Top 20 Young Real Estate Agents On Social Media

Top 20 Young Real Estate Agents on Social Media

Let's be clear, we don't know the age of any of these young real estate agents. But, we determined "young" based on one critical criteria: young at heart! And of course, they all look like they haven't aged a day since getting their real estate license! These are some truly inspirational young real estate agents…

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Top 20 Florida Real Estate Agents on Social Media

Florida Real Estate Agents png

Real estate is a volatile business; a successful agent knows how to navigate the economic ups and downs to make the best deals for clients and to earn a good living for themselves. For example, since the crash of 2008, dedicated Florida real estate agents have been working tirelessly to bring the housing market back…

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Beautiful Real Estate By The Seasons

Beautiful Real Estate By The Seasons Featured

Beautiful Real Estate By The Seasons Check out these awesome real estate properties for every season 🙂 Wonderful Winter   Spectacular Spring   Sensational Summer   Fabulous Falls       What to read next: How I Helped My Dad, A Realtor, Reach Thousands On Social Media!

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Perspective: Colleen Burke Photography

Realtors need to have a good working relationship with the people photographing their listings. The scenario of a win-win for both parties is something that Colleen Burke Photography strives for. I had the chance to sit down with Colleen, the principle photographer and owner. Below are some of the insights I got into what going…

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Top 11 Most Innovative Real Estate Virtual Tour Companies

Real Estate Virtual Tour

Disruptive innovation infiltrates all industries through technology. The real estate market resisted for some time, but wisdom prevailed. Realtors, brokerages, and entrepreneurs now take advantage of the newest technology to gain an advantage in an otherwise competitive and nearly indistinguishable field. In special cases, some have even innovated technology. Today, the newest trend has blossomed:…

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Perspective: 360 Real Tours


They say the quality of a photo can increase the value of the real estate. As much as that may sound anecdotal, if anyone’s photos can increase the value of a listing, it’s 360 Real Tours. I had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah, the principal photographer and owner of 360 Real Tours. Below are some incredible insights she gave…

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13 Real Estate Technology Companies To Watch In 2017


Real Estate Technology Companies When it comes to real estate technology, that's my bread and butter. I've travelled across North America meeting awesome people in the real estate technology space. My father is also a Realtor, so he's had some great interactions and success with real estate technology companies as well. Here, I'll be outlining…

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How I Helped A Realtor Reach Thousands On Social Media

You see, my Father is a Realtor. We have been working together for a while now, but it wasn't always like this... I spent a lot of my time working at multinational companies like Procter & Gamble (that's me on the right in this picture..!)     But a little over a year ago, I…

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The 10 Canadian Real Estate Blogs to Follow

At one point in time, much like many other professional fields, real estate was a simpler market, with a simpler system. There were fewer factors impacting the purchase and sale of homes, fewer regulations and paperwork, and fewer mirages causing housing bubbles. In the present-day, the industry has ballooned into a giant, with virtually every…

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Top 20 Canadian Real Estate Agents on Social Media

Since the American housing bubble burst in the late 2000s, the real estate industry has battled to reclaim its former glory. Evolving with the daily leaps in innovation and technology, some of the most successful real estate agents in Canada have achieved unprecedented results through the use of social media. As the following 20 Canadian…

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