have you had now after implementing social media and online marketing efforts?

Social media has definitely helped with the success of my business. Instagram is a great way to connect with people, and Facebook is good for targeting locals in the city and marketing your properties. Implementing videos in my business in the last year has also taken my business to the next level, as people are getting to know who I am a little better through my videos.



We hope you’ve learnt a great deal about becoming a successful real estate agent. Make sure to reach out to Andrea Tiopo for a phenomenal and a one of a kind experience in buying or selling real estate in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada!

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